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Ice Cube mapping success for blacks.

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HOLLYWOOD — “Friday” actor Ice Cube believes Hollywood owes black filmmakers a tranche of mazuma in the “form of reparations” for subjugating negro artists for decades while purloining African American culture to benefit avaricious white folks. The “Big 3” proprietor spoke his mind Wednesday morning during a virtual chinwag with Angela Yee of ‘The Breakfast Club.’ Ice Cube, 51, called out a trio of gigantic studios — namely MGM, Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures — to come out the pocket. In other words, they better check themselves before they wrickity-wreck themselves.

“Virtually all the studios that contributed in our narrative, in our pain, in our misrepresentation, and stealing our history and giving it to white people for over 100 years,” he vented.

“I think these studios that we know and love should kick in to a studio that’s run by black people with no outside influences and whose movies and projects are owned by those black people, those black artists and directors and writers and people who put the project together should own the projects. I just think it’s a form of reparations from the entertainment industry if they all had to invest a certain amount of money into the studio each year as payment for all the damage they’ve done to black people.”

Ice Cube’s diatribe can be attributed to his political endeavor titled “Contract with Black America” — an indenture that underscores police brutality and systemic oppression against negroes. Once it’s completed, the N.W.A. alum will proffer the document to presidential candidates for implementation.

If it were up to Ice Cube, more than 13 percent of Hollywood profits would be funneled towards black entertainers to mirror the U.S. population. When asked if he feels liberated despite concocting a multifaceted career coupled with South Central affluence, Ice Cube didn’t bite his tongue.

“No way I feel free in America because I’m connected to our people, you know,” he explained.

“So I actually feel the pain.”

Ice Cube believes police officers should reside within the communities they serve.

He’s also made anti-Semitic comments in the past.

Do you agree with Ice Cube’s vision?

Should African Americans garner reparations?

Watch Ice Cube’s interview.

Share your thoughts.


  1. We need leaders like Cube in every community

  2. Chef Caliboy-ie

    If anybody should run for president, it should be Cube

  3. Kamaru Broke Colby Covingtons Jaw

    Heres an idea, how about STOP supporting Democrat candidates and create a SUPERPAC. Money controls politics. If you warn candidates that if they DONT support your ideas for legislation(police reform, judicial reform, grants for Black business owners) then you will NOT support their campaign to become president, governor, etc.

  4. None of these changes will ever truly come about until the black community either raises up or purchases our own politician. Waiting for someone to come fight for us will be an endless wait.

  5. Cube, what happened to fuck the police?

  6. Ice Cube owes white people reparations for every criminal that was inspired by his music.

  7. Nothing like a bunch of millionaires whining about shit

  8. Ice Cube for President

  9. bloodrunsclear

    ‘and we know you’ve been making money off of our pain’
    Netflix, Hollywood, the democratic party…

  10. ‘Rapper turned sucker actor gets preachy’

  11. I get what ice cube is saying about the cops living in the community so they care about it but the reason they don’t want the cops living in the community has to do with corruption and they feel it will be to personal on both sides.

  12. ProwLnCougar Pruitt

    Cube is that Dude! 🙌🏾💯 standing in the trenches for change!

  13. When Black people start getting successful, they run directly to whitey for recognition. Until we can silently come together and keep white people out of it (like the Jews and Asians) INCLUDING who we date/marry, we’ll always struggle. We need better black male leaders and the women will follow suit.

  14. How do we get behind this contract?

  15. Forget Kanye, Cube run for President!!!

  16. Yaaay EEE yaay eeeeee!

  17. Waffle House Worker

    Ice Cube and NWA said “fuck the police” now he’s talking police reform. Hypocrite. Smh

  18. Black men had to lay on hot streets in 100 f degree weather to be searched by police long before NWA but when they came out I identified especially when I was homeless them entered into college that was my era. Respect ICE 🧊 plan sounds outstanding

  19. Karletta Kelly

    Love u Cube!

  20. I’ve had a crush on this man for over 20 years, his mind, his spirit…LOVE!

  21. All lives matter

  22. Sounds like Ice got an self agenda

  23. We need OUR OWN SYSTEM, they will kill you before they let you RECONSTRUCT THEIR SYSTEM🤦🏽‍♂️ You can’t reconstruct what is already dead✌🏾

  24. Reginald Morton

    Would Bill Gates and White Americans allow Brad Pitt to negotiate the future of all white American wealth? No, they would trust professionals. Neither should black folks.

