Red Table Talk: Jada confessed she had “entanglement” with August Alsina

Will and Jada got issues/Facebook

Will & Jada need romantic reboot.

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LOS ANGELES — “You, me and he. What we gonna do, baby?” During Friday’s episode of “Red Table Talk,” Jada Pinocchio Smith finally confessed she lied about having a dalliance with R&B paramour August Alsina. Turns out, he was telling the truth. August waxed that cougar ass. The 47-year-old actress also admitted no one has made her feel that sexy in years, much to the chagrin of her cuckold husband — Will Smith — who damn near broke into tears upon learning the earth-shattering revelation.

Jada referred to the amour as an “entanglement” that transpired while she and Will, 51, were secretly separated. Rather than kiss and make up, the estranged couple ended the chat with a fist-bump while yelling “Bad Marriage for Life” which insinuates they’ve been melancholic for quite awhile.

August, 27, dropped the bombshell a few days ago during a one-one-one chinwag with Angela Yee of “The Breakfast Club” — telling viewers he enjoyed years of copulation with Jada with Will’s approbation. “He gave me his blessing,” August explained. “I totally gave myself to that relationship for years of my life, and I truly and really, really, deeply loved [Jada] and have a ton of love for her.”

Will and Jada got hitched in 1997.

Their marriage of 23 years is clearly on the brink of cessation.

Is it worth saving?

Watch the cringe-worthy interview.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Who the fuck cares??? Women cheat. No big deal. Shiiiiit. I give Jada mad props for jumping on that dick.

  2. I thought they had an open bi relationship anyway…should’ve went that route and told that. That face looks like the one he had when he asked uncle Phil how come his dad didn’t want him 🙁

  3. Only hollywood couple to hang it all out there & keep it real – M A D R E S P E C T

  4. Who cares? Jada looks like a man! You think will smith don’t have a sexy girlfriend??

  5. Just a front to distract people from all the puzzy she getting and dick he’s getting!!

  6. Willy boy needs to take the Red Pill

  7. Will Smith has always been that one black actor who never had drama to his name. Look what this stupid bitch did smfh.

  8. Sarah (Wonder Woman)

    Lost respect for Big Willy after watching that shiz how he put up with that!??!?!??!?! We wonder why them kids are “different” 😞
    Take your throne back Will. 👑

  9. I feel bad for the kids

  10. Big Willy know he gave August that dick first !

  11. Jada is a piece of work, she knew this young man was sick, and she took advantage of him by sleeping with him and leading him on.. Jada is something else. Sleeping with Marc Anthony while he was married to Jlo and now this! I hope Will Divorces her she is no good!

  12. Mambwe Musenge

    If there’s one family /couple That loves to have their business in the street and try to appear perfect it’s them they are constantly craving attention. I am sick of them

  13. Imagine having a fake interview with each other for the world to watch 😂 these celebs lost they mind searching for attention from anybody willing to watch.

  14. Can somebody tell me wth Will does to make Jada so unhappy. I’m literally lost. Theres got to more than what she says is the problem. Why she embarass that man like that. I’m so lost. Is Will down low or something I dont know. Thats the only thing that would make sense. If that ain’t the case I just dont get Jada. How can a person be so deep and so dam shallow at the same time. Of all the things Will has to done that I admire this was hard to watch

  15. relentless 'Stern

    Will is broken, he is trying so hard to be strong, but we are all human you gotta show it man… It will heal you

  16. Jada has always been envious of Will’s career. For some reason he has refused to accept that. When someone shows you who they are, you need to believe them. She preyed on August. August put her a** on blast. Now Will steps in to save her. Much respect to him but many couldn’t do it. Jada reminds me of a bully tomboy.

  17. It sounds like she’s just trying to justify her actions so she won’t feel guilty

  18. They need to just stop this nonsense and call it what it is. An affair. They cheated on each other. They both used August when he was sick and vulnerable. That’s not ok. This is not the first affair for either of them. Both walked into their relationship as an open marriage. Sick

  19. The Smiths particularly jada was trying to groom alsina. They were trying to prepare him for a world he knew nothing about and jada would be his handler. Somewhere along the line his programming broke down (or jada caught feelings) and he wanted out. This is a cover for what they were really doing to him. Alsina is smart enough not to discuss that part because he knows with whom he’s dealing. That’s what’s really going on here…just look at alsina he is fucked up in the head for life…

  20. They are so fake… They have had rumors of an open relationship for years I don’t understand why anyone even made a big deal about this..

  21. Rosemary Davis

    Their marriage is only on paper and I suspect that since Jada has made this spectacular revelation,Mr.Smith will file for divorce their marriage is broken because the trust is gone,and when they argue this will always be the center of their argument (YOU CHEATED ON ME) people this day and time do not take their vows serious,just because you separate from each other it does not give you the green light to fall into another person’s arms, you are still married and therefore you commit adultery plain and simple.

  22. Logical Chaos01

    I read all the comments first n then I watched the video. Will does look like he was crying or at least upset b4 doing this Interview. His eyes look swollen or just not normal. They say ur eyes r the windows to ones soul. His eyes look like he’s trying real hard to hide the pain n heartache he’s probably feeling. I get marriages have ups n downs n maybe they are in a good place now but I get the feeling they weren’t telling the whole truth n I don’t think that they should have done a public interview about this n they didn’t owe it to anyone. Since it’s Jada’s show I kinda feel like Will was forced or just did it 4 her or his kids so she could control the narrative of this story. Will seems private n like he wouldn’t have addressed this publicly if she didn’t want to. Idk.

