Die Hart: Kevin is sick & tired of being a “sidekick,” ready to become action star

Kevin Hart plays himself in Die Hart/Quibi

Kevin Hart still seeking ‘action.’

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LOS ANGELES — Because of his diminutive stature and waggish dramatis personae, Kevin Hart is usually dwarfed into one-liner, ‘sidekick’ roles when acting alongside industry macho men like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Jumanji) and, ahem, Ice Cube (Ride Along). Not to mention Tiffany Haddish beat his ass in the 2018 film “Night School.” But the 41-year-old comedian believes his new Quibi series “Die Hart” will convince people to take his black ass more seriously as an action hero. To be candid, Lil Kev is sick and tired of being somebody’s bitch. He’s ready to flip the script. “I think it’s definitely a problem in Hollywood,” Kevin vented during a recent chinwag with senior correspondent Kevin Polowy of Yahoo Entertainment.

“The people, ultimately you want to give them what they want. For me, it’s a piece of me like you’ve never seen, and just showing that I’m more than capable of doing certain things.”

In “Die Hart”, Kevin portrays a humorist who’s pigeonholed into playing slapstick, comic relief characters while his sinewy counterparts land high-profile gigs as lead action stars. So he’s basically playing himself. Kevin, who stands 5’4″, is joined by co-star Nathalie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones, Fast and Furious).

Call him propitious.

But Kevin swears the “Die Hart” nexus will augment his cinematic credits, glass ceilings be damned.

“Die Hart was my first step into the space of real action, which is why I deliver at the level that I do,” he explained. “But, of course, I can’t take the credit. You need amazing co-stars, and people that can help set you up. And Nathalie does a good job of matching the energy that I gave.”

John Travolta, 66, is also in the series to show Kevin the ropes.

But he’s doing it with a heavy heart.

Travolta’s wife, actress Kelly Preston, died July 12th following a 2-year battle with breast cancer.

“Die Hart” is now streaming on Quibi.

Watch the trailer.

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  1. Quibi hasn’t filed for bankruptcy yet?

  2. Why is it still okay to make fun of short people, considering any form of shaming is so politically incorrect these days. You can’t say anything negative about overweight people, even though weight is something you can change, unlike your height. You would never see a tv show or movie these days that would make fun of anyone’s weight, gender etc., but you hear jokes about someone’s height all the time. Not exactly funny for shorter people.

  3. Kanye West would be a better action hero…

  4. Is it me or is Kevin Hart’s recent work not as good nowadays, maybe I’m just getting older? Idk

  5. I’m sorry. It’s this guy actually complaining. About ANYTHING?!?! Shut. The. Eff. Up. NOBODY feels sorry for you.


  7. Wait, what the hell is Quibi?

  8. Cringe, start to finish.

  9. Looks dumb as hell!

  10. Popcorned Planet

    They should just sell this to Netflix – Quibi sucks, i don’t want to watch movies 7 minutes at a time.

  11. What is quibi?

  12. Stilll has to have a white man show them the ropes. A famous white man. To get white people to watch it.

  13. Damm my dude John Travolta went from Godfather level acting in Gotti to this? What a waist of talent

  14. Kevin has a certain niche as an actor. He’s small and funny. He should roll with that since that made his life beyond wonderful in fame and the bank. Why do people that have so much, complain so much over petty things

  15. Travolta ❤️❤️❤️

  16. It’s a damn shame it’s on Quibi, ain’t nobody gonna see it

  17. Kevin plays the same part in every movie… I will redbox this

  18. Poor guy, i hope he recovers from being a multi millionaire.

  19. omg. This guy is really full of sour grapes. U want some worms with that attitude as well!

  20. Like a Black Gilligan, Hart is and always will be typecast as the silly side kick….for a reason. He does it well. I doubt he really has anything to complain about. Remember Jim Carey trying serious movies? Nope, exactly !!
    Simple Fact !!

  21. Kevin, you don’t get to be the action star for the same reason Wallace Shawn didn’t get to be Thor. It just doesn’t fit. The sudden jumps to the super high pitched clown voice, the need to always digress to the 2nd grade and talk about poo or flatulence, “comic relief ‘sidekick’ status” YES, that is exactly where you belong.

  22. Am I the only one who doesn’t find Kevin funny? Ever since he started I just feel like eh with him, and i don’t even feel like any hate or dislike towards him at all I just don’t find him funny

  23. Lol! Action hero? Lol. That’s a good one. This idiot is lucky he has a career as he has sh-t the bed PR-wise so many times it’s breathtaking he even has a small career left.

  24. Hart acts the same exact way in every movie he’s in. If you’ve seen one of his movies, you’ve seen them all.

  25. Know your role, Kevin. Know your role.

  26. 1998: “Die Hard”
    1990: “Die Hard 2”
    1995: “Die Hard with a Vengeance”
    2007: “Live Free or Die Hard”
    2013: “A Good Day to Die Hard”
    2020: “Die Hart”
    Wait where’d the T come from?

  27. Lester Diamond

    Strange he never had problem cashing the checks …

  28. He’s not even particularly good at comedy. What makes him think he can do action?

  29. Then Kevin, go get a real job you tiny little girl. At 5’2″ he will not be cast as a superhero. Go work at Chuck E Cheese as the dancing mouse.

  30. It’s probably more to do with being 3’ tall.

  31. Dear Kevin, you have minimal talent. Thank the good lord that you have people that will pay money to see your “comedy”. Your stand up act is just you telling stories, and not particularly funny or interesting ones. Your “acting” is pretty much just you mugging for the camera and saying things like “hey, I’m funny” or “look everyone I’m going to fall down and it’ll be funny.”

    I won’t go into the disrespect you’ve shown your wife and other S.O.s over time, but you aren’t a nice person if those stories are true.

  32. Let me guess another Kevin Hart film where he makes fun of his own height

  33. As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse…..

  34. Effin A. Cotton

    Hart is definitely best as the “sidekick” but at least he know his role (like The Rock says) and embraces it 👍

  35. Necessary Evil

    This looks awful. Good thing it’s free.

  36. wow, this is a new low for everyone involved…too bad nobody is going to watch this

  37. This guys still around? He’s like the modern day Pauly Shore, one trick poney with his loud short guy act.

  38. Poor John Travolta, lost his wife Kelly Preston. RIP

  39. Don’t really care to watch this Kevin pretty much acts the same in every movie it’s kinda gettin annoying any more just the same old shit from him

  40. This just looks like get hard 2

  41. keepitpoppinman


  42. So this is an actual parody of Kevin Hart played by Kevin Hart? This man’s talent knows no bounds!

  43. This N-Word’s ego is getting way too out of hand with all that money they gave him. They should have never gave that N-Word money!!

  44. Travolta is baaaaack……i love him so much!

  45. Looks funny, and Nathalie Emmanuel… ugh. Nathalie Emmanuel….

  46. Carlton Menzies

    😂😂😂😂😂 I actually thought this was was gonna be an action movie. 😂😂😂😂

  47. Lights Camera Action

  48. It’s amazing please check it out😊😊

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