  25. Rich people like trump can’t understand poverty and the things that need to change for the sake of our country

  26. Been real since day 1 💯

  27. The couple that could

    I see no lies here 👏🏾

  28. Tamara Hickman

    REPARATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!$62 QUADRILLION PROTECT AND SERVE OUR FUTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWAKE!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Cop should be able to live where they want. Their should be a cultural connection with the people or at least a healthy respect for that community. Their should be a required community service or volunteer work ro be allowed to work in that area.

  30. I respect his mission and being compelled to speak out and up for equality….unfortunately many greats have gone down this path in different ways of course but its a losing battle. They have created the house/ system that is rigged in their favor and for them to give up ground would be next to death for them. Think about it. What demographic is more likely to kill themselves in los Vegas after gambling away their wealth? They not letting someone redecorate and move around furniture in the house they created for themselves. Who can compete with 400 plus years of wealth building vs a race starting from scratch.

  31. Supernintendomaster

    hes dreaming, hollyweird is dying. all these delusional people trying to keep the old system alive. for a guy thats been in hollyweird for as long as he has been he should see the writing on the wall. he wants a deal that no one gets.

  32. You can’t say to Black American’s to start now. When the slave master has had over a 400 year head start. # Reparations For Black American’s. America has been good to all that have come here illegal and legal. But for those who built this. For those who’s blood, sweat, bones, and tears are in the soil of this country. It’s been a nightmare. #Reparations

  33. antione martin

    Systematic white supremacy runs the police force

  34. charles taylor

    Shouts out to Cube, he is doing more than his part ! He is being a strong steadfast part of the Black community! God bless his efforts along with others and shall it persevere and be prosperous in its endeavors!

  35. I was never NWA fan. I was in love with Sista Souljah though. I have respected Ice Cube since the work I heard him do on Her album.

  36. Lauram71 Miller

    Got Much Luv And Respect For ice Cube because He Keeps it 100

  37. Ice Cube claiming he “didn’t say shit” is so disingenuous, he made claims that the Star of David was a sign of Jewish global control, made references to “black cubes” as part of a Jewish conspiracy, and more. So no it isn’t people mixing up antisemitic comments, he very clearly made them himself and wants to gaslight those calling him on it. I’m not for canceling people, Ice Cube included, but if he doesn’t actually admit to what he said, those who give Ice Cube a pass are only furthering racism and bigotry in this country, we all have to hold members of our own community accountable when they discriminate against others. Much respect to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Charles Barkley in that regard. Breakfast club basically gave him a pass on the comments in a way they never would if the interviewee had targeted black america, and its disappointing to see them failing to practice what they preach.

  38. We need programs in the community. Recreation centers are needed. Give the young folks something to do.


  40. Ice cube for President “2024”. New Party, THE PEOPLE’S PARTY. Have to educate yourself on all aspect of National & International politics. Kanye is the start, we need to keep the fire going🔥🔥🔥😎

  41. Ice cube looking like the guy who asks for a dollar outside walmart

  42. Successful people asking for reparations…imagine that.

  43. Ice Cube is always on point, one of my favorite artist.

  44. Ironic that antisemites like ICE Cube demand to be viewed as individuals and not as a group but always use brush-stroke conspiracy theories against Jews. He doesn’t view Jews as individuals, it’s “they” to him. The fake-gangster coward can’t even own his beliefs he is been spilling for years.

  45. The Implacable Authoritarian

    Easy E, Ice Cube and the group that said ‘motha f*** the Police’!

  46. Just face it fam, we’ve been asleep while Asians especially have been getting the bag for their communities. What I’m hearing is that we keep denying our rights to put our children in private schools in our own communities with our own educators. What we know as segregation and racial discrimination has been coopted and successfully used to advance other races. It’s called “school vouchers!” We need to get out of our own way. Public school shootings and this pandemic are false flags by the government to revamp how we live and prosper TODAY!

  47. President Trump will stamp this contract

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