Noose Video: Employees at Jimmy John’s terminated for making a noose of dough

Workers played with noose/Photo: YouTube

Jimmy John’s deli terminates four. 

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WOODSTOCK — Hostility in the dirty south continues as a quartet of teen employees at Jimmy John’s were fired for crafting a noose made of bread dough. The heartless ordeal transpired on July 4th at the delicatessen in Woodstock, Georgia. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows a worker placing the noose around his scruff as another employee yanks it to asphyxiate. Other employees can be heard chortling in the background. The idiom “Happy 4th of July” can be seen near the substratum of the clip.

The workers were issued pink slips immediately.

“We have zero tolerance for racism or discrimination in any form,” Jimmy John’s officials said in a statement. “The franchisee has taken immediate action and the employees have been terminated. The actions seen in this video are completely unacceptable and do not represent the Jimmy John’s brand.”

Customers, however, aren’t in a forgiving mood.

Many have vowed to never return.

“We were frequent customers, but will never spend another dollar at your store,” one patron wrote on Jimmy John’s Facebook page. Another customer added, “Are these your workers? This isn’t funny or a game. Many innocent people lost their lives due to racial injustice.”

Did the teens deserve cessation?

Should the incident be construed as a prank?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. MrDarksword123

    2020… phew what a year

  2. What happened with the dough after the kids got done playing with it? I hope it wasn’t served up to the public!

  3. Good for them

  4. Noose doesn’t equal racism. Just fire them for mishandling food and call it a day.

  5. White kids playing with bread dough… where’s the racism? Only made up in people’s head

  6. This horrible year started out with a virus, and now it’s a race war.. I don’t understand …

  7. White generation X has already fast-forward to the satirical stage….wow

  8. And how was this racist? Did they say something about black people? White people do commit suicide which could be what they were making fun of. AGAIN was a black person mentioned about being lynched? Then how is the RACIST?

  9. Stephen Stidham

    So nooses represent racism ! Explain that to me . So white cattle rustlers in the old west being lynched by white vigilantes is a description of racism! The employees did a noose thing! Until you show something more that I am not aware of, you would have to be an idiot to call a dough noose , “racism”!

  10. Someone’s gotta explain the racial uproar around this in some sort of logical sense. White people commit suicide at 27x the rate of blacks and hang themselves 20% of the time, that’s more alarming than making this some racially sensitive issue because of lynchings years ago. No doubt, joking about hanging is messed up, but don’t start making racial issues out of something clearly not racially motivated.

  11. Stupid kids and you fire them, dumb

  12. Last time I had jimmy Johns I got food poisoning. So this kinda shit doesn’t surprise me

  13. Sometimes things are just stupid jokes and not funny, but not necessarily racist. What concerns me more is the dough touched his sweaty neck and they probably used it

  14. Jimbo Grizzlov

    Apparently only black people were hung from nooses.

  15. …and this is why they should be paid $15.00 an hour?

  16. nickname are for kids an infants

    You white people are as stupid as all get out.

  17. Patricia Keith

    Wonders exactly what they do to bread before it’s baked and we eat it .I don’t blame Jimmy John’s but wonder where the manager was to allow this sort of foolishness .This should be in their file so when hired somewhere else the new employer will know exactly what kind of person will be a employee of that company.

  18. They got fired but some people said they would never eat at jimmy johns again lol. You think all these low paid teens at fast food restaurants are upstanding members of society? Might not wanna eat anywhere if u think that

  19. Jaimie Gonzalez

    I admitedly didn’t catch the racism thing right away. I thought they were distastefully showing how much they didn’t want to work at Jimmy John’s on 4th of July or something. Gross, hopefully they threw that dough away. I wouldve fired them too.

  20. Jimmy Johns tastes like shit. The bread is like paper and the CEO is a fucking chump.

  21. Kids being kids stop it people

  22. Immature, ignorant, foolish children.

  23. The Dumiest Employees of the day. Now all 4 of their stupid azzes are fired and most likely being harassed.

  24. Stephen Stidham

    If you think that an imaginary noose is racist , then you are the racist!!

