Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers got drunk “following” Jordan Love draft selection

Jordan Love to replace Aaron Rodgers/

Aaron Rodgers is feeling unwanted. 

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GREEN BAY — Bottoms up! Aaron Rodgers was so pissed at the Green Bay Packers for drafting Utah State’s Jordan Love in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, he turned to booze as a coping mechanism. The 36-year-old quarterback spoke his mind during a recent appearance on Kyle Brandt’s “10 Questions” podcast. The 21-year-old Love, who was selected with the 26th overall pick, is rumored to unseat the aging Rodgers sometime in the near future. Critics, however, believe the pick would’ve been better spent elsewhere and that includes Rodgers who expected the Packers to draft a top-flight receiver like LSU’s Justin Jefferson or Arizona State’s Brandon Aiyik. Instead, Green Bay snagged his heir apparent.

His agent texted him the bad news prior to the pick being made.

“I love scotch but I’ve been drinking some, sippin’ tequila lately as well,” Rodgers said. “And, once I got that text, I went to the pantry, I poured myself about four fingers, and I knew it was going to be one of those nights.” Shortly after sobering up, the future Hall of Famer came to grips with the probability he won’t finish his career in Green Bay. If you recall, Rodgers derailed Brett Favre’s starting métier under homogeneous circumstances 15 years ago. Now he realizes payback’s a bitch.

Love’s presence insinuates the writing’s on the wall.

“Just look at the facts,” Rodgers said.

“They traded up. They drafted him. I would say they like him. They want to play him. I understand it’s a business. I understand the nature of the business. I’m not here advocating my spot by any means, that’s not going to happen. But, I understand how the business works.”

Do you feel sorry for Rodgers?

Is he washed-up in Green Bay?

Watch his interview.

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  1. I like Aaron Rodgers but he got exposed against the 49ers in the playoffs

  2. As a Packer fan I’m so disgusted with the Packer Organization. They completely wasted this man career🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. He would have never won the Superbowl this past year. His team was trash and he was OVERRATED this season.

  4. This genuinely changed my opinion on him. He made valid points of how this situation is very different than when they drafted him

  5. Rodgers is gonna be amazing this yr , he is pissed and he got rid of ol girl …..look out it’s gonna be great.

  6. So, Aaron want Justin Jefferson and he got Jordan Love. I think they can get Jordan Love in the 2nd round without having to trade up.

  7. soledadsoldier

    Dude just perform next time we are playing the 49ers and you can stay lmao dont blame anyone else…. also switch to weed the alcohol is ruining you

  8. Nicholas Nicholas

    Handled that like a grown man

  9. Packers did Aaron Rodgers dirty.

  10. He gets traded soon

  11. This is what a bad teammate sounds like.

  12. Love is another Dak, wrong choice for the Pack. ..good but not an SB QB.

  13. Never been a caliber black QB in Green Bay and never will be!! Rodgers is THE man !! Packers are about history and that shall speak for itself… Go Pack Go

  14. There won’t be a season. Think about 2021

  15. I want all of the talk to stay about Mahomes and Jackson. Everybody keep overlooking Rodgers. He’s still a baaaaaaaaaaaad man!!!!!

  16. It’s clear Aaron is not happy

    Green Bay pls don’t hold him hostage

  17. Imagine Davante Adams and Jefferson with Rodgers as the QB on the same squad.

  18. LionsTigersBearsOhMy

    Rodgers sees the pack want to replace him and he loses Danica. Damn been a rough year for Arog.

  19. Imagine having back to back hall of fame quarterbacks and only going to the super bowl 3 times in 30 years. Way to go Green Bay.

  20. Matthew Caldwell

    Good maybe they will start playing team football again. Rodgers was a bitch

  21. Victor Palamar

    After listening to what Aaron said, I think he’s ready to pack his bags!

  22. I used to like Rodgers. Lately he has been a cry baby.

  23. He can say what he wants. His gloomy eyes and literally deadpan tone tells me he knows father time has called and its errily ironic.

  24. Feel so bad for Rodgers

  25. Not taking any wr’s at all was a travesty. Taking a qb with 4 years left on rodgers contract was plain stupid especially with the future crop of qb’s coming up.

  26. The reason the Packers went in a different direction with a quarterback is that having Rodgers on the roster raises the expectations. In order to meet those expectations is iffy and expensive. Rather than spend the money on the SB talent they know they can still fill the seats and sell the beer at 10-6 or 11-5 and save a few million dollars.

    The Packers are more interested in profit than championships.

  27. Prime Rodgers is the second most talented QB to ever play the game behind current day Mahomes imo. That said, I think he declined big time last year, so I can see why Green Bay did what they did in round 1. Rounds 2-4 on the other hand….not so much lol. Gotta feel for Rodgers though. Dude carried McCarthy for a decade and has 1 NFC Championship and 1 Super Bowl to show for it.

  28. I truly believe Rodgers even as he ages will win another title with a different team. If you put him on the Niners or Titans right now the win it all.

  29. Rodgers will be playing for Dallas or San Fransico in 2 years.

  30. Chris Robinson

    Aaron on the bear’s would be crazy.

  31. Years ago he was that guy to Farve back in the day, circle of life

  32. Rodgers is not the same anymore I think a QB was a good pick to learn under rodgers just like Arod did with favre

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