Dez Bryant really ‘believes’ Tyreek Hill undoubtedly 2nd best player in the NFL

Tyreek Hill draws praise/

Dez Bryant says Tyreek 2nd best.

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KANSAS CITY — Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant is making a case to become an honorary member of the Kansas City Chiefs. If you recall, last year, Dez tweeted: “I feel sorry for anybody that’s facing the Chiefs… seriously” and he was proven correct when KC slaughtered a trio of sacrificial lambs in the playoffs to win Super Bowl LIV. Now he’s saying Tyreek Hill (aka the Cheetah) is the best player in the NFL outside of Patrick Mahomes. Dez made the audacious assertion as a rejoinder to a Twitter post from Fox Sports that reads: “Deion Sanders vs. Tyreek Hill. Who has the edge?”

Deion, by the way, is a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Former NFL cornerback Charles James kicked off the discussion in Tyreek’s favor. “Do y’all really know how hard it is to cover Tyreek Hill out there on that island or y’all just watching highlights?” Charles tweeted. “That sh*t real out there. Deion would be in a dogfight.”

Dez echoed a similar sentiment. “You can’t have these conversation(s) with stat watchers,” he tweeted. “Tyreek [is] one of my favorite players of all time and I’m not being biased but nobody covering that man one on one… I think he’s the best player in the league outside of [Patrick] Mahomes.”

Do you agree with Dez and Charles?

Is Tyreek the NFL’s best other than Mahomes?

Share your thoughts.


  1. He’s definitely the best at breaking 4 year olds arms.

  2. anthony lindsey

    I been saying Tyreek was the best WR in the league for years now idc what any stat says. Pay respect to Deion Sanders though bc he already did his thang. & he has 3 jackets YOU CAN’T buy for a reason.

  3. Money with wings

    No disrespect to T. Hill but it’s gone take more than a stutter step and a quick stop-n-go to get Deion off yo ass.

  4. You know I love Hill…..but let’s not act like he elite route runner

  5. He get open underneath a lot because of his speed and defenses are afraid to press him. But I think Deion can match speed with him.

  6. Someone wants to be a chiefRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing

  7. Hard to compare if reek played in Dions era, hands down Prime gets it done. Switch it up to today’s offense friendly league… reek gets em.

  8. William Trussell

    Dez come to KC

  9. Definitely not best player in the league right now

  10. Underground Motivation

    Just say you’re signing with KC….

  11. Tyreke Hill is the fastest man in the world Earth globe americas there’s no coverage for him.

  12. Omm best reiver in da league he got hands run routes fast he don’t got flaws

  13. CLAR3NCE Aquarius

    It’s not your fault Dez…you were too young to really appreciate PRIME Prime. Deion shutting down ANYBODY. Randy Moss would have a chance tho.

  14. Tyreek and julio for sure top 2

  15. Damn Dez, you spitting facts!

  16. Sanders, Revis, & Gilmore would hold their own

  17. Michael thomas, Julio Jones, deandre hopkins all better than tyreeke hill and I didn’t even think that was controversial

  18. Jalen Ramsey did his thing vs Hill. Especially when he pressed him!

  19. Right on the money. Best in the business

  20. Lol! Stat watchers! Great way to describe those lames. Face with tears of joy

  21. Deion would kick his ass at the line and also had the speed to keep up. Unless the QB had all day to throw, Deion winning this one hands down. Remember, Ty is only physically intimidating in his own home.

  22. Dez basically saying, “can I play for the Chiefs”

  23. ✭DakDominatesWentz✭

    This discussion isn’t about if deion could shut him down, it’s about who would win more than the other, deion would figure him out after a few plays & start shutting him down after hill would realize he can’t just burn him and deion baits certain cuts, close, but deion by Nose

  24. Fast but not the best

  25. Tyreek is faster than my credit card company

  26. Fastest guy in the NFL period. So fast his son didn’t even see him beat the shit out of him.

  27. It’s comical when Hill is running right at a defender. You can see that “oh shit” is all that’s going through their head.

  28. Hill is just incredible!!!

  29. Too bad he’s a piece of shit who beat his pregnant girlfriend

  30. Tyreek Hill has game changing speed that cannot be matched.

  31. Tyreek cheetah hill

  32. Tyreek Hill: fastest in nfl

    Henry Ruggs: hold my beer

  33. Go chiefs I like love you tyreek

  34. Dez Bryant: Tyreek Hill is the best WR

    Mike Thomas: Whatchu talkin about Willis?

  35. Microphone Hell

    These debates are seriously stupid. It is figuratively like asking somebody, “Is the heart that pumps blood better than the blood vessels who have to carry the blood to the goal?”

  36. Dez tryna get with the chiefs for sure he’s trying to win some Championships too😂

  37. Tyreek Hill has something all those other WRs don’t have a Super Bowl Ring

  38. To me the argument can be made for hill, Thomas, Hopkins and Jones for who is the best WR in the league. I would say if they were all in their prime julio probably takes it but right now any of them could. I’d say Thomas is the most consistent and reliable, hill is clearly just insanely fast, Hopkins is very well rounded and athletic and Jones has the size and skill. I’m saying Thomas is the guy I’d take just because he’s the most reliable but Hill is the most fun to watch.

  39. mindy McCullough

    Tyreek hill is da biggest threat on the field period 🤫🤫🤐

  40. As a chiefs fan, like a die hard chiefs fan, id be lying if i said i don’t sometimes think about having michael thomas or even like a D-Hop instead of tyreek

  41. fasteddie bassman

    I thought Blackman had ” no opportunities” & ” was oppressed” ??? Gee half BILLION $$$ to Mahomes says…ummm not so much!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. SelfMadeSelfPaid

    Aaron Donald second best player but Tyreek Hill is the best gadget player the NFL has ever seen

  43. Born in KC so the Chiefs are my team but the negative on Hill is his size in terms of being effective in red zone. Speed gets condense bc less room near the goal, his size dosnt allow him to go up and grab fade routes on a consistent basis. If Hill can develop better in the red zone or goal line he easily best wr in the NFL.

  44. Dez Bryant been smoking too much bud 😂😂😂🔥🕶️🔥😂😂😂

  45. He is the second best player in the league he can play all positions RB,WR,KR,PR name another player that gets use all over the field at WR………..I’ll wait

  46. TGreen The Gifted

    Deandre Hopkins! And I’m a chiefs fan

  47. Alejandro Andon

    I totally agree. The fact that you can’t cover Tyreek Hill one on one makes him the best receiver in the NFL. You literally need two dudes to cover the man and he’ll still make you look like a fool.

  48. He might be second best football player. But hes first at punching his kid in the chest.

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