  25. Son of Sam I Am

    To say a noose is racist is like saying ovens are racist to Jews or blankets (especially diseased ones) are racist to my ancestors. Nooses were used long before inbred fools in sheets used them against black people. I’ve seen several headlines refer to this video as reenacting a “lynching.” That word was used specifically to fan the flames, but in reality this video shows people doing nothing but goofing off. If they were pointing bananas at each other and saying “bang!” no one would care. Take that back, actually… people would be in an uproar over that, too. They’d just have trouble figuring out how it was racist or sexist, but they’d be sure it was one or the other.

  26. patrick mitchell

    White people, it’s all a joke until it happens to THEM.

  27. MichaelD Walker

    there’s no excuse , age or otherwise.

  28. Good lord….. 🙄 These kids look about 15/16 maybe??? Due to their ages, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Nothing racist was said (thank god or I’d be LIVID!!!) but the noose has certain implications, not only in this day and age but historically in regard to black people… I’m going to assume that this was a complete lapse in judgement. 😕 Just kids being kids. Probably heard the word “noose” thrown around on the radio and television and completely unaware of the heaviness, pain, and suffering that is going around in this world today.
    Jimmy Johns did the right thing. I hope they also educated these kids on what was wrong about it all before giving them the boot. Educating others is probably one of the most important things to do right now. We all must do our part. ❤️

  29. Learn to take a joke. No harm, no foul. You people are insufferable, victimhood is all you have.

  30. Wow! This is crazy!

  31. High Rep Game All day

    @The Cringer: It doesn’t matter the age. They are racist just like their parents who taught them. With everything that has happened in this country up until now. I have no sympathy for them.

  32. Sojourner Shrink

    See people? You NEVER know what you’re eating in restaurants. These just happened to be caught. What about those that haven’t been caught? STOP EATING AT RESTAURANTS. WORKERS DON’T CARE ONE BIT ABOUT YOU!

  33. The reason most of these post on this Jimmy John episode are dumbfounded is because its apparent you’re uneducated about the systematic racism in this great country. Whats sad is apparently many are completely unaware of the history in this country. I encourage you to EDUCATE yourself. Read ,read read on the history of the United States. A high school education does not teach this but Junior colleges or universities. You really need to be educated….

  34. What the hell is wrong with these foolish ass kids?🙄

  35. I’m assuming that we have a group of racist people commenting on this video. Stop hiding behind comments and step out in the real world and say some racist shit to a black person and see if you dont get fucked up. I dont play with you guys, you step out of line with me and I will put my hands on you and make sure its recorded for the world to see how I treat racist white, Asian, spanish etc. No one is playing with you anymore

  36. Christina Jones

    That dough is $ 0.40 a piece, and this isn’t the first time stupid shit like this has been posted about JJ employees being stupid

  37. They teach their kids to be murderers evidently….generation of murderers, from the first generation to the last all murderers

  38. LORD MAV B.M.P

    Niggas be like I ain’t even know they sold food at JIMMY JAZZ!!!

  39. It amazes me how these people in the comment section didn’t take two minutes out their pitiful lives to google the history of whites using the noose to murder blacks. Because yeah, kids these days think making a noose isn’t correlated with anything… it’s all out of fun 🤨

  40. I am an employee for Jimmy John’s. I never seen anything more disgusting and appalling in my life. They deserve to lose there jobs maybe more.

  41. Now all 4 are unemployed and most likely being harassed. Karen in Central Park got charge by NY Police Dept. the other day.

  42. I love Jimmy Johns. Those kids are stupid, but really?? The idiots who are pulling the racism card deserve all the segregation they are asking for.

  43. Christopher Bowler

    Wait, how is this racist?

  44. critic for the uploader

    With a name like Jimmy John’s says it all…

  45. Cult Mechanicus

    This is so stupid. People who see racism in this are brainwAshed. Everyone of you has done stupid shit at work

  46. It is so sad people are saying this isnt racist…. let me help you all to understand…. The topic of the ”noose’ has been in the news again lately associated with racism and hate….and they still played around and posted a video dispite this…that is racism or at least admit its racially insensitive

  47. fuck these crackers

  48. Yukon ice-cream

    Looks pretty racist to me. If not it is at least very insensitive. Who are these idiots (would be easy to dig into their social media post from the past to make a more informed opinion). Regardless, these bone-heads will forever be remembered for their stupidity. To me it appears racist- no crying wolf (IMO).

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