Mary Kay Letourneau, teacher jailed for copulation with 6th-grader, dead at 58

Mary Kay dead at 58/

Convicted teacher’s demise is cancer.

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SEATTLE — Mary Kay Letourneau, the salacious teacher thrown in the slammer for bangin’ her sixth-grade student, passed away on Tuesday. She was 58. David Gehrke, Mary Kay’s attorney, said she died from stage 4 cancer. If you recall, the concupiscent educator cheated on her husband with 12-year-old Vili Fualaau in 1996. The dalliance began inside her classroom at Shorewood Elementary School in Burien, Washington — a suburb just south of Seattle. Law enforcement officials caught Mary Kay enjoying copulation with Vili at the Des Moines Marina on June 19, 1996. She initially lied and told investigators the kid was 18.

Mary Kay later modified her narrative, claiming to be Vili’s babysitter. Two months later, the notorious pedophile became gravid with the couple’s first daughter. Mary Kay pleaded guilty to child rape in 1998 following the parturition of their second baby girl. She ended up getting 7 years in prison.

After serving her sentence, Mary Kay and Vili got hitched on May 20, 2005. The couple then published a memoir together — “Un seul crime, l’amour” (Only One Crime, Love) that chronicles their entanglement. The cougar-amour also became the subject of a biopic on USA Network titled “All American Girl.”

Mary Kay and Vili got divorced in 1999.

She leaves behind a sextet of children.

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  1. Karma

  2. Kenneth Bernard Maye


  3. Good riddance

  4. Shaunda Gilbert

    Didn’t know she was sick, 58 is still pretty young, she’ll always be known for what she did to Vili, a 12 year old can’t give consent, RIP, anyway.

  5. RIP Mary. Sad life really. Villi obviously loved her. Prayers for her six children. 🙏🏻

  6. She was mentally ill.

  7. That bitch had mental problems …if that had been a man doing that to a 12 year old girl, he would’ve been burned at the stake. May she burn in hell.

  8. Yet so many boys wish the female teachers they are hot for wish they could be like MKT.

  9. Wow! She’s dead! Her husband is free now!

  10. Mary Kay’s Death Certificate = Died of Covid-19

  11. Who’s gonna take care of the kids now??..him?..he makes enough to support 6 children??…i doubt it…it’ll be the people in the form of taxes and aide. This is why you don’t have such a large age gap.

  12. RIP Honey you did more time then Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew and everybody knew what they were doing

  13. allergic to humans not animals

    so basically you can be a rapist if you’re a female? okay. Equality for all.

  14. Arcus Puffious

    Just gross🤢🤮

  15. Hope it was vagina cancer.

  16. I wish I had teachers like that

  17. You just don’t sleep with a 12 year-old. You just don’t do it. You don’t justify it, you don’t say theres a story behind it. You just don’t do it.

  18. Hope she made her peace with God!

  19. Definitely something off with this woman. They should study her brain now that she’s gone.

  20. One less Karen

  21. I will never shed a tear for a dead pedophile! Good fucking riddance! Rot in hell bitch!

  22. The DEVIL will be happy to have her…

  23. Melia Adelita Cybelle

    She was not a pedophile. Her attraction and attachment was to him in particular, not children. If she was a true pedophile, she would have lost interest in him as he matured. She didn’t. Weird, gross, icky…yes. But she loved him. He was her “person.” I really don’t believe this woman was attracted to children in general, just him.

  24. Randy Martinez

    I LOVE OLDER WOMAN I AM A 28 year old male

  25. I bet Vili is somewhat relieved. I do not like to celebrate anyone’s passing, but this man was burdened since the age of 13. I hear he gave her 24-hour care the last month of her life, even though they were separated. He did get two beautiful girls out of the deal. I hope he can move on and have a healthy, mutually respectful, and loving relationship.

  26. He’s is my age. When I was 12yrs old, no way did I want anything to do with sex, babies or love. Dodge ball, marbles and lunch was elementary life.

    She somehow really really messed with his mind.

    I’m sad for all her kids even though she did not care about her other kids, she was still their mom.

  27. Titanus Vespinae

    She raped him…but it’s seen as some sick romanticized fantasy come true without any consequences, hope she is burning in hell for violating a 12 year old.

  28. Rest in Peace Mary Kay

  29. God Bless her

  30. Mary The Molester!!😒

  31. Sharon Jackson

    This is a sick and sad story. This is not normal. Wow… I pray her soul is at peace with God.

  32. Bridgette Gallagher

    @Titanus Vespinae: I don’t think she’s in hell

  33. Jeremy Bennett

    Rest in peace 🙏💔😇

  34. God bless Mary Kay Letourneau.
    She lived in turmoil that she didnt deserve. She was a saint.

  35. So a 12 ye old had 2 of her 6 kids? Lawdamercy 😂

  36. A pedophile is STILL a pedophile. sympathy for her children.

  37. You guys making rude comments need to grow up. At least have respect for the children who lost their mom. My word! There is still innocent family who lost a loved one and all you guys can do is bring up something that no one can do anything about anymore. Whats done is done now act like grown ups and consider the poor kids!

  38. Danielle Smith

    Well I have to say…..I DONT KNOW….Before a year ago I would have called her a pedofile!!!!! No excuse…..and he was 12 so I guess its different from my story….but I am 39 but I look 15 years younger than my age. I met a young man online he said he was 25. After I found out the TRUTH because I question him and he refused to be honest…turns out he had JUST TURNED 18. 🙄😠😠😠😠….I was furious with him! I basically broke into his phone and found out the truth. I ended the relationship …….he STILL TEXTS ME….CALLS ME saying that he loves me and age doesn’t matter!!!! I had feelings for him but I felt like disgusting
    So I am taken back by this womans behavior……my guy was at least legal age BUT STILL….I am old enough to be his mother and a serious relationship was never on my mind when he was lying to me but after i found out the truth GRRRRR….So i dont understand this woman….😕

  39. Out of Control

    Where was these type teachers when I was in school

    I’ve been cheated

  40. Lani24laurina Lee

    Only God is worthy of judging!!!.Rest in Eternal Peace Mary. You are now in a better place. 😇😇😇

  41. goldenlikedaylight

    She was a nonce who raped and groomed a child. I’m not sad about this. This isn’t sad news. Let’s celebrate. I only feel sorry for Villi and how his children must feel.

  42. ChildOfTheFlower

    To everyone who is sorry for her death, would you show any amount of sympathy if this was a man who raped his female student?

  43. Left her husband for an ugly little kid

  44. William Martibez

    She was honestly right out of her mind in love. Doesn’t make it right but she paid her debt to society and they decided to go on even after he was grown. Sad about her first family but I can not hold that over her head the rest of her life. She paid dearly in the end.

  45. Finally! Villi is free from that Psycho.

  46. C. Calithileth

    Good riddance.

  47. Autumnleaf2011

    I bet she gave great head.

  48. May God rest her soul. She was a very sick person and if she were a man she would have been put away.

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