Browns receiver Odell Beckham spotted partying at gay soirée in Hollywood Hills

Beckham sparks gay rumors/

Odell Beckham attends gay party.

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HOLLYWOOD — Word on the street claims Cleveland Browns star Odell Beckham Jr. is homosexual and he’s done nothing to dispel the scuttlebutt. As a matter of fact, you could make a strong argument he’s ready to egress the closet. The 27-year-old receiver was spotted at the Black Gay Party in Hollywood Hills last weekend, a VIP soirée saturated with a fraternity of kinky men who are either gay or bisexual. There’s certainly no shame in Odell’s game. The eccentric veteran posed for photos then allowed them to be disseminated online.

One of the pictures shows a half-naked Odell soaking in a jacuzzi with several hirsute dudes.

Rumors of the Pro Bowler being full-blown Liberace gay ran rampant in 2015 when, as a wideout for the New York Giants, several members of the Carolina Panthers questioned Odell’s masculinity during a game. “F*ck him. He’s a b*tch,” said Panthers cornerback Josh Norman. “You going to get out here, and you’re going to dance around and prance around like you’re a ballerina, that goes to show you.”

Cortland Finnegan, Josh’s teammate, echoed a similar homophobic sentiment.

“He may have something in his blood,” he explained.

“Maybe it’s female-related.”

Several Panthers were also heard calling Odell a “faggot” on the gridiron.

Then, earlier this year, Odell was caught on video slapping the derrière of a police officer in the locker room following Louisiana State’s victory over Clemson University in the national championship game. Odell, a prominent alumnus of LSU, appears to ogle the cop’s booty during the spanking.

Do you think Odell is gay?

Is everything being blown out of proportion?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Fuck these faggots. Blacks4Trump2020

  2. he kinda gave himself away when he got beat up by the kicking net

  3. Black Republican


  4. Does it matter if he’s gay or bi? As long as he is winning games its no one’s business.

  5. Adrenne Robinson


  6. Julie Silvermen

    Let that man live his life.


  8. We ALL know he’s gay, ain’t nothing bi- about OBJ except his hair color!!!!! Let this man come out the closet!!! Please!!!

  9. marshawn-lynch-a- cracker

    He’s gay. End of story

  10. You not gay bc you at a gay party, you are supporting a gay person maybe at there party. He not that fly without gay people so it’s cool for him to make a appearance being appreciative outside himself.

  11. Some black guy in the comments will somehow blame this on black women

  12. Not gay

  13. not gay

  14. That nigga gay

  15. Gay as fuk lolol

  16. This bwoy sweeter than the koolaid at the cookout

  17. Stop y’all shit ,that doesn’t me he’s gay Dam smdh

  18. GAY!!!! 🌈

  19. Men act gay but that dont mean they gay

  20. Blessing in disguise

    He just feels comfortable in his own skin…real nigga.

  21. Miguel Amougou

    Nooooooooooot Gaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy

  22. Okay Okay so he’s gay!!! Wooo Weee now can we move on?????? or do we have to get a blow by blow of every suspected gay event and movement he does till the cows come home.

  23. Gays/[email protected]/Queer/
    Pedophiles/TRANNYS are extremely Dangerous to society especially when they are bi-sexual which means speading their illnesses, viruses and diseases throughout any of the population. !!!
    Also the hastag allblacklivesmatter is used by gays/Pedophiles as their code ! Third, at a Gay/Pedophile party with no mask and likely no Condoms !!!

    AIDS & Clymidia, HERPES & Coronavirus.

  24. I mean…..hell….the reason he was there is because he’s gay. You don’t have to “come out” to know that one.

  25. With all the shit going on on earth… concerning yourself with who another man might be fucking or not seems like an enormous waste of time, weird AF, and Gay AF

  26. Straight men that think he’s not gay are in denial because they don’t want to admit that their favorite football player is gay. And they don’t wanna admit it because they are on the DL too.

  27. Why niggas wanna know if ah notha nigga gay

  28. Maurice Robinson


  29. Kiden Williamson

    Not gay just has gay tendencies 😂

  30. He Is Gay, and So Is A Lot Of Other NFL Players and Other Sports Athletes Players, All Of That Is A Part Of The Rituals That Those Sports Athletes Players Does Have To Do When They Souls Are Sold To The Devil Satan Willingly and Even If Not Willingly, and They Are A Part Of The Brotherhoods Of The Illuminati, Free Mason, Skull N’ Bones, Jesuit and Occult.

  31. Thou shalt not smack the ass of the police

  32. That nigga gay

  33. That’s gay of obj but he’s still a good football player

  34. As a woman. Saw him running for two seconds. I quietly said in my mind. GGGGAAAAYYYYYY!

  35. Ken: The Internet Boy

    Not gay! He is fucking around. You can tell who is and who isnt.

  36. Morning-After Pill

    I bet his breath smells like a man’s ass

  37. Y’all are fucking stupid and homophobic as fuck, gtfoh

  38. Damion Williams

    Gay and a cry baby

  39. One thing for sure, he is soft as fuck. But yes, I think he’s attracted to guys because he is always taking selfies and dancing around some other dude. I’m sure he wants kids because he likes them, so in that sense he may be bisexual. But he has a very FLUID sexual demeanor about himself. Maybe he has a “I don’t care” fair whether type of personality, but it’s very “suspect.” A lot of gay niggas disguise their homosexuality through silly antics and goofing around. It’s one of the best “covers.” It allows people to perceive you as a “high energy, love to be happy, love to be around, all-around goofy and silly” person, and you very well might be that kind of person, but why would a guy like OBJ want to keep his sex life so secret? I mean, who is he dating? Why doesn’t he have kids? He’s young, attractive and apparently a “fun guy”…what’s the problem? Personally speaking though, his antics would get on my fucking nerves after about a week of being on his team. We suck as a team but you’re constantly dancing and twerking and dabbing and booty-tooting and crawling all over niggas with your shirt off, and all up in our faces trying to make us laugh and smile…SIT YOUR HUMPTY-DUMPTY Spaghetti-String haired ass down somewhere dude. Go get laid and stop trying to entertain us fellas – go dance for your girl homie…lmao. Looking at niggas asses and acting out the theme song to “fresh prince of bel air”…PLAY SOME DAMN BALL and WIN THESE GAMES. You all over social media dancing with niggas…dance your ass into the end zone OBJ! lol


    He not gay his boyfriend is.

  41. He’s gay!! I knew it!!!!!!! 😂😂😂🍆🤺

  42. Derrick Vineyard

    He’s gotten gayer. lol

  43. Brandon Knudson


  44. Christian Pate

    Some people do or say gay things but that doesn’t mean their gay SIMPLE

  45. the dude is not gay y do people think that Odell Beckham jr is gay i mean he at looking at people butt and y do he come out of the hot tub singing sexaul heeling and walk like a girl omg Odell turned​ me gay

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