Isaiah Washington back on the air after vocalizing a gay slur on Grey’s Anatomy

Mo’Nique and Isaiah Washington blacklisted/

Isaiah happy to return to the air. 

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HOLLYWOOD — He’s back. After being blacklisted for more than 12 years, Isaiah Washington is back on the air. The 56-year-old thespian is hosting a new show on Fox Nation’s streaming service titled “Kitchen Talk” — a program that commingles scrumptious comestibles with intimate colloquy to a wide gamut of nosy people. In case you didn’t know, Washington is catching hell in Hollywood for supporting President Donald Trump’s “First Step Act” — a bill concocted to truncate inmates’ prison sentences while aiding their reintegration into society. “Food carries culture,” Washington explained to Yahoo Entertainment.

“Kitchen Talk is really … my answer to this very sick town wanting to attack me with a false narrative just because I supported the president and the First Step Act.”

Washington, if you recall, was terminated from his popular role as Dr. Preston Burke on “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2007 after he called co-star T.R. Knight a “faggot” while having contretemps on set with Patrick Dempsey (Dr. Derek Shepherd). Knight played Dr. George O’Malley for 5 seasons.

Washington apologized for using the homophobic slur.

But gays run Hollywood so he garnered a pink slip anyway.

“I’ve been cast out for 12 years since 2007,” he lamented.

However, that was then and this is now.

After more than a decade of kissing ass, Washington is back where he belongs. Now he’ll use Kitchen Talk to “show the world and speak about the world … in a healthy way.” Hopefully Mo’Nique, 52, will follow suit and pucker up. The Oscar Winner has been ostracized since “Precious” premiered in 2009.

Are you happy for Washington?

Is it time for Mo’Nique to get off her high horse and beseech?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Food. Conversation. Two Chefs talkin’ politics. GET ME SOME SOUL FOOD. Love this new Foxy show.

  2. Stimulus Package

    called his co-worker a fag and paid the price

    welcome back

  3. TheFieldhockeygk11

    I still can’t get over the time he called his coworker a slur. But, we all move on.

  4. gays are the wrong people to fuck with in hollyweird

    monique pissed off lee daniels and she’s still blacklisted

  5. I’m not a very good cook, but Isaiah’s food looks so delicious it gives me incentive to learn, plus great conversation to edify my mind. I’ll have a side of Isaiah with my glass of wine!

  6. He’s a great actor but he ruined the show by getting fired🤦‍♀️

  7. Wayne Carranza

    He’s a black white supremacist

  8. He’s still POPPINGGGGG

  9. Propaganda BS, but you can say the N with ease.

  10. I don’t know how can people like him he’s homophobic childish disrespectful can’t stand this man

  11. I didn’t like his character and I don’t like him as a person. I have no tolerance for homophobes.

  12. He’s a great actor, and I loved his character Burke, but you have to be able to work with people without acting out.

  13. Cornbread, Earl and Me

    kitchen talk looks gay

  14. I stopped watching Greys Anatomy after Isaiah Washington was fired.

  15. Jean Marcos Barbosa de Sousa

    What a jerkass

  16. PrettylilVal11

    Im so in love with his demeanor and him of course lol

  17. Food Stamp Applicant

    welcome back u gay bashing motherfucka

  18. His role in Greys anatomy was so boring………….I didn’t even realise he was gone until later.

  19. Liberals got him fired

  20. he deserved it.

  21. that nigga cant cook

  22. He was screwed, He wasn’t even talking to T.R! He was arguing with another guy he thought was disrespecting him and told the guy “I’m not you faggot” or something similar. T.R. had nothing to do with it, but decided to use it to ‘come out of the closet’ in an epic way. This guy was as much a asshole as Hiegal apparently and they seemed glad when George was killed off. Washington however got majority screwd by all. He is doing a lot of projects outside of hollywood, so he might just be happy for his freedom.

  23. a black man does a hollywood mistake, they want to blacklist them, when its a white person they have to do some fucking crazy shit for them to get blacklisted like mel gibson.. , usually they get a show.. look at downey jr.. hes fucking ironman.. even when he was high as fuck the dude was nominated for an oscar..

    Duck Dynasty, Paula Deene, fucking dog the bounty hunter, all of these people got back on the air almost immediatly after their so called debacle. Its bullshit.. fucking word police needs to die

  24. I am happy to see him back in the mix, I hope that he will continue to find suitable roles. He is talented and has great range in the characters that he can convincingly portray. I am also encouraged by the lack of bitterness after what he has been through, good luck

  25. so sick of there having to be a gay couple or character in every damn TV show

  26. Alyssa Danielle

    Eh, I didn’t like him or his character anyway.

  27. heyitsablackguy

    Isiah is a great person. I like this man. Keeps it real. But thats what happens when you piss off those Jews in hollywood.

  28. God bless this man. I wish you all the very best Sir.

  29. I love isaiah washington!

  30. gays run hollywood….. I hope Isaiah didnt perform sexual favors to get off the blacklist

  31. Nice plantation hat Isaiah

  32. Stop watching Grey’s anatomy because they took off his character

  33. So THIS is why Isiah Washington was shunned by Hollywood. Makes sense.

  34. He’s a great actor but he ruined the show by getting fired🤦‍♀️

  35. ♥️Cant keep a GOOD 🖤man down ❣️❣️

  36. I didn’t like his character and I don’t like him as a person. I have no tolerance for homophobes.

  37. Fuck him.

  38. Yeah the same people who say Fuck Isaiah Washington; are the same exact people who defended Paula Deen and her hatred of black people.

  39. Isaiah Washington is the real deal. Love him.

  40. @Wendy Fiolek: Leave Isaiah Washington alone.

  41. Just goes to show. Watch what you say. People forgive but never forget. He’s all but disappeared from Hollywood. He learned a lesson I bet you that much. Keep your mouth closed and make your money.

  42. Isaiah Washington is still working in tv?

  43. Isaiah Washington has a great personality and remains a great actor, no matter what anyone says. Point blanc! People just want stories for their blogs and radios.

  44. I don’t follow actors. Sorry.

  45. Wow! Talk about handsome!
    I love listening to Isaiah! He has great insight and speaks from the heart.

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