R&B singer August Alsina says he had copulation with Jada, Will approved it

Jada denies giving up the ass to Alsina/Vulture.com

Alsina said he ‘f*cked’ Jada.

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LOS ANGELES — Some old dogs have learned new tricks. R&B singer August Alsina set the internet ablaze the other day when he told the world he had a dalliance with Jada Pinkett Smith with Will Smith’s approbation. He also confessed to falling in love with the 48-year-old actress. The outrageous assertion was uttered during Alsina’s one-on-one chinwag with The Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee. After spending some time promoting his new album “The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy,” Alsina raised eyebrows when he claimed Will gave him permission to bang Jada.

Jaden Smith introduced Alsina to his mom in 2015. The 27-year-old vocalist said the cougar-amour lasted several years, thanks to Will. “He gave me his blessing,” Alsina explained. “I totally gave myself to that relationship for years of my life, and I truly and really, really, deeply loved [Jada] and have a ton of love for her.” Jada, however, denies the allegations; calling Alsina’s unbosoming a goddamn lie.

Will also denies he granted permission.

It’s no secret Will and Jada have an open marriage and they’re into all kinds of freaky sh*t.

Do you believe Alsina?

Is he full of sh*t?

Watch the interview.

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  1. Damn, Jada put that thang on ‘eem !!! 😬😯😮🍑

  2. OF COURSE JADA IS SMASHING THIS BOY!! He is NOT DELUSIONAL!! She’s sleeping with him, and she just wanted him to KEEP QUIET…Just like Jada wanted Will to KEEP QUIET about the MEN!! 💯🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. No one absolutely no one should mess with another man’s wife/Husband etc. it’s just not a good idea. To many feelings are involved it just doesn’t set a good example. There are consequences like August Alsina’s situations that is just not a good space. I just don’t understand with all the single guys and gals out here. Why honestly would I want to sleep with someone else’s spouse. I don’t get it.

  4. I believe the simp. O’l girl been smashing through Hollywood for a minute and big ears is no saint either they’re both freaky sexual deviants trying cover it with big words like “life partner” they’re just horny SWINGER’S. 😂

  5. He using big words to speak in circles.

  6. 3.5.0. Deshaun

    “Thou shall not covet thou Neighbors wife” . Catching feelings for a married woman , you’re silly. He had to learn the hard way. Pick yourself up and learn from it. With yo sideshow bob looking ass 😂

  7. This is some of the weirdest stuff I’ve ever heard in my life

  8. Hard for a man to trust any woman these days

  9. Marley Mescudi

    Will and Jada are too rich to not have people sign NDAs!!

  10. Moral of the story is that: Don’t do it with old hot momma, u gonna end up into your feelings real quick

  11. August Alsina done lost his mind…lol
    What the hell is up with his hair?😂

  12. One thing about about it, GOD heals ALL wounds as well as time. What happened between them was wrong, 1. Because Jada was a married woman and they should have never crossed those boundaries. Life doesn’t always pan out as expected but the bible says that all things work together for the good of those who love him (jesus). So even though the situation was messed up.. Gods grace and mercy covered him through it all. Now he has to take it ALL to GOD and break the soul ties between him and Jada and move on. Its easier said than done.. But i truly believe with the help of God and THE RIGHT ppl around him he can and will press through. God bless you august and im always praying for you. And just remember who the Son sets free is free indeed (Mark 10:45.) You don’t have to live in shame, condemnation or guilt. Jesus took it all when he bared our sins on the cross. You are MORE than a conqueror pooh! Love you ❤

  13. Capt Panther Grenz Ent

    Damn man🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ he fell in love wit er mang, he fell in love wit er lol. Lil bro gotta realize, Shorty’s a older women, she not bout to be wit a young brotha cause his youth is constantly reminding her of her mortality. Most if not a lot of women hate getting older. So you’re reminding her that she’s getting old bro, she ain’t fenna keep you around. Plus, why are you tellin bro??? Lil dudes nowadays are different.

  14. Married women with fuck you.. But that doesn’t mean she go leave her husband😷😷😷

  15. Jada put him through it. She got him out here looking like Hayley Williams 😂

  16. Basically he’s saying women aint $hit

  17. S👀👀👀P👀👀👀R👀👀U👀👀👀N👀👀G👀👀👀👀👀👀

  18. That young man looks depressed, somebody needs to keep an eye on him.

  19. it really tickles me how fragile men are when a woman doesn’t want him. all bc his feelings being hurt bc she doesn’t want him the way he wants her lmfaoo he knew what typa time they were on bc THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS THERE BUSINESS THEY ARENT QUITE ABOUT IT. he chose to fuck with feelings instead of just fucking the bitch and letting her get your life together and GO! it’s weird he even agreed to the situation to begin with.

