Mike Ditka said athletes should stand for “national anthem” or leave the country

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Ditka: stand or leave America.

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LOS ANGELES — During a recent chinwag with TMZ sports, Hall of Fame football coach Mike Ditka said every athlete, including black players, should eschew genuflecting during the national anthem because it’s not only impertinent to military veterans, it’s offensive to the American flag. He also has a message for those who refuse to stand for the “Star-Spangled Banner.” Get the f*ck out the country. Ditka, 80, is slated to be chairman of the “X League,” a new football association for Tomboy-ish women. Kansas City has a team based in Independence, Missouri called the “Force.”

And, get this: they play tackle football.

When asked if his players will be allowed to kneel to protest peacefully, a pissed-off Ditka blew a gasket. “If you can’t respect our national anthem, get the hell out of the country,” he retorted. “That’s the way I feel. Of course, I’m old-fashioned. I’m only going to say what I feel.”

Ditka ain’t alone. Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Stephon Tuitt (who’s black) echoed a similar sentiment via Twitter. Much to the chagrin of his teammates and black players across the league, the 300-pound lineman made it clear he won’t kneel and he doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks.

“I’m not kneeling for the flag and screw anybody who have a problem with that,” Tuitt, 27, tweeted. “My grandmother was an immigrant from the Caribbean and [she] worked her ass off to bring 20 people over the right way. She had no money and educated herself to be a nurse. She’s living good now.”

Ditka, if you recall, once said there’s been no oppression in America in 100 years.

Should negro athletes stand for the national anthem?

For more on the “X League”, visit extfl.com.

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  2. Funny, how they’ll protest the anthem but still play, if they really want to protest why don’t they take a knee and not play for 4 quarters.

  3. Mike Ditka wears a white sheet

  4. 100% Agree with Ditka. And I think the message will be sent loud and clear by the fans who won’t show up and the fans who won’t watch this. The NFL has already lost millions and will lose millions more with limited seat capacity this year. This is the beginning of the end of the NFL. NFL owners will then not have as much revenue while players will try and negotiate for higher contracts. This is the last year of the NFL contract. Inevitably there will be a strike next year and the players will have very little sympathy from the fans. Owners won’t be able to present the players with a favorable contract with lost revenue. Not a good move by the NFL.

  5. Cut from the same cloth as Trump. Really doesn’t understand a damn thing, but his bombastic personality gets him kudos.

  6. If you want to stand stand if you want to kneel kneel WHAT THE HELL EVER HAPPENED TO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION PEOPLE

  7. standing up for you believe in is great. so why cant someone who doesn’t want to kneel have to. It’s what they believe in right? A lot of people are just making comments without knowing any type of history. I wish everyone would really research history and understand it, so that they can be open minded on the topic. I read a lot of these comments and the answers that im seeing to why they should kneel, primarily has to deal with a persons personal feeling or belief. I think the main issue is that we get caught up in who is and who isn’t kneeling, but i think that if we are so concerned about, it then why not try to understand why that person isn’t kneeling. We have all of these solutions, but noone wants to understand the root of the issue.

  8. Listen sir if you will.
    I’m going to get right to the point. This flag was never meant for black people.
    The true history of this american flag is coming out through people like Mike Ditka, Drew Brees, trump…

    it will show you that “ALOT” of black slaves fought and died in the Civil War… Then their was the “Draft”
    and those that Served after the Draft ended, All fought in Every War and
    Shed blood for the sake of this flag.

    This american flag is just another confederate flag with a different look. Both symbolizing “Racism”.

    Their was the Civil Rights Movement which lead to alot of protesting,
    led by a Freedom Fighter, Congressman John Lewis who was almost beaten to death by police brutality in the 60s…he went to jail over 40 times all because he spoke out what was right.

    Today their is still police brutality, racism,hate,killing….So I understand why athletes of all races are kneeling. This is a time NOW for equal rights for ALL.

    All we say to America is,
    ‘Be true to what you say on paper,”
    -Dr Martin Luther King ,Jr.

  9. Mike Ditka needs to leave first.
    What OUR anthem? Where did his family emigrate from? Is he a VETERAN? Stop speaking for what’s patriotic if you haven’t served this country.

  10. Ditka wasn’t that much of a coach and is considerably less of a human being. Climb back under your rock. Mike, you’ll be forgotten soon enough and this ugly moment in our history will pass, much like a kidney stone. Perhaps one day we can recognize just how jacked up race relations are. It can’t come soon enough.

