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The Real: Tamera Mowry quits show after producers gave her a 66 percent pay cut

Tamera Mowry quit her job/YouTube

Tamera Mowry leaves ‘The Real.’

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LOS ANGELES — The coronavirus pandemic strikes again. Tamera Mowry has stepped down as co-host of the popular daytime talk show “The Real” after producers asked the redbone actress to absorb a 66% pay cut. The former Disney starlet is callin’ it quits after seven scuttlebutt seasons. The show first aired in 2013. “Tamera was making about $3 million a season, compared to Adrienne [Houghton] who makes $500K, Jennie [Mai] who makes $500K, and Loni [Love] who makes about $1 million,” an executive explained.

“Tamera makes more than all the other hosts combined, it caused friction [among] the cast. Tamera was offered $1 million, and she chose to leave.”

Tamera, 42, confirmed her egress via Twitter.

“The friendships I’ve made there will last a lifetime,” she wrote.

Tamera, the identical twin sibling of Tia Mowry, made a name for herself on the ’90s television sitcom “Sister, Sister” which ran for six seasons. She’s appeared in several Disney films and, prior to joining “The Real,” she starred alongside her sister in the reality TV series “Tia & Tamera.”

Do you agree with Tamera’s decision to quit?

Would you accept a 66% pay cut?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I’ve always felt that the women on The Real were too old for the topics that are discussed on the show. The producers either need to get some teenage/20 something year old hostesses for those topics they discuss, or have the ladies discuss more mature topics suited to their age, e.g. current world issues, etc.

  2. I guess this is Karma hitting The Real. They screwed Tamar Braxton and fired her for nothing. I really enjoyed the older The Real with Tamar. She was hilarious and very entertaining and brought a lot to the show in my honest opinion, so now The Real is going to feel the suck from what they did. I give the show another year maybe two before The Real is candid or canceled and that’s stretching it in my honest opinion. Now that Tamera is leaving I’m definitely am no longer going to be watching. Bye The Real. Another show that I won’t be watching no more!!! 😢😢

  3. All these stars forget that they are replaceable. They fired her without actually having to fire her . The oldest trick in the book, lower the pay and watch them sail away . They knew she would leave .

  4. Karma is hitting all off them for the betrayal they did to Tamar Braxton. That evil, wicked Loni is next

  5. She was not worth no $3M. She brought nothing to the show that kept people coming to see her in general. She only was a star from a defunct show. She was the most out of touch of all of them.

  6. I was done with the real when Amanda Seales started spewing hate. Before that I loved the show. I’m glad Tamara is leaving it because she doesn’t need to be associated with something like that.

  7. 1) Tamar cursed that show when she left. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a good curse.
    2) Everyone seems to forget that this show is on fox network. They don’t want to hear from black voices. Fox is ok giving black woman a platform as long as we don’t use that platform to talk about real issues. I hope that Tamara gets on the black women creators train and we see something from her on HBO cause black women are fire right now.

  8. 3 million a season……..I mean what was she doing before to warrant that kind of paycheck. She was basically a child actress that’s about it. I’m surprised the other co-hosts didn’t revolt before then.

  9. Willing to bet “The Real” will have two White women now filling in for Amanda and Tia after their departure.

  10. If they’re gonna continue with The Real, I wanna see Yvette Nicole Brown in there. Or Tiffany Haddish.

  11. Congratulations Tamera on your new journey. God bless. 🙏🏾💖🙏🏾💖

  12. Oh no! Tamera’s leaving? She was my favorite co-host on The Real. The show definitely won’t be the same without Tam.

  13. If she leaves they might as well cancel the show 🤷🏾‍♀️ After Amanda left I realized how fake that show actually is lol. I’m no longer interested. I’ll only be interested again if the keep it lite and fluffy. Makeup, beauty, fashion, relationships etc. But don’t talk about race and politics and try and censor ppl. I feel like Adrienne should be getting paid more. The Reals demographic are probably watching for Adrienne and Tamera cause that’s who we grew up with.

  14. Wow! Tamara, you will be missed
    All the best! But the show was never the same after they (powers) kicked Tamar OFF!

