9mm Karen Video: White woman pulled ‘handgun’ on black mom & her daughter

White lady pulls gun on black woman/Facebook

White woman brandishes gun. 

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DETROIT — Chipotle’s burritos are so damn good, they make you wanna slap your momma! But they ain’t worth dying for. Law enforcement officials in Orion Township, Michigan are investigating after Jillian Wuestenberg — a gravid white woman — pulled a gun on a black mother and her 15-year-old daughter. The disturbing ordeal transpired Wednesday afternoon outside a Chipotle Mexican Grill. It was also captured on video and shared on Facebook. Cell phone footage shows Jillian, 32, experiencing contretemps with Makayla Green when her mom, Takelia Hill, steps in to exacerbate.

“You’re racist and ignorant,” Makayla yelled. “White people aren’t racist,” Jillian retorted. As the squabble intensified, Jillian pulled out a loaded handgun and threatened to bust some caps. “Get the f*ck back!” she warned as Takelia approached her. “Back the f*ck up!”

Jillian and her husband, 42-year-old Eric Wuestenberg, were later arrested and charged with felony assault. Eric also lost his job. But he better get another quick or he’s gonna lose Jillian too and pay child support. “I am deeply disturbed by an incident last night where a woman pointed a cocked gun at another woman during an argument. This behavior is unacceptable,” said Oakland County Executive David Coulter.

The altercation started when Jillian bumped into Makayla and didn’t say “I’m sorry.” Takelia vented her exasperation on Facebook. “So this is America,” she wrote shortly after the incident. “I’ve never in my life had a gun pulled out on me. … I’ve never felt so helpless in my life. I’m so shaken up.”

Both Takelia and Makayla are advocates of “Black Lives Matter.”

Was Jillian justified in pulling out a gun?

Are we in the midst of a civil war?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. She could’ve easily left. She didn’t need to pull a gun.

  2. The white pregnant lady wasnt in the wrong they should’ve let them leave instead of running behind their car as they were backing out to leave, the lady apologized and they just wasn’t having it , sounds like the mother and daughter was looking for drama that day..

  3. The media really does want a race war..they love to promote stories where a black looks like a victim yet when black men pull guns on white people which is far more frequent they won’t give it attention because it doesn’t fit the liberal narrative.

  4. Love how the black lady said she was scared for her kids but was antagonizing the white lady and blocking them from leaving. What a POS.

  5. Don’t pull a gun out unless necessary. If the other person have a super man complex, boom now gun owner is a murderer. Or a onlooker with a gun can shoot you.

  6. White people are tired of getting hurt by blacks! Enough is enough!

  7. White lady bumped black 15 yr old child, may or may not have apologized. Black family was not happy about that. Confronted White couple. White lady and man was actually pretty calm.

    Black lady called white people racists. White lady said calmly we are not

    Then black lady got behind the van as white people were trying to back up.

    Maybe white people was pissed black lady was trying to get run over and frame the white?

  8. Everyones looking for a pay day. What lead up to this I’m sure it was the fault of only the lady with the gun. I’m sure the video taker did nothing!!! By the way I’m being sarcastic

  9. Remember you’re only getting the black womens side of it. The issue starts inside Chipotle with an “excuse you” to the white woman for a bump. And it somehow escalated to a screaming match inside the store before moving outside?

    Is it possible the black woman followed the white woman outside? Because the black woman just happened to be behind the white woman’s SUV, afraid of being hit when it’s in the middle of the lane, pretty far out of the spot? And of course it’s the black woman’s video we’re seeing everywhere. How much did she cut out?

    The white woman is telling the black woman to get away. The black woman is obviously not afraid or she’d be backing up. Instead, she continues to badger the white woman.

    That white woman has a solid stance. Good trigger discipline. She’s obviously scared. Three sides to every story – yours, mine, and the truth somewhere in the middle.

  10. Andrew Mitcham

    Lmao hilarious video

  11. The women was right to defend herself from aggression.

  12. These Karens and Beckys are out of control, the thing is they have been doing this for hundreds of years. Now you see it because of the videos.

  13. That white lady a threat to people. She must be jailed. But the police run by white people will not arrest her.

  14. Unknown Google

    The world is going crazy. I pray to the lord that the world will end now and start all over again. Hopefully things will change. I hate to see all this every time i open my google. God end the world now…

  15. Dare2BeDifferent34

    Blacks must protect themselves …..ITS COMING !!!!!

  16. America is in big trouble.

  17. Cathy theotheralien

    Racism just shows a lack of intelligence.

  18. Absolutley disgusting. Its horrifying that race is a issue in 2020

  19. Glad I’m signed up to get my permit…I wish a bitch would disrespect my child in the street….then pull out a gun? The difference between her and I? Imma use my ish! Period!

  20. Deborah McNeill

    This isn’t funny, this is insane! So unnecessary!

  21. They’re making it illegal to defend yourself against black people.

  22. Heir of the Nazareen

    Hmmmmmm… White people have always felt they could do whatever they wanted to black people with impunity. Ever so slowly, times are changing.