  11. He is talking about respecting the Vets, flag, and anthem were was the respect when our Men faught for the flag and country to only come back to rasism and having to go to separate theaters, games,water fountains, not being served because of the color of there skin were was the respect for our Vets, flag, anthem then. Were was the respect for the Vets from WW1 for example
    during Red Summer 1919. WW2 segregated divisions, Vietnam and even the Olympics. Truly and all honesty were was there respect. It was there country and flag to but it didn’t seem or look like it. Were suppose to be a free country and we have rights right so if they want to kneel they have the right to, we all do if we want just like we all have a right to stand if we want. We all have a right to express ourselves. They always say go back to your country or to get out. How are you going to say that when this land doesn’t truly belong to you

  12. Ditka ought to sit his fat head down and shut up. This Country’s history is built on blood and deceit, from the genocidal treatment of this country’s indigenous tribes to the African, Mexican and Chinese peoples. If he truly cared about this country, he would try to make it a lot better than what it is at this moment. and who is he telling to get out!?! Isn’t he Polish and Ukrainian?!? I come from a progeny that’s more from this country than he is.

  13. Mike Ditka must love the way Trump respected the flag when he was treating Old Glory like a cheap hooker.

  14. Neither Ditka nor anyone else has any business telling anyone to leave. The love-it-or-leave-it routine is a fascist tell.

  15. “If you can’t stop using excessive force on American citizens get the hell out of the country.” Can you say that Ditka, Mr. “no oppression in the last 100 years”?

  16. Ditka is an old man who lost his faculties. Sorry, but if you don’t like the FREEDOM America provides to PEACEFULLY PROTEST (kneeling), then YOU should leave America and go to a country that doesn’t allow free expression!!!!!

  17. Southfield Trill

    Take the Anthem out of sporting event’s. Problem solved

  18. darkakira49002 Olivares

    no one cares what this old fool thinks . they have every right to protest its part of what makes this country great

  19. BlackIsBeautiful

    It’s a peaceful protest. Kneeling on the sideline. That’s it!!! They’re not yelling obscenities or running on the field. They are peaceful kneeling on the sideline. It has no effect on the game itself. Veterans and soldiers have ALL said they fight for this very right to protest so they’re ok with it.

  20. This is what’s amazing, jerks like Ditka has been around black people and players for a great majority of his worthless life. It’s ok going into battle on the grid iron with blacks, but when the game is over and the lights are out he gives too s*** about what they go through off the field. MIKE! No one is disrespecting the flag a*******, they are bringing attention to racial injustice. It’s very clear Mike how you were raised and quick to turn a blind eye to injustice. I’m pretty sure you either took part or witnessed racial injustice in your career with black players on and off the field. Buddy Ryan was a much better man than you could ever be, because he understood his players as people. You are on the wrong side of history you idiot, and it’s sad to have to write to you in this manner. Educate yourself DICKA!!!

  21. Thurman Merman

    Typical boomer and out of touch.

  22. Typical a’hole who never served or took an oath to defend other Americans’ rights to protest. It takes character to defend those rights even when you may disagree with their stance (or kneeling, as such). Ditka is the typical faux-patriot who never really did a damn thing for his country that wasn’t, in reality, in his own self-interest.
    IT’S CALLED THE FIRST AMENDMENT, MIKEY! Sucks that you don’t really believe in that sort of thing.

  23. Roosevelt Chandler

    Maybe there could be an actual debate here if the kneeling was saying F the Flag F the country or the military.. vet by the way..or the entire police department. Dang only to bring attention to the fact that there are dirty racist out of control cops abusing black people. We as blacks have died and fought under that same flag as whites have and love our country as well just don’t like the crap that goes on sometimes.. Jim crow , lynchings, bull Conner, church bombings, etc, etc, and this was after slavery . The national anthem , not beyond reproach itself is just a platform to draw attention to a struggle by kneeling nothing more.

  24. Kick Ditka OUT OF THE COUNTRY.

  25. STFU Mike….what has he done since 1985 anyway??…just another grumpy old white senile Trump supporter.

  26. A bunch of verbal masturbation…

  27. Oblivion Light

    Disrespectful. You don’t like it, get the hell out of the country. In translation, with everything that has happened from slavery, humiliation and death through slavery, oppression, mass shootings with racial and political motivations and even up to the handling of the Corona Virus, IN TRANSLATION, people are to accept these social issues as a standard. When another man unlawfully dies, you are to accept it or love it or leave it. When a man decides to launch a barrage of bullets upon a crowd because of race, sexuality and religion, you are to accept it or love it or leave it. Two black men was hung from a tree recently in 2 locations 60 miles apart from each other and people are suppose to accept it or love it or leave it. Look I am not for the destruction of businesses and confederate statutes which don’t move me because you can destroy the material that is linked to racial history but you cannot change the hearts of racial leniency- A waste of time and energy. People who are against kneeling should as well be proud of the action of kneeling because they are willing to accept the terrible events that unfolds under the flag. It shouldnt make people angry at all. They are not willing to fix social issues. They prefer to keep letting things happen under the flag, both good and bad and after the smoke clears and the carnage is calculated ” Shut up and love it or leave it and when it happens again just get dragged and go quietly into the night”.

  28. Dumb, ignorant, one legged, fool. This country isn’t his neither, so how in the he’ll can he suggest someone else leave! The Natives should tell his DA the same thing. Dumb fool!!!!

