Robot Video: Japanese engineers release footage of their gigantic 60-foot android

Gundam robot Yokohama almost done/

Engineers test gigantic android. 

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JAPAN — Move over Godzillla! Here comes Gundam robot Yokohama! Japanese engineers with Gundam Factory Yokohama set the internet ablaze the other day when they released video of a gigantic, headless, 60-foot android taking his first steps on a damn skyscraper. The robotic humanoid is modeled after automatons in the “Gundam” science fiction franchise. Raw footage shows Yokohama raising his right leg before stepping forward without applying any pressure on the limb.

The android is fully anatomical.

But his head’s detached and remains under construction.

Once he’s fully assembled, Yokohama will weigh 25 tons coupled with 24 degrees of freedom which means he’ll have the ability to saunter anywhere he damn well pleases. Also, he won’t have trouble picking anything up because his hands stretch nearly 7 feet with a width of more than 5 feet.

Will Japanese officials use Yokohama for military purposes?

Should the United States and other countries feel threatened?

Watch the jaw-dropping video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. I want a gundam

  2. Suspended Animation


  3. 2030: man builds robot godzilla 😂😂

  4. The Official BETA

    Imagine playing dodgeball with this

  5. Samzilla Buddy

    @23v23 NBA: I want to make MegaGodzilla and fight you

  6. Well if the life size gundam takes its first step I will say it’s awsome well shit the world,is screwd now first the virus next a gundam moves

  7. If Japan got attacked by a gaiju that gundam will come to life

  8. Very cool!!! Thanks for This vídeo!

  9. Wow just wow .

  10. Dennis Soppitt

    Just awesome how far Gundam has come!

  11. I’ll be piloting one 😍

  12. Rodrigo Castro

    Wow amazing majestic i love these gundam !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Man those Japanese kids will have the best childhood.

  14. Cyrus Salvador

    in the future japan made a gundam army

  15. Dear GOD YEEEESS

  16. Gundam is better than transformers

  17. Christian Alboroto

    Holy smokes that is so cool. I’d kill just to see that in person.

  18. An intimidation from Japan so they wouldn’t get bombed for the third time

  19. Dang that is so awesome. It would be really cool to see one here in the US 😉

  20. If I was a billionaire I’d be building my own fully functioning mobile suit…

  21. JBatute JBatute

    This is the reason China doesn’t fukk with them.

  22. Now they should make the Devil Gundam (Dark Gundam)

  23. If Japan ever invade my country with real life gundam I would literally be jumping in joy and welcome my new overlord with open arms

  24. If I ever do get to go to Japan this will definitely be my first visit.

  25. Accord2002 Honda

    Everybody gangsta until Japan pulls out a giant robot with nuclear weapons and destroys numerous cities.

  26. Give them a few years more and they will have these in military service. Everyone focused on China and Russia.. meanwhile Japan is killing it with the gundam tech..

  27. Captain Knuckles

    great move from JAPAN! dreams are turning into reality! wow

  28. Danslan Devies

    Imagine if military use this

  29. space defense systems are created
    usa-creates warships.
    russia-creates warships.
    korea-creates warships.
    japan-moving gundams with missile guiding systems, jetpacks, and laser swords.

  30. Japan, your greatness is much overlooked.

  31. Thomas Juniardi

    Japan secret weapon is massive 🥺

  32. Stimulus Package

    U.S. officials just shit their pants… Lol

  33. Why?! Such a huge waste of money… It’s not even mobile… It’s on a gantry. It couldn’t walk even if the actuators were fast enough. The joints don’t allow enough degrees of freedom. “A fool and their money is easily separated”.

  34. This bring back childhood memories. I remembered watching “Voltes 5” and “Daimos” both featuring huge robots. But I think “Gundam Wing” was the first anime that introduced the Gundam during the 90’s and they keep coming.


    WW3 gonna be lit

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