President Trump believes the coronavirus “pandemic” is a hoax, Democrats pissed

Trump calls pandemic a hoax/Photo: AP

Mr. Trump labels COVID-19 a hoax. 

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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump, who repudiates the coronavirus assessment of immunologist Anthony Fauci, ruffled some feathers on Monday when he identified the COVID-19 pandemic as being a “hoax.” The Commander-in-Chief catapulted the conspiracy theory with a retweet of a missive from “Love Connection” icon Chuck Woolery who believes “everyone is lying” about the sibylline epidemic. The ’80s game show host is also convinced fallout from COVID-19 is being used as a ploy to undermine Trump’s re-election campaign.

“The most outrageous lies are the ones about Covid 19,” Woolery wrote. “Everyone is lying. The CDC, Media, Democrats, our Doctors, not all but most, that we are told to trust. I think it’s all about the election and keeping the economy from coming back, which is about the election. I’m sick of it.”

So far, COVID-19 has killed 135,000 Americans.

But critics argue the death toll is inflated.

Do you agree with Trump and Woolery?

Is the coronavirus pandemic fake?

Should Woolery be in charge of the CDC?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Omg do they think we are stupid? People please listen to Dr Fauci.

  2. Ginger Harrison

    Has anyone seen old Chuck in public since everything is a hoax? Isn’t he in that upper upper critical group for Conorna-hoaxy? Bet he dons a mask if/when he goes out!

  3. America We Need to PRAY and REPENT! The LORD calls us and holds us responsible (see 1 Timothy 2) for those in leadership and authority over us including Presidents, Supreme Court Judges, Congress, Governors, Church leaders, Societal Systems, Local Governments, heads of households, and so on. God calls us as Believers to Pray if we desire to live quiet and peaceful lives in godliness. ALL men/humans are flawed and in desperate need of Salvation. Otherwise we “Pay when we don’t Pray” with social and racial unrest, corruption, injustices, pandemics, plagues, poverty, wars and so on. Believers we are responsible for our plight. WE MUST OBEY GOD’S DIRECTIVE TO PRAY for ALL MEN especially those leading us. Furthermore we must go to them as Nathan the prophet did and tell them to REPENT! Perhaps THIS SHOULD BE YOUR ASPIRATION in this season! This President LACKS MORAL CHARACTER and every characteristic that JESUS spoke about in the BEATITUDES! He is HATEFUL and DIVISIVE and he LIES a lot. Furthermore, do you know who the bible references as “The Father of Lies?”
    John 3:16
    16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  4. 1.5 million died from tuberculosis…. no masks, no shutdowns? This is a virus with a 99.9 percent survival rate. Ill take my chances and keep my income. Hell this country kills 15 times more unborn children per year and doesn’t blink an eye.

  5. 90% of population – believe this virus – is exactly like the MRSA virus that hit a few years back. Everyone has the basic form of the virus in our system – but it takes an underlying condition to “activate” it. The same nasal swab was done for MRSA as this. This type virus is called a “retrovirus”. If you never do anything else…………ask yourself WHY……they NEVER release numbers – showing people that HAVE been retested (after two weeks isolation)….AND are now NEGATIVE???? If you know someone that did test positive – then YOU know they were isolated for a two week period – then “retested”. 99% of people that are retested – then show negative. Have seen this in my own complex………..and in my sister’s retirement community. The EXACT reason – the wording “quarantine or isolate” for two weeks……….is ALWAYS mentioned. Media NEVER give the number of people that ARE now negative. They simply take the original beginning numbers………and continue to add daily. This is a scare tactic. If it were NOT……then why do they refuse to tell the entire truth……including the number of NOW negatives (that were positive)???? Won’t even go into the number of people that have died with heart attacks, cancer, strokes, etc. – BUT death certificates are listed as “covid”…….simply because they had tested positive at one time…..but had no symptoms. THIS is the exact reason – people no longer believe their hyped up BS. As always – its nothing but half truths. IF you prefer to believe the hype……then more power to you. I do wear a mask when I go into public……I just do NOT believe this BS……………..

  6. Tell that to the people who have been affected by the virus! Guess this was a hoax started by Dr. Fauci!?!? Just saying. The only hoax is that idiot person we have for a president!! What makes Chuck Woolery an expert in this matter?? The only one lying is Trump, the idiot.

