Child Abuse Video: Evil nanny caught on ‘camera’ punching and kicking an infant

Abena Yeboah abused an infant/

Nefarious nanny abuses neonate.

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BRONX — Here’s another reason to remain skeptical of who watches your kids: Abena Yeboah, a 71-year-old nanny, had her black ass thrown in jail after she assaulted a 9-month-old infant who was under her care. The heinous act of child abuse transpired July 8th inside a New York City residence. It was also captured on video. Nanny cam footage shows Abena thwacking and kicking the wailing neonate several times in the cranium while changing his poopy diaper. Moments later, the nefarious hag picks up the baby by the arm and proceeds to oscillate him repeatedly before shoving a bottle down his esophagus.

The child’s mother can be heard whimpering in the background as she descried the pummeling.

The video was eventually turned over to law enforcement officials which culminated in Abena’s arrest. The Ghanaian assailant is charged with one count of Title IX child abuse. “During her time as a nanny for the family, she was observed on a nanny camera physically abusing the child by hitting, kicking, and yanking the child by the arm,” said Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella while announcing the arrest.

Abena faces up to 18 months in prison.

Thank God for nanny cams!

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. I already knew it was a black woman smh.

  2. ANGel🇵🇷👼😈🐺♊☯️🇺🇲

    Why da fuck would you let a Demon watch your kid….look at that face That’s a evil mfr.

  3. Instead of the dumb ass mom watching the live cam and crying….I can’t….She should have ran out the door & went home immediately to beat that bitch down. At least call your husband right away. Anything for likes I guess, even your own baby getting a beat down while you sit on your lazy ass.

  4. Leonard Stewart

    Boy i would have bathe that house in that bitches blood until she screamed and begged for her life then i would have took a bat and broke both of her arms.

  5. Iknowsomethangs

    Don’t think I can mentally handle watching this video…just fuck this Bitch up, and be done with it.😠

  6. That bitch don’t deserve to live.

  7. Nanny’s ass would be royally beat🤨

  8. Tf she just sitting there watchin the video for? After the first time I saw any abuse I’d be omw to that old bitch house

  9. Now that America has finally returned to the death penalty, put that raggedy bitch on the list. If you can’t find a reputable family member or agency to protect your children while you work, don’t have kids, m’kay?! Smfh

  10. Egg Plant Salad

    I won’t watch this shit. Just kill that fucking cunt….I’ll watch that!

  11. As a mother its somethings that law enforcement cannot handle nor resolve for me and this is one of them. That bitch wudve got her ass handed to her on site….that’s one reason why I only have 1 child bc if I cant stay home and be with my child until s/he gets old enough to go to school then Im not trying put my child in the care of no one other than my mother

  12. Nobody abuse more children than women. I’d really smoke her ass and that shit would be a cold case. Can’t even watch this shit. Society paint woman like they no threat when they really demons.

  13. @Queen B: I agree with you. Daycare is not a good place for kids. Full of germs and you never know how your child is being treated. I was so blessed to be able to stay home with mine and pick them up to and from school when they got older. Now they’re all grown except one who’s 14. I am so thankful I was able to stay home when they were young

  14. hood help is easy to find
    Shes trash and
    You get what you pay for

    That is a fvkn baby

    Good care cost$

    Warn these trash nannys

  15. Do ALL LIVES MATTER now???

  16. Poor little helpless baby just being slung around and pulled by the arm. 71 yrs old it’s a shame to not know how to be nurturing and kind she should know by now. Glad she was arrested but if I was the mother I would have had to get a piece of her action as my dad says. Smh horrible beast

  17. she needs to burn in hell

  18. Thatsriteitsmeimhere!

    Yeah I’m not watching it but I tell you one FACT the bitch would NOT make it to jail.. or home .

  19. Who leaves a child at that age with anyone other than a family member to watch. They are same as a newborn at that age.

  20. @totw41: Family do that shit too.

  21. That child was all quiet and watching tv after the first incident and then she goes extra hard…ppl like her deserve years in prison…she thrived off of that baby screaming and hollering..I hope they fucked up her old miserable ass in that cell for hours so she can thrive off her own screaming and hollering since she enjoyed it

  22. Mr stay in her wind pipe

    Bitch would have been a memory if that was my child

  23. My blood boils from the thought of this, I am definitely not watching😡😡😢

  24. RatchetPatrick

    Hope she gets the virus and dies

  25. See this couldn’t be my baby, I am crying, I can’t watch. I really don’t think I could restrain myself. That woman would have been beaten to an inch of her life and I know two wrongs don’t make a right. I just can’t with child abuse. This is beyond outrageous. The very definition of evil. Glad the mother caught this mentally ill person before it was even more tragic.

  26. bish if u dont go home & get yo baby!

  27. Put her azz in jail. She is lucky the parents called police instead of beating her butt. I have zero sympathy for a person that will abuse children.

  28. Joe Biden just found his running mate!

  29. Nikki Nightingale

    That baby’s screams are still in my head. I shouldn’t have watched this.

  30. I would have slapped that bitch and then had her ass arrested.

  31. That old bitty, would of got cancelled in my house.

  32. Why is she sitting there watching and crying?!?!? I would’ve flew home so fast and killed that lady! People need to toughen up and fight for their kids! I’m a mother of 2 and AINT no way in hell I’ll be watching my baby get beat and talking about oh she is a good lady. People…. WAKE UP!!!!

  33. I can’t watch, otherwise I’ll be on my way to NYC tryna hunt her azz down my damn self. If I were that baby’s mother, I wouldn’t be able to trust anyone with my baby ever again.

  34. The_hoes_force_is_strong

    I can’t watch it but someone come kill her. We don’t need people like this walking the earth.

  35. Sweet & Soure 💋😡

    Oh my lord this is why I completely refuse to have anymore kids cause you can’t trust anyone in this devil world. People are so jealous of families and babies. I saw the evil in Jamaicans with my one child and I could never go back to that kind of worrying ever again😰😓😓😓😓

  36. I heard that in Africa anybody can hit a kid if they are being bad even your next door neighbor. That’s just so sad

  37. Omg😥🤧😔😔🙏😭pray for that child damn

  38. Aujanae Benjamin

    i literally hope that lady goes to hell, that poor baby.. i cried so hard💔

  39. My mother treat us like this everyday for years.. She didn’t stop until physical abuse was not possible because we grow big but verbal abuse never stopped. Now me and all my siblings (10 of us) hate her guts and want her dead. She’s lonely, hated and isolated. I don’t live near her but I’m afraid some of my siblings will lose it one day and kill her… Not that I care for the beast but I don’t want one my siblings to go to jail or worse for a bos like her

  40. Omg that poor just hurts to watch this💔

  41. GO TO HELL!!!


  43. She should go to jail than hell



    all lives matter

  45. Colleen Bonamico

    Having been a nanny….Parents:install cameras everywhere, in every room of the house,DO NOT let ANYONE take your child out of your home EVER!!! GET A dog!! Dogs sense when a person is “not right”and they will protect your infant.
    Background checks are BS!!!….IF No one in your town(OR THEIRS) PERSONALLY knows them by name and reputation ….DO NOT HIRE THEM!!!
    Don’t trust that just because they are “RN’s that they won’t abuse your child”….they would working in a hospital making the big bucks(there is reason they’re not working in the medical field anymore).

  46. Mysterious Person

    Fuck you nanny

  47. I’d kill this bitch.

  48. The Great animations

    I did not cry watching this

    Am I a psychopath?

  49. He is fine.

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