  23. so is “I’m sorry” or “excuse me” not a thing anymore? 🤦🏽‍♀️

  24. I am a white 14 year old girl, so I have no idea what racrism feels like. But this is out of control. I am all for BLM, but this was outrageous. She pulled a gun for self defense and they wanna play victim. I just wish the world would just freaking get along.

  25. Eric Rodriguez

    If you dealt with black women you know how fast anything can escalate to violence. But if it fits the BLM narrative …

  26. The only time you ever pull out a gun is if your life is being threaten not verbal abuse.

  27. Wtf? Am I watching the same video? Leave that couple alone, stop calling them names and stop vandalizing their property.

  28. This country has turned into, “Let me show you how I’m a victim”. People are just out looking to start conflict to perpetuate a race war.

  29. So now white people can’t defend themselves because it’s racist?!?! It’s obvious what happened, the lady was trying to leave Chipotle, the black lady and 2 kids were blocking the door so they bumped into each other and then the black lady and kids followed the white lady yelling and cursing and smacking her car.

  30. Loretta's Hauls & More

    Let them go they were attacked first.These people no matter the color hate themselves you are no better than anyone else.Go live your miserable life and leave people alone PERIOD!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  31. So you can’t defend yourself without being racist anymore?

  32. Hey trump CULT MORONS
    two more bite the dust!

  33. You can’t pull a gun out because you are having an argument. This is the problem now days. To many people are gun happy. One mistake. And a person is killed over something stupid. She needs to go to prison for at least a month.

  34. Karen went too far

  35. Syed Raza -USA

    White n Black politics. Stop dividing us Americans😘🇺🇲❤

  36. 2nd American Civil War in 3…..2….1🍿😎🍿🍿🍿🍿

  37. Angelique Delgado

    What I was watching in that video was a black woman behaving aggressively and It didn’t matter how polite the white woman was trying to be initially. So when the black woman started making threats about beating her husband’s white a** or something or other Not letting it drop And not behaving respectfully making it more than what it was. I’m smart enough to know that the white woman pulled the weapon out of fear because she was outnumbered but that black woman wasnt all mouth anymore when the woman got out with a weapon in her hands now was she then she’s the one who felt threatened. Are we still wanting to defund the police.


    GOOOOOOD 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  39. The black people could have handle this better I curse people out all the time and keep moving but everyone is being so sensitive about the black life common things are being taken to wrong way now they didn’t have to brandish their weapons so they are at fault no one was being attacked or in any imminent danger and they could have just driven off and let the police deal with it but everyone has to deal with their own stupidity for this day we either stand together or we will perish as a whole

  40. Looks like the mom and daughter kept picking at the couple in the car till they got a reaction I am so glad about the 2nd allowed the couple to deal with it because the mom of the daughter was very aggressive with the couple so much so that after the lady in the car apologized and they were driving away that the lady of the kid got behind a moving vehicle and hit it why she did this no idea because she angry I guess then the lady on the car got angry and used the 2nd amendment to go on her way the couple in the car are in the right in my opinion

  41. A: Suspect (Karen) attempts to leave the scene and get into her vehicle.
    B: Suspect (Karen) attempts to deescalate the situation by apologizing to her and going the extra mile and saying “I care about you and I’m sorry if you had an incident that has made you feel like that. I’m sorry if you had something like that happen.”
    C: Suspect (Karen) notices her vehicle is being blocked after she has warned the multiple subjects to stay away from the vehicle and not block it.
    Suspect (Karen) showed proper trigger control (finger OFF the trigger, both hands on firearm with a proper grip)
    I feel like she had PLENTY of legal right to draw her firearm and point it. This is a solid case of Black Lives Matter Brainwash Racism.

  42. Apolinar Gonzalez-Manzo

    I get that the woman of color tried to portray them as racist, but she could’ve called the police for harassment and waited. She did not have to pull out a gun. That immediately makes her look like the bad guy.

  43. Lorenzo Williams Jr.

    The White woman was a victim. I hope the charges are dropped.

  44. I don’t think she had any intent to shoot. You can she how she’s backing up. She’s obviously afraid for no good reason
    (Before anyone attacks me, I’m not defending her)

  45. Connie Blackford

    I wish this young pregnant women and her husband luck .

  46. There a town in ga were every 1 wear a side gun. And there no crime. Its a gold town

  47. Wow the whole world has gone absolutely crazy 😳, unfortunately the human race has known idea of the seriousness behind the madness 😳. The worthy is creating a war amongst the world 🌎 . For example the 5 G virus the racial tension between the two 😳 the devil 🤘 😈 only care about money and power. All of us bottom feeder are just [email protected] Pons. There no right none wrong in that story just plan oh miss understood based on lack of common sense . We as humans are lashing out with no control. Get a GRAP THERE’S MORE TO COME AND MORE TO FACE BOTTOM FEEDER. WE ARE GOING TO FACE TRYING TIMES.

  48. Umma say this and leave it alone.This black women was in the wrong and I dont even want to say that .Truth is you can’t just run up on people.She could’ve shot that lady .How do you cry when you ain’t strap yet talk shit choose your battles under your protective circumstances. If you know you ain’t strapped then act like it and think first.Cause you don’t know who holding .Everything that glitters ain’t gold.

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