  20. Live and learn dumb ass

  21. Wtf did he expect she was married this was physical nothing more did he actually think she would give up all that to be with him and not to be funny he knew she was married so shame on him to that’s two way blame on both of them

  22. Y’all believe anything

  23. Thankful and Grateful

    Dude you fell in love with a married woman who wasn’t about to leave her “life partner” and as a result your messed up now but really trying to justify it which absolutely makes no sense. Probably shouldn’t of spoke on it.

  24. California Cowboy

    She’s a female virgo . Trust me he smashed

  25. Awwww He fell in love with a cougar.

  26. Kanani Lewenilovo

    Wow August I’m waiting with open arms for that album 😘😘😘

  27. whereare _theavocados

    I wanna know😗.. How does Will feel about all of this…

  28. He has a very big mouth…if he hit it why tell the world. He might have tried blackmailing them but it did not work. He probably has a small Johnson. Will should smack him upside the head.

  29. Jada got that snapper

  30. Bizzy Down To Business

    Will Smith gave the ok 😭😭😭😜😜 yooo he still a Philly nigga 😭😭😭 keep that shit pimping playboy ….. Will for President.

  31. Ruthless Lover

    sometimez old pussy iz da best pussy

  32. This man is not lying 😂 who would lie about the things he said. He has nothing to gain off that. People don’t usually lie about those things especially not a man. Lol guys will say if they did or didn’t do it . Plus, it’s hard to believe because everyone sees jada and will Smith as couple goals… But she done f***ed up.

  33. So he was her side Nigga??

  34. Will got in that booty and changed the dude 😂😭

  35. I believe him what do he gotta lose?

  36. Quiet as kept. They should’ve (the Smith’s) had him sign a non-disclosure agreement. 🤐

  37. Jada: I did not have sexual relations with that man.

  38. Andre Pendleton

    Not everyone can handle being a “side-piece”. This nigga needs counseling, and Jada should have picked a tougher bitch

  39. They (Jada & August) broke the rules of swinging, you’re never supposed to let it become an emotional experience. If you ever saw the Red Table Talk with Jada, Will, Willow & Jada’s mom, Jada opened up about their marriage and basically said that they both could be doing them, but the marriage will always remain. Will’s face when she was saying it, was like, “what the fuck, you’re saying way too much” and Jada’s mom said what she was saying was “ridiculous”. August let a personal situation become public and that’s why Will shut the shit down, in my opinion.

  40. He is pathetic… MFS just want clout so bad!! He’s lying abt he’s not a troublemaker! All these tweets abt her! All these interviews an nothing abt music! This world is reflecting its outcome! An we all figured the Smiths ain’t shit but actors acting married! 🤔

  41. That’s pussy must of been Gold or jada know’s voodoo

  42. Here is the problem he was vulnerable he was going through so much and when someone comes along and takes you out of that your latch on. If you go back and look you will see how he says she saved him the things he was going through she was there for him.Sadly he fell in love with her and her not viewing marriage as they do took those feelings. Now she was feeling some way as he started to see how the relationship was toxic well it was gonna be that way when your dealing with a situation like this. I cant blame him for falling in love with someone who saved him I blame the person who played on his emotions and used that.

  43. Deonesia Design

    Jada 1 st of all don’t beleive in god so their won’t be any forgiveness of her sins because who would she confess them too. She has no conviction from doing wrong because she’s already prepared to lie emensly. But I pray in jesusname that gods blood will cover August and his family from death because I’m sure they are already threatening his life this is why he keeps saying if he has to die from telling his truth then so be it.by no means does he want to die no he has so much to live for.and after he’s been trusted to raise and care for his nieces he’s not that selfish to take his life over a burnt up harlot that’s sick and. Delusional.

  44. I believe him, Jada should be ashamed of herself!

  45. He’s crazy for this interview she’s not leaving will Smith and that’s why you dont mess with married people bottom line


  47. Sounds like August Alsina became Aladdin with Princess Jada and and the Genie Will granted his wishes. August was taken on that magic carpet ride into “A Whole New World”. Once it was done he felt the rug burns.

  48. Jada treated August as a young gigalo, man-mistress, and side dude (as in side chick)

    Poor August is hurting while Jada at her red table is smiling

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