  7. Well if Chuck says is its so, game show hosts don’t lie, wait…………………

  8. There is a TOTAL NUTCASE in charge and his loony actions have caused 140,000 Americans to die, 30 million to be infected and the economy on the verge of destruction. Oh and also 50 million out of work. Thats only for starters if you dont vote him out. VOTE TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICANS OUT.

  9. How can he call it a hoax because he said “I knew it was a pandemic before they called it a pandemic.”
    The Republicans are a bunch of cowards who are afraid to stand up to the tweeting fool. How sad!

  10. When I need a medical opinion I usually wait for a 1970s game show host to
    weigh in before going forward.

  11. alrightalready

    The “only hoax” is the DEADLY HOAX perpetuated by Liberals (includes the news media) about the danger of a drug that had been prescribed for SIXTY-FIVE YEARS. Liberals sought to KILL Covid-19 patients in order to diminish Trump. There is no other explanation. To this very today, Liberals continue to seek to maximize Covid-19’s economic and death toll damage.

  12. The only hoax in the US is our current president, what a cruel joke on the American people!

  13. November 3rd can’t get here soon enough!

  14. Why would anyone in their right mind VOTE for this MORON?

  15. When Woollery is in ICU maybe he’ll believe that scientists weren’t lying.

  16. Unbelivable…All the experts in the world too his disposal. 45 turns too a retired game show host . #$%$ is wrong with 45 ??..#$%$ Chuck Woolery. #$%$ does he know ?? Smdh. S

  17. I don’t understand why this man is still potus. This proves he’s delusional and crazy..the nation is in the hands of a lunatic..Chuck Woolery is a has been right wing nutter moron..OLD DELUSIONAL and CRAZY .. God help us all..

  18. America sucks so much, yes we do. #$%$ face it.

  19. Bunch of dumb #$%$ keep believing what the mighty puppet master dictates to them. Once this virus hits them in their own face they’ll most likely still think it’s a hoax that they’re sick and wondering why on earth they have a tube down their throat.

  20. Over the last 35 years, Republicans have become a cancer in this country.

  21. This is a severe degenerative disease that severely impacts orange faced raccoons. Thank God we only have one to deal with until Nov. 3rd…..

  22. Dieu-Est-Le-Patron

    Trump blames our high number of coronavirus cases on the idea that we do more testing than other countries. He said when you test for coronavirus, you create more cases. Therefore, by logic, if you test less, then you have less cases. What an idiot! Testing people for coronavirus doesn’t infect that them with the virus (meaning, it doesn’t create cases). Instead, it discovers or identifies infected individuals, revealing coronavirus cases. I guess, by Trump’s reasoning, we could end the pandemic by simply bringing an end to testing. Wow! How neat.

  23. You got to love this game show host saying everyone is lying to us. He missed one though, the biggest liar of them all.. Trump.

  24. CDC stated no matter what you die from if you test positive for COVID…it’s a COVID death…………good thing the American public is as brainwashed as the Jews in WWII………..or we might be living like people instead of being enslaved in our homes and behinc mind control masks.

  25. The fact that he won the election is a hoax.

  26. Most of the people who die from coronavirus have pre-existing health conditions. Of course the pre-existing conditions never kill a person… IT’S ALWAYS CORONAVIRUS… Heart disease, lung disease, cancer, diabetes never kills people. A woman was 100 years old and died from coronavirus. Her age had nothing to do with it. However, she wouldn’t have died, if she was 30.

  27. I think he’s been infected!!
    New symptom…. STUPIDITY

  28. Frankie Chileman

    This is why I hate politics 😝…. 🤢

  29. Wonder why Chuckie has been married four times? His wives couldn’t stand him either.
    MATA = Make America Trumpless Again!!

  30. adsgasg adsgasg

    Trump’s absolutely right. All they do is counting positive tests and numbers of people would have died anyway plus showing some pictures. A positive test is an indicator for Covid19, not means being infected, being sick or being a “superspreader”. The test measures certain sequences of Corona-Viruses and there is a lot of them. It’s a hoax by pharma, big tech, and others carrying on their Business.

