Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams jailed during Breonna protest

Porsha Williams thrown in jail/

Porsha Williams facing 3 charges. 

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LOUISVILLE — Reality TV star Porsha Williams had her pretty ass tossed in the slammer Tuesday night in Louisville, Kentucky during an outdoor demurral for Breonna Taylor, the black woman shot dead by police officers inside her humble abode. The protest transpired outside the residence of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron (a black man) who reportedly had Porsha apprehended. Rumor has it he got tired of negroes protesting on his lawn and called police. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” diva was fingerprinted before taking a mugshot at Louisville’s Metro Department of Corrections.

The 39-year-old damsel faces charges of felony intimidation of a participant in a legal process, disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. Porsha, who’s gravid, wasn’t the only one arrested. Dozens of “Black Lives Matter” demonstrators are facing charges, including “Love & Hip Hop” star Yandy Smith.

Houston Texans receiver Kenny Stills was also locked up.

Breonna, if you recall, was murdered inside her apartment two months ago when three plainclothes police officers kicked in her door and shot her 8 times. The cops were apparently after a street pharmacist accused of operating a drug-trafficking ring. No narcotics were found inside Breonna’s home.

Not even a blunt.

Turns out, she was killed for nothing.

The officers have yet to face charges, sparking protests nationwide.

Are you proud of Porsha, Yandy and Kenny?

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  1. Love me some porsha


    Porsha getting arrested but the real killers are walking free… Make it make sense…..!!

  3. Did she get arrested for fighting Dennis?

  4. Love Porsha, fight the power P!!

  5. Free Porsha! Free Yandy! Justice for Breonna Taylor!

  6. My prayers go out to all the people that on the front line of protesting for Black Lives Matter I am so glad To hear that protests are still going on I got so upset last night when a reporter asked trump what is he doing about police killing Black people and he made the comment they’re killing white people to did he tell white people that there was a virus in China coming over here amd going to kill up white people did he tell the white people that he had made the proper steps to protect the white people No he did not because of Trump you know what other countries are calling America a devil with money That’s why we must go and vote vote vote vote

  7. 2ChicksAndaMakeupKit

    Stand for something! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ much love and support to Porsha, Yandy and our everyday FREEDOM FIGHTERS out here on the frontlines daily…May the ancestors cover y’all with their protection.

  8. Claudette Edwards

    Not a Porsha fan, but nuff respect to her for standing up for whats right. I hope her motives are pure.

  9. She will be ok she is fighting for a good cause, I’m sure she wasn’t out of line causing her to be arrested so she will be fine and I’m sure they won’t stop her from continuing the good fight. Go Porsha go and be safe 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  10. Carmelita Johnson

    FIGHT THE POWER SISTAH!!! The only real Sistah on RHOA. Be safe in these protest. 🙏🏽

  11. Porsha seems very uneducated and not very bright. She sounds like a 7 year old child when she speaks. She has always been my least favorite on RHOA.

  12. Vanessa Pettigrew

    Porsha is really following in her grandfather’s footsteps. I’m so proud of her! #Legacy

  13. God Bless our Girl❗❗❗❤ in the right place❗

  14. I respect Porsha for this!

  15. Soo proud of Porsha…Prayers up for her and the other ladies.

  16. Praying for you Porsha and friends 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  17. Enrique Herrera

    I admire and support you , Ms. Williams! Keep up the good fight.

  18. Patricia Harris

    Be Careful Porsha, you are Pregant!

  19. I always been team Porsha , I love her so much, Fight the Power Porsha.

  20. RIGHT ON PORSHA!👍🏽✊🏾👏🏽🙏🏾

  21. I stand with Porsha, Yandy and the others. #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter 👊🏿👊🏾👊🏽👊🏼👊🏻👊

  22. When will she b running for public office?

  23. Crystal Matthews

    It’s a shame she is arrested for protesting when they haven’t arrested Breonna T. murderers?!🤯😵😫🤔

  24. Keep fighting the good fight Porshia and Yandy.

  25. Nice of her to protest for justice for breonna Taylor,but not every black person killed unjustly by cops are going to get justice unfortunately & that’s jus how life is.

  26. Ridiculous!!!! For her to be acting like she hasn’t had a cushy life & privileged is sickening.

  27. Shamika Johnson-P.

    At least our sistas standing for what we believe, & it’s JUSTICE!!!!!!

  28. Attorney general prolly don’t want to upset his whyt girlfriend & her whyt family by arresting the 3 whyt officers.

  29. James for Safe Streets

    I just listened to Porsche Williams on MSNBC demanding justice for Breonna Taylor. Well, I agree Breonna Taylor was murdered and there should be justice for her. BUT WHERE IS THE JUSTICE FOR JESSICA DOTY WHITTAKER, the 24yo white woman murdered on the morning of July 5th by a group of black people only because she said “All Lives Matter.” Does Jessica’s life not matter?!! Jessica was shot and killed in front of her Hispanic fiancé, but there’s no coverage… And no I’m not a Trump supporter. I’m a very liberal Democrat.

  30. Italy Marilyn27

    She want attention soooo bad😑

  31. You need to be home with your daughter not protesting amid a pandemic placing ur child at risk

  32. So you were on his private property? Ok so you deserved to be arrested. You cant come onto people property and think they not going to do anything. I would have called the police too and I am black.

  33. BRAVO!!!👏👏👏 PORSCHA!!!👏👏👏

    P.S…..We have Never saw this side of her BEFORE…and it is just Breath Takenly…..POWERFUL!!!👏👏👏🙏❤

  34. Olio’s wOrld

    We went from Naive Porsha To Activist Porsha. I’m sure her grandfather is proud of her . Seeing her come this far inspires me to be better.

  35. Kate Nonkululeko

    As black people! Are we not allowed to breathe the air or walk this earth? Because I wear these 👮‍♂️🧔👩👩‍💼👨‍💼 are on a mission to wipe us out the face of the earth!!! Even in our respective African countries we are oppressed!!! What nonsense is this

  36. Lollitta Divine


  37. Laleasha Garvin

    Awwe Porsha has a beautiful mugshot!!!

  38. She was shot 8x.. that’s an assasination. OMG!

  39. I don’t like the Real Housewives of Atlanta but I love what Porsha Williams is doing because the police are terrorists


  41. 2ChicksAndaMakeupKit

    Stand for something! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ much love and support to Porsha, Yandy and our everyday FREEDOM FIGHTERS out here on the frontlines daily…May the ancestors cover y’all with their protection.

  42. Why has Breonna Taylors murderers not been charged yet but NONviolent americans protesting have?

  43. 😷 Damn shame a black guy had them all arrested! Maybe he should have a gate around his house?😬

  44. Porsha arrested and the cops who killed Breonna is still working as police officers!!! REALLY

  45. Right in time for the filming of Atlanta Housewives. Girl bye

  46. Imagine how different this would have turned out if Obama was still president the murderers would be arrested right now.

  47. Those dirt bag scum cops and evil possessed mayor had a plan to gentrify the community Breonnna Taylor lived in. There were a few black people who resided in that community. Their plan was to kill Breonnna Taylor and scare the remaining black residents out of the community. It’s purely evil and absolutely down right disgusting!

  48. Wow, I will humbly so I’m proud of Prosha and pissed at Bravo for portraying her for years as a air head, but since this 19 she’s been really been out here really riding. Yandy too. Thank you too these strong black women. Sorry if I didn’t acknowledge all because so many others. Men too.

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