Legendary Boxing Bout: Iron Mike Tyson ‘scheduled’ to lock horns with Roy Jones

Mike Tyson will fight Roy Jones Jr/TMZ.com

Iron Mike Tyson returns to boxing.

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LOS ANGELES — Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks? After a 15-year hiatus, Iron Mike Tyson (50-6) is returning to the ring. “This is ludicrous!” The 54-year-old boxing legend is scheduled to lock horns with 51-year-old Roy Jones Jr. (66-9) on September 12th in an eight-round “Frontline Battle” exhibition at Dignity Health Sports Park and it’ll be sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission. Iron Mike made the announcement Thursday morning. If you think it’s a money grab, you can forget it. All proceeds are going to charity. The undercard will feature diminutive NBA retiree Nate Robinson, 36, versus YouTube sensation Jake Paul, 23, who said, “Make no mistake, on September 12th, Nate will meet the canvas early.”

If you recall, Iron Mike hasn’t fought since he got his ass kicked by Irish heavyweight Kevin McBride on June 11, 2005. But, in Iron Mike’s defense, he was addicted to crack cocaine at the time. When asked if he plans to take the bout seriously, the ear-biting champion replied: “Anybody who knows me, I don’t know how to [take my foot off the gas]. I just know one way of fighting and that’s just what it is.”

Roy echoed a similar sentiment, saying if the fight goes more than seven rounds Iron Mike is toast. “If he don’t kill [me] quick, he’s got problems on his hands,” Roy warned. “If he don’t get it quick, his ass belongs to me. I know what it feels [like] to go eight rounds… y’all must’ve forgot…”

Um, Roy… of course we forgot.

You haven’t boxed since Moses parted the Red Sea.

Nevertheless, the fight will be available on Pay-Per-View.

Are you excited?

Who’s gonna win?

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  1. Mike Tyson For The Win

  2. What does ear taste like?


  4. NetherRealm 666

    Mike Tyson gonna whoop Roy 😂

  5. 👊🏽 Mike Tyson, 👊🏽Roy Jones Jr.!!!

  6. The king is back!

  7. omegadragon3035

    I’m going to be honest this is going to be a dream matchup of Legends. The only time you get this type of match up as in video games EA Sports. Now we actually can see it should be epic

  8. Let’s GOOOOOO!!!!

  9. mike is 54? damn that nigga old

  10. @Lunchmeat: Don’t matter if he is old, if that punch hits your face you in trouble

  11. If Mike coming back bring all the heavyweight Champs from that Era throwback pound for pound heavyweight boxing Tyson got some screws lose when he enter that ring Roy Jones ah beast but I’m going with Tyson sorry look at his face he just look throwed off

  12. Iron Mike Tyson…number 1 boxer in HISTORY…WORDS

  13. TuaOurSavior #FinsUp

    This can’t be real……

  14. People are over looking how GOOD roy jones jr was ………..i think he will out box tyson and catch tyson off guard with a. Straight right….or a body shot and end it in the 3rd or 4th round……unless tyson lands a clean shot early then its nite nite 4 rjj

  15. Boxing been quiet for a while….
    Then Mike Tyson dropped this!

  16. LeafVillage UchihaClan

    Tyson’s the baddest but Roy’s going to win. That’s my guy! Lol

  17. Down goes Roy. I hate to say it though because Roy is my boy and so is Tyson. But that’s how I see it.

  18. puertorican fly

    This better be foreal

  19. What exactly does “exhibition” mean? If this is just shadow boxing it would be pointless.

  20. About 15 years ago. I would have love to see this. Now not so much

  21. If they can’t ko each other then i will say roy jones wins on points

  22. I dont want to see mike become ‘iron mike’ again, in order to do this.
    Everyone buy his weed so he’s too busy running that business instead.

  23. Tyson got that killer look back in his eyes

  24. Two punch drunk old greats who must be running out of money …… they both need subtitles. This whole thing is sad.

  25. Mike is taking this sh*t home

  26. This is going to be epic..team iron mike all the way!

  27. Mike! There’s a reason he was feared in the ring and by the media.
    The man is loose! Roy I hope you know what you have signed up for 😳😳

  28. Who the fook is Roy Jones jr
    This is first i will see Tyson live
    I am young i don’t know

  29. RIP, Roy Jones Jr… You’re getting murdered in September. Giving my condolences ahead of time

  30. I want him to bite his ears so badly

  31. Fijinigga Sixnine

    i dont care who wins i just love boxing

  32. The fight gods have blessed us 🙏

  33. This is stupid and pointless! Both men are legends and have nothing to gain but everything to lose!

  34. Seeing Through

    He didn’t have the stamina back in the day and he doesn’t have it now.Being that said I’m rooting for him!Such a strong man.

  35. Tyson is an absolute beast

  36. RJJ is gonna get knocked out cold in the first round. That’s not the question. The question is whether he poos himself.

  37. Yall are in denial and everyone hyping it up aging is real they wont be half the fighters they were shouldnt even be in the same name as active boxers today quit bringing up Tyson is making a comeback impossible he needs to go sit down.

  38. After Tyson knocks the crap out of Roy Jones, Tito Ortiz will be next and then either Fury, Joshua or Wilder.

  39. Why is my gut telling me Mike is getting knocked the fuck out..and early ☹️

  40. Tyson was aweful 15 yrs ago when he fought! No better at this age! Ill bet this is gonna be stupid

  41. Mike looks great.
    I wouldn’t want to be Roy Jones Jr.


  43. SkyLark Phillips

    Why are people excited about an exhibition fight between two washed up 50 year old fighters. Put a muzzle on Tyson just in case he doesn’t lose it and start gnawing on Roy Jones Jr.’s ear.

  44. Francis Martin

    Born and bred to beat each other senseless. I like both of the fighters but they are older and There is no guarantee of being ok after head and body shots.

  45. Both these guys are gangsters, also both these guys were in their prime and im sure even now, top level technical fighters. Tyson is a mirror image of D’Amato and Jones, well he needs no introduction, he’s a knockout artist. It will be good no matter what, its an exhibition and will be good to watch no matter what. I just want to see a friendly bout between 2 of my favorite fighters.

  46. YellowChocolate

    I’m so hype both of my favorite boxers clashing. Gotta throw foreman in there next! Lol

  47. I wish Tyson was fighting someone else so I can really enjoy the ass kicking he is gonna give. I like Roy Jones so I can’t really enjoy it too much.

  48. My Passive Income System

    RIP Roy in advance 💀

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