Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes signs richest indenture in American professional sports

Mahomes signs richest contract ever/

Patrick Mahomes highest paid star.

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KANSAS CITY — Patrick Mahomes is a very, very rich man. So rich in fact, he’s already halfway towards becoming a billionaire and he’s still eligible to be on his parents’ insurance. The Super Bowl MVP signed a 10-year, $503 million contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday; easily the richest indenture in American professional sports surpassing Mike Trout’s 12-year, $426 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels. Shortly after Mahomes inked the deal, his inamorata — Brittany Matthews — tweeted: “KC, we’re here for a while😍❤️!”

Mahomes tweeted a one-minute video with the caption: “Here to stay. . .! ⏰⏰”

To say Mahomes is worth every penny would be a vast understatement. In helping the Chiefs end a 50-year title drought, the 24-year-old wunderkind became the first quarterback in NFL history to win a Super Bowl and earn league MVP honors before turning 25. He also has the NFL’s top QB rating (108.6).

During his MVP season in 2018, Mahomes joined Peyton Manning in becoming the second quarterback in league history to throw for 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns. Because he has two years remaining on his rookie contract, the totality of Mahomes’ remuneration equates to roughly 12 years and $530 million.

The Texas Tech alum is guaranteed a whopping $477 million (with a $140 million injury guarantee). To put that tranche in perspective, former MVP Cam Newton has a $550,000 guarantee with the New England Patriots. Mahomes also has a no-trade clause.

His agent, Leigh Steinberg, tweeted a congratulatory missive that reads: “Congrats to Patrick Mahomes on agreeing to terms on a 10-year extension worth $503 Million. He gets $477M in guarantee mechanisms and [the] ability to have outs if guarantee mechanisms aren’t exercised. No trade clause. First half billion dollar player in sports history. History made.”

The Chiefs are now set at quarterback for the next decade and beyond.

Congrats #15!!!

Let’s win more Super Bowls.

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh oh ohhhhhhhhhhh. .ohhhhhhhhhhh oh ohhhhhhhhhh

  2. just reaffirms what pat was saying about QB’s needing their own salary cap, if mahomes is out here getting paid 50 mil a year how are you gonna have a team. sure you can backload or frontload contracts but you can only do so much with 50 mil. I say every team should get 15 mil of QB cap. I wanted to say 25 but it would probably make too much of an advantage for teams like the chiefs.

  3. SuperJohn12354

    Mahomes breaks his leg , 1 week into the practice, KC screwed for 10 years

  4. Kevin Hernandez

    Athletes get way overpaid 🤦🏽‍♂️ Surgeons need to get paid the same amount if not more.

  5. Quarterbacks earn way too much money. 50 million on average per year is way too much. They are now gonna struggle to build a team around him and once tyreek hill and travis kelce and then all of the other players. When your qb takes up nearly a quarter of the salary cap it’s ridiculous

  6. The deal is worth literally half a billion dollars with 477 million in guaranteed mechanisms
    Holy fuckin christ the chiefs just gave him the whole goddamn franchise

  7. UselessMarsupial

    Meantime Dak and Jerry can’t decide if they going to try counseling or file for divorce 🤔

  8. 21JulioJonesMahomes21

    503 million 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. In sports history, $503 million dollars and $477 million in guaranteed mechanisms so he can get out if it isn’t sufficient to the deal

  10. They probably just handed this man a blank check

  11. Worth every penny.

  12. I hope Patrick Mahomes can pass, block, run, coach, and defend himself with the entire team salary in his bank account

  13. This is sickening. No professional athlete deserves to be paid that much.

  14. Dak: “No way I’m signing longer than 4 years.”

    Mahomes: “I’ll take 12.”

  15. Phillip Barlow

    Great deal for the Chiefs, if NFL revenue keeps rising. Pat Mahomes is “must see TV,” for sure.