  29. I will not watch anymore nfl due to this crap. My group of friends have been doing fantasy football for many years. We all met up and everyone agreed it’s over. Not one of us wanted to play or even watch nfl anymore.

  30. Mike for president!! True American

  31. Who else gets to protest while working at their job??? NOBODY!!!

  32. Sybil Cross-Nelson

    Such an idiot this Ditka is😤

  33. All people across the United States need to boycott going to any games which disrespect America that’s all sports remember players we allow you to get a check from our ticket sales. So America quit going to games.

  34. I’m with you buddy. If you kneel for our flag then get the hell out!! Go live in a place like China or Korea for a while and get a taste of what injustice oppression really looks like. Millions of men and women of EVERY RACE have faught and died for that flag these over privileged little punks are kneeling for. What a disgrace!! I’ve cancelled ESPN and I will no longer buy tickets to any sports game EVER

  35. We’re with you Mike, I love my country and I love my 🇺🇸🗽

  36. It doesn’t matter if the players are American or not.if you are disrespecting the American flag, you are disrespecting all of the brave AMERICANS who fought and died defending our great nation. Then you need to leave.

  37. the National anthem is racist. The original poem says “No refuge could save the hireling and slave, From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave.” Look it up.

    so either the poem is calling black solders, fighting for their freedom, to die terror, or it’s saying white soldiers fighting with the British are just like black slaves. If I called someone a slave today, it wouldn’t be racist because we don’t own people anymore. Key lived in a time when white people own black people, calling someone a slave is like say, “you’re just as bad as black people.” Even with the best interpretation, the song is racist🥴🥴🥴🤯🤯🔥

  38. Chris Stephens

    Ditka meant that there is so many people today that are upset with the country and seem to think they’re oppressed and how horrible they have it here. He’s saying, go to another country. Live there for a while. He’s not saying “go BACK”, he’s saying “go”. He’s not speaking to blacks or immigrants. He’s speaking to the people that think this country sucks. The U.S. is one of the greatest countries because anyone can make something of themselves if they work hard. And everyone know this because you DON’T see people leaving. In fact it’s the opposite. People are risking their lives to get here. And Ditka and a lot of others are tired and pissed off that so many people are upset with flags, National anthems, they hate the president but most importantly so many have this victim mentality and say they’re not where they should be in life because someone else is holding them back and they want someone to pay for it.

  39. Ditka is a relic living in the past. He, like Trump, hates change. He suffers from brain damage. People who think like him are threatened by the BLM movement. The protests are long overdue. Just like when Weinstein was ruined so will Trump be ruined along with his acolytes, like Ditka.

  40. They say this is the land of the free. But that doesn’t mean to disrespect the country that gives you that freedom. Go to Africa see if you get rights.

  41. charlotte barnes

    Thats right kneelers get the hell out of our country

  42. Our country is full of ignorant people who don’t understand “freedom” includes the right to protest. As long as they aren’t infringing on your life and liberty, they have a right to protest.

  43. Mike should ask someone why are they kneeling to begin with. People see the flag and the anthem from very different perspectives. If you don’t get to the bottom of it, I would refrain from judging anyone’s level of patriotism. You can’t speak to issues, if you do not understand the past. Were players standing 10 YEARS ago?? What has changed. It is an indictment of the Trump administration, everytime a player kneels…he doesn’t care about the broader issue. Something must be afoot if we have BLM on NBA courts. These players are not kneeling for themselves…life is pretty good for most players. However, they were not hatched, and they have families, friends, etc. Blame here cannot start with the NFL….it starts across the country….anytime blacks folks are murdered by officials who are operating under the color of the law. This makes all the difference in the world.

  44. F**K, BLM, NFL, MLB, NBA, WNBA. All lives matter. I stopped watching baseball 30 years ago when they had a strike, I have always hated the NBA, and now, I have already cancelled my season tickets for football, and refuse to watch any games or buy any merch. I will also avidly speak out against all sports until they take politics out, and may never watch again. Just more money kept away from professional sports. Hard to pay players $500 million if people don’t fork over money.

  45. Luis Santamassino

    Amen brother amen preach preach baby preach it’s funny how this BLM is disrupting this country and those who really get into the BLM and rip it apart the the many onion layers as I call it you’ll realize they’re against the nuclear family trying to destroy it they’re against this country it’s a Marxist fascist movement to disrupt this company

  46. Shut up Mike dickhead

  47. Mike Dika is the coach who forgot to allow Walter Patton to score a touchdown in the blow out win in the super bowl game, he has frequently been accused of beating his wife, farting in public, known to spit tobacco at reporters during his tenure as the bears coach and made bigoted comments about the fullback known as “The Refregertor” when he played on the Championship Bears team! So these latest comments maybe be the view he holds of his position as a White male living in a racist society that he has become accustomed to!

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