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White cartoon cop shoots African American 20 times

Racist cop kills black dude/YouTube

Officer Choker murders negro. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

HOLLYWOOD — Cartoonists at Cool Zone Entertainment are catching hell after disseminating a police brutality caricature that shows a pair of racist white cops murdering an unarmed black dude. Graphics were concocted by an artist named Cartoon David. The opening sequence begins with the negro pedestrian waiting at a stoplight when a police officer inexplicably chases him down. “Hey, what are you doing?” the cop yells. “[You’re] jaywalking, stop right there!” The officer then body slams the African American to the pavement and proceeds to choke him unconscious — à la Eric Garner and George Floyd. “I can’t breathe,” the black guy wails as he cries for his mom. Seconds later, another police officer shows up to succor his confrère. He immediately orders the suspect to put his hands in the air despite the fact the young man is already dead via asphyxiation.

“Son, put your hands up right now!” the officer screams. “Son, if you do not put your hands up I’ll be forced to use this firearm to dispose of your threat… Alright, you asked for it mothaf*cker!” The cop then shoots the negro more than 20 times as a passerby records it on a cell phone. You can see empty shells hittin’ the ground. A damn shame indeed.

Watch the disturbing cartoon.

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  1. This crap must be removed, WTF. You think this is something our young children need your a fu$&ing idiot!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  2. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😦😬😱😱😱😱😱

  3. There was a time when something happening like this was utterly preposterous; which at the time was nothing but satirical humor. The artist/animator did a good job in ”stretching” the truth, I.e. Satire. Never would have believed something so ridiculous would become even close to reality! Holy shit!

  4. There´s a post on facebook saying that this is from an actual tv cartoon and making people angry against the creator, i hate misinformation, i hope there´s not actual backlash for this artists as this is clearly satire and made for awareness of a real and brutal life problem.

  5. It’s bad enough this is something like what’s happening on the streets. It’s worse to think about the impact garbage like this has on the minds of whoever views it, and I don’t know whether to sob or to rage when I think of the impact this will have on little kids, whose parents are happy the kid’s quiet for a while in front of his screen with a cartoon on it.
    Take this piece of shit off the internet, and remove from positions of influence the sociopaths responsible for its production and distribution.


  7. This made me sad he started calling out for his momma 😔 and he kept shooting him even after he was passed out 🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. Some of y’all are mad at a cartoon that was literally made to show how shitty some cops can be.. it wasn’t made to be “funny”, it was made as a satirical way of showing the shitty cops doing shitty things.

  9. I think I speak for everyone when I say you need your ass whooped for even having the balls to keep this posted

  10. You guys are all idiot’s!!! Who we need to be mad at, is the person that created this racist bull**ish!!!

    I’ve read other things that he has blogged about, that actually involved HUMANS that were waaay more offensive than this!!!!

    This is simply sharing how sick and twisted the world is becoming at our(blacks) expense!

    Shame on you for allowing your kids to read a very controversial and mature blog such as this!! That’s called bad parenting!!!
    Unfortunately, some kids have witnessed situations like this in real life!!
    If you’re speaking of teenagers, some of them are unfortunately committing murder along with other sick and twisted crimes! Some of them have unfortunately already witnessed something like this!! Some of them know more about the streets and the thug life than you do!!!

    Yes, this cartoon is VERY racist and VERY offensive but he didn’t create it!!! IJS

  11. Who we need to be mad at, is the person that created this racist bull**ish!!!

    I’ve read other things things that he has blogged about, that were waaay more offensive than this!!!! Kind of the reason people start blogs – to talk about what they want!!!

    This is simply sharing how sick and twisted the world is TRYING RO CONTINUE…at our(blacks) expense!

    Shame on you for allowing your kids to read a very controversial and mature blog such as this – if that’s the case!! That’s called bad parenting!!! Keep in mind, some have already committed crimes, including murder, unfortunately!!

    Yes, this cartoon is VERY racist and VERY offensive but he didn’t create it!!!

  12. This is a little boy and I know this is a cartoon but he is so cute and the fact that this shows that got me so fucking mad bro REPORT THIS VIDEO HAVE THIS DELETED THIS SHIT IS SO FUCKING DISTURBING AND THAY IS CONSIDERED OVERKILL THIS SHIT GOT ME FUCKING PISSED OFF

  13. Bra cartoon or not this shit is so wrong Where’s God must put an end to this 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  14. This is fucking ridiculous…. the creators should b ashamed of themselves…it’s bad enough black people live this shit everyday….now here come the disrespectful mfs mocking shit goin on….just fucking sad

  15. This is and accurate representation of law enforcement, minorities and bystanders with phones in my opinion if you’re a bystander you’re just as guilty

  16. This was made by black lives matter then shared saying it was made by some white guy

    stupid fucking bullshit

  17. This video was hilarious he should make more of them, too bad people also start crying in the comment section because they cant take a fucking joke. George Floyd threatens a pregnant women and nobody gives a fuck, he gets killed by a police officer and its the end of the world. Fucking morons.

  18. A lot of people complaining that it is offensive, I wonder if they would do the same with the actual news videos in which an officer abuses his authority to commit racist acts like Floyd’s was. Simply stupid and hypocritical people.
    This video only gives a message of what life is out there and if you find it offensive in this cartoon, you can already imagine how things are in real life and only for that reason the video already gives a strong message

  19. I think this is a sad representation of the twisted minds that are able to use freedom of communication to post this kind of sick content!!

  20. This must be removed from all viewing. No one should be allowed to create this kind of video. Please remove it & all others like it.

  21. Ok. Don’t get mad at me but I tried my hardest not to laugh. I don’t want anyone saying oh you racist piece of shit. Look. I’m fucked up in the head and I watch crazy shit so if you have a problem with me. Kindly fuck off.

  22. This is some fuckin bullshit protect ur babies hold them close kuz this world is cruel twisted and demented I hate racist shit like this and who ever think it is a joke it’s not I have sons and I’m scared for them and I shouldn’t have to be this has to end now they have gone to far and they are not gonna stop till all our boys and men are gone 🤬😡😤😥

  23. Racist stuff like this and black parents teaching police and whitey all like this are part of the issue.

  24. This was a funny exaggeration of police brutality. Dark humor people need to not be so sensitive

  25. Stop killing our black men. Too many police are terrified of them and it shows, if you’re so scared, this isn’t the job for you!!

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