  16. leonardo ramirez

    wow so much for white supremacy, if america is racist , its really really bad at it


    hey Chiefs haters:

    It’s obviously a ton of money and might pinch @ few pennies for a few years, but the Mahomes extension is a team friendly deal. In 5-6 years minimum, QB’s are going to be paid more yearly than Mahomes & they just locked him in for 12 years. whats your next excuse when he wins? first they didnt have tape on him then you said his contract was gonna cripple his chances of winning. wrong twice in a row congrats loser haters! thanks for playing and enjoy the reign of KC. this league isnt gonna be fun to you for a looong time.

  18. Jerry Jones on suicide watch

    Dak Prescott in homicide watch

  19. He has 86 tds in 3 years and he only played one game his rookie season so technically speaking his rookie season was 2018 and he threw 50 TDs, Won MVP and was a penalty away from 2 rings in 3 years…. Mind blowing🤯🤯

  20. When QBs get paid huge numbers they don’t win. Tom brady the winningest ever and never a top paid guy. Pay attention teams. He might get one more super bowl. No more than that

  21. jonathan garcia

    What happens when the oline starts to fall apart and hes running for his life every game

  22. Michael Powell

    The NFL just jumped the shark with this one! It’s a slap in the face to a country struggling to hold on to our homes, our jobs, our businesses, our health…. I’m done with pro sports. NO human being is worth a half a billion dollars to play football! If you think the owners pay it, you’re a fool! Every single penny comes out of the fans pockets! And they’ll NEVER get another penny from me!

  23. wonder if mahomes and reid will beat brady and belichick records

  24. This is terrible to be honest now the players that don’t deserve that money will want it

  25. Anthony Colston

    They can focus on building a roster rather than constantly thinking about “we have to pay our QB soon” and within 5 years that contract will look like a discount.

  26. They low balled him!

  27. Jonathan White

    140 million INJURY guarantee. Regardless, he set. Restructure the deals with more success.

  28. He is getting 500 million from his oppressors..I guess money has no colors…hipocrecy at its best..

  29. I wish I was an athlete..

  30. No other quarterback deserves even a 4th mahomes contract. ESPECIALLY dak !

  31. Dumb contract
    -Season Ending Injury?
    -Money for star players?
    -Doesn’t win more than 2 rings?
    Bad Contract just take the 4-5 years

  32. If anyone is worth the money, it’s Mahomes. But I guarantee, this deal will not see it’s completion. Why not? Either Mahomes money gets too low relative to others and then he demands a trade or renegotiation, or the Chiefs cut him for not earning what they pay him (after the guaranteed money is paid). So, 12 more years? Not a chance.

  33. Dak: I want 450m
    Jerry: I want Mahomes

  34. The Chiefs know they got the best QB and that deal gives them leverage to be the next dynasty to replace New England. But I will say this the Chiefs must improve their rush defense or this will be a failure. SF had them in that game. I don’t see how they caved in when they mahomes with 2 int

  35. First Steph… now Mahomes…

  36. I get why the chiefs did it but why would Mahomes agree to this? Why would you want to limit your options?

  37. Nissan370Z Glass

    @Tou Her: He knows he is in the best organization in the league. Great coaching staff, great ownership who wants to put a winner on the field.

  38. anfernee curtis

    Worst contract in sports history

  39. He will outlast Andy Reid🤔🤨😎😷


  41. Je11yb3ean 4ever

    Mike Trout deal made it’s way to the nfl

  42. Institutional racism is the U.S. is really holding Mahomes back. Poor guy😢

  43. fasteddie bassman

    Poor Joe Blow is outta work & cant feed his kids & we got Millionaire tv pundits raving about Mahomes money! to us !!!! Ugh disgusting!!— calm down ..he didnt cure cancer!!!!!!- he just throws a ball!!!!!

  44. Too bad the dollar isnt gonna be worth anything in the next few years

  45. 503 million? NFL is retarded

  46. how can black people complain about America, where else on planet Earth can a guy playing ball make 500 million? wah wah wah , America is the greatest place on earth, ask Mahomes

  47. He’s a black man who has a beautiful, white girlfriend. If that doesn’t get the juices flowing, i don’t know what will.

  48. Patrick Mahomes broke the salary cap for madden 21 franchise mode 🤣

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