Rap Video: Snoop Dogg “begs” wife for forgiveness after bangin’ Celina Powell

Snoop regrets affair with Celina Powell/Instagram

Snoop apologizes following ‘affair.’ 

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LOS ANGELES — Just weeks after Celina Powell (aka the Black Widow) told the world he f*cked her ‘doggystyle,’ Snoop Dogg apologized to his wife of 23 years — Shante Broadus — on Problem’s new rap song titled “Don’t Be Mad At Me” — a remix featuring Snoop and Freddie Gibbs. In the track, the Dogfather seeks absolution for “f*ckin’ with a lame b*tch” while vowing to never cheat again. “I’m tired of sayin’ sorry for the same sh*t. Damn near lost my queen, f*ckin’ round with that lame bitch,” Snoop raps.

“Ashamed of myself ’cause I shamed you. Good or bad, right or wrong, we always bang through. The BS or we went out the ES. You wanna buy the mall, I’ma let her, no PS. Cars, purses, diamonds, VS. Real ghetto love, two steppin’ at the GS.”

Not sure what the f*ck that means.

But, I guess it’s Snoop’s way of apologizing.

Celina, if you recall, disseminated a tweet a while back claiming she and Snoop “f*cked to his gospel album.” The 25-year-old Instagram model also accused the 48-year-old rapper of snorting cocaine off her embonpoint. Let’s just hope Snoop wore a condom and eschewed eating her p*ssy.

Nevertheless… Tekashi 6ix9ine taunted Snoop’s entanglement, causing a social media war.

Snoop and Shante got hitched in 1997.

Is the marriage worth saving?

Should Shante forgive that n*gga?

Listen to the new track.

Share your thoughts.



  2. Wayne HodgesJustACE Hunt

    Snoop said let me apologize for cheating on ya 😂😂😂😂🙄

  3. snoop pussy whipped

  4. Jonny Knoxville

    This dude is LAAAAAME as fuck bro

  5. She don’t give 1 single fuck! She’s okay with it so no need to apologize.

  6. Mrs. Snoop go to court take half and get away from this nut job.

  7. Uncle Snoopy’s side piece is straight nasty, c’mon Unc 😂😂😂

  8. …nah nigga – she was your pnc dont call her a lame bitch now that you got caught.

  9. Snoop, you’re still making teenage apology rhymes in class. Grow the fuck up, old man.

  10. 😂😂😂😂😂 tio Snoop Dogg 💪💪💪

  11. Says the low life adulterer!

  12. Just saw Nick Cannon apologise. Black people are hopeless and hapless without white zaddy.

  13. Would she be satisfied if Snoop give her that shit! Condoms break

  14. These rappin ass old men are the only ones embarrassing their spouses. GTFOH! She supposed to groove to that bullshit?! Nigga keep ya sick stick in ya pants and save those lame ass rhymes. Just doin more damage singing and shit!

  15. HoneyNutCheerios

    Come on now! When has snoop EVER been faithful? 🤔🤨

  16. Iknowsomethangs

    THAT’S an apology?!!!! She should shoot his simple ass😐

  17. Shante is cute. I never understood why she stayed with that chump

  18. He should also apologize to his daughter for continuing to reinforce the idea that dark skin isn’t good enough.

  19. He should have apologized without degrading the woman he risked his marriage for. You probably should’ve treated her nicer, then she wouldn’t have blown up your spot.

  20. She don’t give a fuck! She cashing them checks! 🤣

  21. When you got money women know what time it is . They behave differently same as if a woman had money the man will behave differently. That’s why the rich don’t give a fuck about a bitch keep it moving I’ll throw you 300 thousand go fuck my brother. She will do it for that cash. Especially if she’s white they sooooo easy if you married to a white women kill your self that white bitch fuckin all over you they the easiest weakest women to fuck period. I can’t make this shit up. Why you think all those athlete celebrity brothers got those white women everybody fucking him.

  22. Plenty of people with out money still stay with cheaters, not sure why people are saying its just because he has money.

  23. It is amazing how CORONAVIRUS is showing what entanglement is as shown by Will & Jada Smith and what being in an unequally yolked relationship means. When you a child, you act as a child. When you become an adult, you are suppose to put those childish things away.

  24. Snoop smashed her to a gospel album? What’s up with that? Am I the only one that caught that part of the story? What kinda person does something like that? You in between the legs of a wh0re, and you want to play gospel music…I know that wasnt her idea. Snoop a sick dude

  25. Mz.NotupinurDM

    Mane GTFOH with your bitch azz! You a pussy ass nigga living in the 1980 calling female bitches.. 🎶 First thing first I mami freaks all the 👀 wym I hate an ignorant black mane and yo slow ass wife fall for this bs that bitch deserves you too. I will LEAVE a mf quicker than a McDonald drive thru. Cheat hoe!!! FIRST TIME shame on BOTH of us. It’s a wrap. I wouldnt fuck you with my cat’s pussy let lone mine. Fuck you snoop dog, pussy dog or whatever yo slow minded ass is. Ladies if you stay with a nigga after he cheats you deserves to be fuck on and let me know where that nigga at I got you 😉

  26. He should apologize to his wife for being a piece of shit and ruining his son’s life.

  27. I am not saying you should cheat on your wife, but if you do, do not do it with a ugly bitch. That bitch snoop fucked was ugly with 99 cent store plastic surgery FACT.

  28. Monogamy is unnatural for a man. That’s why so many cheat. They simply gave in to their natural urges to have sex with a woman he deems attractive 🤷🏾‍♂️

  29. Arunmozhivarman Viswanathan

    ES VS GS PS Bang on Snoop Doggggg 👌🔥

  30. Snoop You are the lame anti black woman side bitch! I hope your wife takes you for all you got!
    Notice how much smoke this coon has for black women publicly and how his white side hoe can dragg his ass on the daily with no response FOH Snoop you and Martha can kiss my ass!

  31. Why do some rappers think a song is the equivalent of a person to person, heartfelt apology?! That’s the equivalent of posting an apology on FB. Social media has made us socially awkward….including from couples that SHOULD know better.

  32. Not the biggest fan of this beat but bars is nice. Freddie Gibbs still laying down gems 💎

  33. Snoop keep dat og flow this shit dope

  34. This shit go hard🔥🔥🔥💯

  35. man keep that personal mess in your own home. he11 i forgot you was married.
    Really dont care if you cheat on her 72 times.

  36. Fuck no take that lame ass string bean nigga to the muh fuggin cleaners. Get the lawyer Juanita Jordan used. Fuck these cheating azz niggas.

  37. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  38. I feel sorry for snoops wife, nigga been disrespeting her

  39. warms my heart to see snoop dogg beggin like a lil bitch

  40. Snoop dogg is doing lines of cocaine off me lol 😂 rotfl bro smashed without a rubber gross lol she said the weirdness vibes or whatever lol snoop must be one weird as dude in real life with women lol

  41. Shit you know I’m bored!! I ended up here 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  42. The wifey needs to get checked…never know what’s out there….💜

  43. Who gives a fuck what snoop is doing Selina just want the clout n fame

  44. Let's Be Real Here!!

    Snoop know he stuck his🍆in that dumpster and his kept wife know it to. Instead of Shaunte flashing wedding rings and calling people h03s. What she should have done was post herself spending that ni&&@s coint💅.

  45. Celina Powell is crazy as fuck

  46. Snoop. What is you dOINNNNNGGGG?!?

  47. Snoop Dog is not leaving his wife, woman giving up free pussy, thinking this man is going to leave his wife.

  48. Smh Snoop Dogg playing games.. Dude can’t keep the faith, too much licking coke outta arsehole.

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