  31. Timothy Garner

    When has chuck wiltery become the preimonate voice on Covid19??? And our fearless leader must be running out of bootsmoothers…That’s why in November 45 might lose in 2mins 2secs!!!🤣🤣🤣

  32. chinniwonkenobi

    Chuck woolery needs to go out in public, touch everything, and then lick his fingers if he really doubts its legitimacy

  33. Go back under your rock Chuckie!😝

  34. Fizzgig Sanchez

    So all the other countries dealing with covid-19 and dying from it are all out to make trump look bad. Why does trump no matter what it is spins himself to make it always about him everytime. No one is making trump look bad he does a good job all on his own. This is not a Republican or Democrat thing. Medical experts need to be able to do their jobs with out trump getting in the way or silence them because he can not handle what the facts are. trump wants to tell and you to believe how he thinks things to be. Proven medical science facts or how trump in his mind thinks things work. To everyone who follows trump is putting your life in trumps hands and we all know what trump likes to grab. LOL you all are just Pu$$y. trump would not even protect this country draft dodger but still you support him people like you are better off dead would make America great again. And yes i am pissed because people are out of work and bitching about their job no money but how will your job reopen and you go back to work if everyone is infected and dying because the just wont social distance or wear face mask you knew you did not care you are making it 100% worse so i have no pitty for stupid fucking people.

  35. Woolery is just saying what everyone has been thinking.

  36. Derek McCumber

    Woolery completely changed his tune less than 24 hours later after his son was diagnosed as having Covid 19. Now he says that it’s very much real.
    That’s the problem with sociopaths. They don’t give a shit about anything or anyone until it directly affects them, then they change their tune FAST.

  37. I wonder how many people will die because Chuck says the virus is a hoax. People swallowed bleach because Don suggested it. At least Suck accept disease theory an d doesn’t think evil spirits are to blame.

  38. Chuck, so everybody is lying about Covid 19 – Scientists, Doctors, CDC. That’s YOUR opinion. But when your son tested positive for Covid 19, who did the testing? You? The WH? Who will provide treatment to him? You? The WH? Or the Doctors and Scientist who you’ve accused of lying? That’s what I thought. You have joined the idiocracy. I hope your son disagrees with you and gets qualified medical help from Doctors.

  39. Who are you going to believe , a well respected Physician Immunologist who does this for a living or 1980’s game show host? How about a man who goes bankrupt for a living? You decide. oh btw.. Vote in November to get this buffoon out!

  40. This is absolutely ridiculous. Yes, all of this is a conspiracy. Every country and its people are in on it. Chuck, please…….

  41. Primavera Regatta

    so, chuck had his rah-rah shoved so far up trumps bump…and his son still got corona? Hmm 🤔 chuck is a pathetic coward for deleting his social media, rather than apologizing, saying he was wrong, and urging his idiot followers to stop acting so stupid and irresponsible 😨

  42. It’s sad that you communists are attacking Mr. Wooley. You can’t understand what it’s like to work hard for a living. All these attacks on our fair president, too. What a shame. Mr. Wooley lives the dream while you collect welfare.

  43. When Americans believe Chuck Woolery, the host of Love Connection, who claims COVID-19 is a hoax over Dr Anthony Fauci, the premier epidemiologist in the USA, then they deserve to die. This is what Darwin referred to as “natural selection” , the engine of evolution that the Bible thumpers deny. BTW, Chuck Woolery’s son just test positive for COVID-19.

    Even though I’m an atheist, I am praying the Donald Trump contracts COVID-19 and dies a slow and agonizing death from it.

    My God challenge:

    “God! If you infect President Trump with COVID-19 and he dies from it within by 30 September, 2020, I will officially renounce atheism and admit that not only do you [God] exist, but that you are also a kind and loving being.”

  44. Americans have a reality tv star for president who retweets medical advice from a washed up game show host who’s son just tested positive for the coronavirus. What can go wrong?

  45. I understand Chucky thought this virus was a hoax well, I guess he found out now Chucky is going to feel some pain. But Chucky needs to feels the pain himself so I’m hoping he too gets the virus because he needs to feel the pain 1st hand.

  46. Albert Dimacali jr

    Chuck Woolery vs Corona Virus:
    Chuck W: I dont believe in Corona Virus…
    Corona Virus: But Chuck…you dont have to believe…but if your old uneducated fart insists…I will visit your son instead…hahah…😁😃😂😷

  47. Tom MorningDew

    I’m starting to feel sorry for Trump supporters. They’re being misled for the sake of one little man’s ego. Reality TV show and game show hosts are now calling the shots? Really?

  48. Trump is a one-trick pony, all he can do is lie, and when that doesn’t work, tell a bigger lie!!,

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