  15. With all that swapping people in and out to have a fifth host got annoying. Once Tamar left they should have stayed with the four . The constant bringing of people and” special “ host every time was annoying and unnecessary. I’m not watching anymore especially now that Tam is leaving .? I like loni but honestly Jennie is annoying and Adrain is and has become a bigger snob then she was when she first started. The only ones to me that truly kept it REAL was Tam and Loni So. Bye to the real!
    RIP NIYA! 💔💜🖤

  16. Tamara love being home with family ❤️ she love doing family video’s,cooking show and their winery.I could tell she was tired of doing the show before Covid.We will see a lot of her on her ig and yt channel’s.Watch and see

  17. Tamera was the only reason why am watching the real now what the fuck should I do

  18. This is just gonna turn into the view. No more cute girl chats 😔

  19. Farewell Tamara you deserve better than this show now…the sky is your limit child of god🙏🙏🙏

  20. They wanted to cut her pay from 3 million to 1 million yet Kelly Ripa gets almost 20 million a year with her obnoxious and uppity attitude . They are not trying to pay Black women their worth on these sows/networks!!!!

  21. 😱Omg!!!!! Tamera is the ‘key’ ingredient to the show … although I’m sad to hear this, I wish Tamera only good next beginnings , she’s a very beautiful person 🌸

  22. I loved the real when it first started. Then Tamar left and it was not the same energy… Then u could feel tension building w/ the other ladies. Then, Jeanie Mai turned from an asian woman to a black woman (lbs), then Amanda Seals gave me hope that it would get better; but she couldnt speak her mind so she bounced quick. Now Tamara leaving and l think she is the most sensible host- l think they shoulda paid her what they needed to bc l do not see them being able to replace her or continue w the 3 remaining ladies.

  23. To be honest this is where some feminists lose me. They are always asking for women to be paid the same as their male cohost, but these women of the real were ok with their salary discrepancies after 7 years of sustaining the show??? Im particularly shock at adriennes salary. I mean jeannie didnt have a tv queu before the show, but adrienne???? To me the fact that she is getting 500k and tamera 3 million is pure discrimination. Let alone loni making more money than jeanie and adrienne. Like what? Loni was barely unknown as a comic on tv except for her time on Chelsea

  24. I don’t blame Tamera for leaving that “Racist Show”! They only respected Tam, because she is Half White! 😠

  25. Idk how I’m gonna watch it anymore honestly it’s always bugged me because Tamara is such a good hearted, strong, beautiful woman and she gets walked on a lot on that show, people cut her off and don’t let her speak and it drives me insane. She adds such a balance to the show and idk how it’s gonna survive without her. She brought so much love and compassion to that show that it needs and I’m so sad she’s leaving. 💔😢

  26. I believe that black women that is in the entertainment industry they’re waking up now and they are seeing that we are not getting paid what we are worth let’s go back and start at Monique she was the first person that started it with Netflix only wanting to give her five hundred thousand so I believe that we are waking up now

  27. The real reason Tamera left The Real, is because she is REAL!
    She is real with herself and she is real with her viewers.
    She said what she said about her reasoning (which she didn’t owe anyone btw), and that’s her being REAL!
    It’s like the Semisonic song lyrics say, “Every new beginning comes from some others beginnings end”.
    Just because her chapter with The Real ended, doesn’t mean it ended on a negative note.
    Cheers to Tamera 🥂 I applaud her for being REAL with herself, and knowing when its time to end a chapter.

  28. Tamera is a child star with much clout and college educated. I admire her for knowing when its time to move on and doing so with class. She is setting the example for her beautiful daughter to follow. Absolutely adore her. Kudos to Mrs. Housley ❤

  29. Haven’t watched it since tamar left. Definitely won’t be watching it now

  30. Tamera is a STAR in her own right and the show needed her, she didn’t need it. Now, Loni, Jeannie & Adrienne may NEED the show, it’s alright but not ALL THAT!!!

  31. First it was Tamar now Tamara! I lost interest… Tamar was funny with some flavor and Tamara is sweet and girl next door type. I’m sure some fans will still stay as they cast new people but I left after Tamar was gone. I’m sure people did not like her but I liked the group together.

  32. To be honest that shows is no longer interesting mainly for the last season or two. I wish it’s was Loni who was leaving.

  33. I’m recommending Mel B & Christina Milian. I consider Eva Marcelle too.

  34. After 7 years, Tamera is definitely worth more than 3M. I don’t blame her for leaving the Real cheap azzes… she deserves an increase… not a pay cut. Good luck Tamera in your future endeavors.

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