  23. Will has a girlfriend named Heidi. They’ve been together for years. Don’t forget that you’re watching two actors ACT!!

  24. Why is everybody acting like Will didn’t admit to cheating?
    Will: Ima get you back
    Jada: You’ve gotten me back, I think we’re good on that!
    Will: Okay that’s probably true.

  25. Sheldon Carter

    She didn’t even say she cheated
    She said entanglement

  26. Will smith is gay period

  27. This is for show.
    To distract and manipulate.
    If it were true they would have done this privately. Not publicly on a tv show. I am sure anyone in a relationship or affectionate towards another person knows this for a fact

  28. That what Will get for trying to turn a hoe into a house wife

  29. We ride together, we die together…bad marriage for life 🤣😂

  30. This is 6 degrees from separation Will

  31. Damn, I called it, I didn’t wanna be right but I was. Will 1st thing is there has got to be a clause in there that states if the wife cheats that she can’t have half. 2nd that ish hurts and Will you are the greatest actor I’ve seen cause I don’t know anyone that could’ve made it through that interview without walking out after hearing your better half cheated on you and it was great. Your kids are grown, and I don’t think you could ever look at her the same way again. It’s ok to divorce her.

  32. While people are judging Will & Jada, I ask this question: Is your relationship perfect? I promise your mate has secrets! Marriage can be complicated. I applaud them for addressing it since August came out to help his album sales. It sounds like this was years ago and people had moved on as best they could. This was personal and should have stayed that way. I wish Will and Jada the best!

  33. I knew Jada was lying all along when she first denied giving Alsina some drawers. Now she comes clean with: ” Oh -well, he and I dated for a while when Will and I had secretly separated.”

    BULLSHIT! She was fucking him all along………….


    Jada would get her toes sucked

  35. Dwlz “We ride together we die together..bad marriage forever”
    I love these two😂😂

  36. Russell Stuff-her

    😭😭😭😭😭How she gon hit Will wit the Monsters Ball… Jada in there screaming “Make me feel GOOUUUUUUDDDDDDDDD”

  37. Susana Monterrubio

    It turned my stomach. Movie Tough Guy turn into a LIMP TOOL! Ssd, sad,sad. Bad boys? Ha ha ha ha

  38. Reema Sarkisian

    Jada was with August while Will was with other men. I’m not buying the sad facade. Sorry not sorry

  39. man was about to tear u could see it in his eyes and that marriage consultant or whatever the fuck she is saying this is a strong marriage ? the bitch cheated and that broke his heart. This society you living in is broken. entanglement ? really ? that’s what u came up with to polish the word cheating ? shit is disgusting.

  40. Fuck that i would have kicked her out the house

  41. If this is how love and marriage is…. Then I don’t want it.. 💔

  42. Obviously they were having a tough time, they were separated. Obviously Will knew before hand about the relationship and they obviously talked it out. Coming back together after that break made their relationship stronger than ever. Why the hell are we dragging her? It’s not like she cheated. Sure she hurt him but we don’t know the full story, at what point they were in their marriage so let’s not judge. Will has had seriously cheated in the past. Not saying either of them is right but they are working through it and we shouldn’t be saying shit about either of them. What baffles me is that why these 2 smart and knowledgeable people would air out their dirt like that in public? They had to have known the consequences +August got dragged into it unnecessarily. Seems so so stupid.

  43. Um…Will has had side chicks for years. Jada has a fling with one dude while she and Will were separated and she’s getting dragged? Talk about a double standard. August was an adult. No one forced him to have a fling with Jada.

  44. I’m back It’s stress

    Jayda deserves to be broke and poor if it wasn’t for will she would be on the pole dancing honestly will should move on from a women like that she ain’t even beautiful she skinny and ugly not even nothing surprising to wake up too.

  45. Fuck Jada

  46. Most solid relationships/marriages are rarely effortlessly created! We as individuals are always growing and changing mentally, physically and spiritually. So, being in a relationship with someone through a long period of time, needs nurturing through understanding one another’s needs and supporting it with patience and transparency continually. Fundamentally, the love for each other has to be there and be genuine on both sides always, otherwise it’s not worth committing to, unless you’re after someone’s weakness/money/security…sure, this could bring you happiness, but at a cost and one that is fictitious/subjective!
    Will Smith, arguably one of the most famous entertainers/actors of our time. He has, most would dream of, the fame, personality, money and wife…and yet it is sad, but no surprise that he is married to Jada, who might be feeling ‘left out’ and perhaps ‘living in the shadows’ of her husbands fame/attention and indirectly wanting control and attention by sleeping around with someone else or Will Smith, wasn’t ‘exciting her enough’ and due to her narcissistic characteristics, letting her take control/charge of everything, to the point where she is abusing her partners trust and love..either ways or whatever the cause, I wish them the best and anyone else trying to do the ‘right thing!’ It ain’t easy, but nothing really is!!

  47. Will Smith: Now this is a story all about how
    My life got flipped turned upside down

  48. Amolpreet Singh


  49. What a fuckin bitch

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