Bulletproof star Faizon Love rips Jay-Z’s reputation, calling him fake drug dealer

Faizon Love slams Jay-Z/Dreddsworld

Faizon Love slams Jay-Z’s reputation.

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NEW YORK — While making a recent virtual appearance on “Hip Hop Uncensored,” corpulent comic Faizon Love went postal on Jay-Z’s gangsta reputation — calling the 50-year-old rapper a counterfeit narcotics peddler who “don’t know the dope game.” Faizon, 52, then lambasted Jay-Z for impersonating a cutthroat mobster, claiming he’s yet to engage in a bout of fisticuffs. The “Bulletproof” actor also believes LL Cool J would beat Jay-Z’s ass with relative ease. “Why is everyone afraid of Jay-Z?” Faizon cracked.

“I like Jay-Z. I like him as a guy… The whole era thing he created about this fake dope dealing, that’s when I stopped liking him. This n*gga never sold no cocaine – I don’t think he ever won a fight. This n*gga has never sold cocaine. Ever. You know why? He keeps telling all these stories about how he did this and did [that] but there’s no stories about the other side of selling cocaine, n*gga. There’s another side, somebody gonna bust you. Nobody ever sold you pancake?”

Rapper Cam’ron rushed to Jay’Z’s defense via Twitter.

“I know me and Hov haven’t had the best relationship,” he wrote.

“But Faizon don’t know what the f*ck he’s talking about!”

Do you agree with Faizon?

Is Jay-Z a halfway crook?

Is the rap industry fake in general?

Watch Faizon’s interview.

Share your thoughts.


  1. K. Amadeus Eberhardt

    Sounds like a Niggahs career need some attention.

  2. Faizon never been funny how did this nigga become famous

  3. Whatever movie u didn't see i was in it

    What’s up big perm, I mean big worm

  4. LL Cool J would bust Jay Z azz.

  5. Fireside Imperial

    Man’s just a hater. Drug dealing or no drug dealing, Jay got mobs hooked on his product all the way to a B.

  6. The Ruck RydeRRs

    Just like 90 percent of rappers did you just realize how fake the industry is not to mention almost everyone in it

  7. Shawnillia Dixon

    Who cares let’s be great we as people worry about the wrong things, if he sold dope he sold dope if he’s the coldest rapper then he’s the coldest rapper. Let him live that life and be great, obviously he doing something right cause he wealthy healthy and happy. So who are we to judge anyone.

  8. faizon is about 1 french fry from a heart attack, i don’t think he can afford to talk about what another nigga does or doesn’t do.

  9. The dope game, selling drugs to the community?

  10. Clout chaser

  11. Who cares. All these rappers are actors.

  12. therealtunkmaster

    It don’t matter if HOV sold a dime or a brick, he’s a BILLIONAIRE now so get off his NUTS!

  13. This nigga on that powder

  14. Even in the movies he is a hater, lost all respect for him. He is the biggest hater i have ever seen.

  15. Why do fazion looks like a black Patrick from spongebob lol

  16. Corey Wilkerson

    Hater ass nigga right here bro

  17. Didn’t Jay shoot his brother, didn’t he stab a nigga in the club……smh. LL beating Jay!!!!??? Dis nigga drunk.

  18. Ridiculous, this what yo do when your career in the toilet…

  19. This dude has heard 2 HOV songs in his life : Big Pimpin & Money Cash Hos.
    STFU you lame fuck.


    Brah sounds like a hater

  21. Meant to say YOU DON’T KNOW HIS ENTIRE LIFE…fatboy

  22. LL Cool J would bust Jay Z azz.

  23. Douglas Dobson

    He not a fighter true but he did sold dope.. Facts

  24. When is Faizon gonna do an interview about an upcoming comedy movie or a stand up tour he gonna do? He always seems to have a lot to say (negative) about the people on top if their profession.

  25. How come he saying all this now and not 20 yrs ago?

  26. Y’all niggaz really believing Faizon huh?

  27. Naim Salahuddin

    Jay is a billionaire, he ain’t got time for this low energy vibration from fat bull. He needs to concern himself with a good diet & his bad health. No fat bull on some chatty-patty shit🤣😂🤣

  28. Jay z softer than a teddy bear- prodigy of mobb deep

  29. I nearly watched this and then remembered the only time this guy speaks he’s talking down on someone… fuck that hater energy… peace guys

  30. that’s why West coast nigga shouldn’t talk about East coast business and vice-versa you don’t know what you talking about

  31. Sooooo this dude never, ever thought about getting in shape?

  32. He’s clout chasing and hating! Sorry Faizon, I’m not following your logic bruh

  33. Fazon is the definition of a hater… When you speak on ish as a matter of fact when it’s opinion. You ain’t a stand up dude…

  34. Eric Carrington

    Jay Z never claimed to be a king pin. He jyst had his hustle like many of us from the 80’s era

  35. Yeah….jay z is a fake billionaire as well.
    Go sit your ass down somewhere Faizon 🤪

  36. Sounds like a bitch talking to me

  37. Ruben Gutierrez

    Love’s telling the real! You have fake Niggas out here in the rap game frontin’!

  38. Fazon Love don’t even know jay or his peoples he ran with before the music game, he shouldn’t be speaking about things he knows nothing about and growing up in Cali , he knows about the gang life around there but him personaly probably wasn’t involved in gangs , he’s been doing comedy since he was a teen. He knows pac and snoop from being a comedian

  39. He sound like a hater..how the fuck would u know what Jay z was doing better yet why u speaking on another man? that’s gay

  40. sideshowbob williams

    Nobody ever sell you pancake 😂

  41. this dude hates anyone successful lol faizon grow up and shut up already , p.s. – you not funnier than dave chappelle .

  42. He never claimed to be a kingpin! Faizon seems to always come off as a hater

  43. Only way to look at this is as hate. Jay was certified in the streets; not just in his music but by authentic people. Jay also raps about both sides of the game in a very detailed and visual way. You must not listen to his music if you think otherwise. Anyway, who even cares? Hov came from the projects and is now a billionaire doing legal business; why people think so backwards?

  44. Faizon lying his ass off yall. Jay Z’s a young Black male from Brooklyn and he didn’t work or go to college what the hell do you think he was doing? Sorry to tell you young guys, Biggie was the one who wasn’t real. Yeah you can apply the same logic I said earlier but it wasn’t as he rapped, he was just on the corner. Jay wasn’t a street legend but his raps have a lot more validity than Biggie. This is why Suge didn’t like Biggie, ever heard him talk about a rapper telling someone else’s story?

  45. The Investment Corner

    We are weird ASF as ppl, this man made himself into a billionaire and it’s this dumbshit we want to talk about.

  46. Faison don’t know what the fuck he tawking about…and how could U say U stopped liking Jay because of his coke raps when he been rapping about coke from off top…since IN MY LIFETIME…dafuq is he tawkin about…he always talking bout other niggaz…I hate chatty Patty’s

  47. Who cares?!?!?!?!? He’s worth a Billion you clown.

  48. Would be cool if Faizon could prove that Jay Z is a fake. But, I don’t think he can.

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