Nuggets forward Michael Porter believes coronavirus pandemic is way overblown

Porter unveils conspiracy theory/

Porter reveals his conspiracy theory.

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ORLANDO — Here’s a conspiracy theory for your ass and it has something to do with the “Mark of the Beast (666).” Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. raised eyebrows on Tuesday when he said the coronavirus pandemic “is being used for population control.” The former Mizzou star also believes the epidemic is being administered by government leaders to scare mothaf*ckas into subjugation. “Personally, I think the coronavirus is being used obviously for a bigger agenda,” Porter proclaimed.

“It’s being used for population control just in terms of being able to control masses of people. I mean, because of the virus, the whole world is being controlled. You’re required to wear masks and who knows what will happen when this vaccine comes out. You might have to have the vaccine in order to travel. Like, that would be crazy.”

In the United States, students born after 1956 are required by law to “comply with the two-dose MMR Immunization Policy” which is significant because Porter said he’s yet to be inoculated. “I’ve never been vaccinated in my life. I’ve never had any shots or anything like that,” he explained.

“So, it could get crazy. But it’s definitely behind everything that’s going on right now and all you can do is sit back and watch what’s going on [and] don’t get too emotionally involved. But yeah, I mean it is a serious thing. It is a real thing. But yes, it is being overblown.”

Skeptics believe the COVID-19 vaccine will contain nanotechnology and/or the “Mark of the Beast.”

Do you concur with Porter’s conspiracy theory?

Are world leaders up to something nefarious?

Is Dr. Anthony Fauci full of sh*t?

Watch Porter’s Q&A session.

Share your thoughts.


  1. He is speaking the truth , glad to see a young man with some intelligence and not being a sheep follower like the rest of you gullible imbeciles .

  2. that nigga tellin the truth

  3. It’s his opinion and he’s a kid why is this news?

  4. well, he’s never been vaccinated before but still feels entitled to talk about viruses and infectious diseases. LOL

  5. I think there is a third pandemic…

  6. I don’t believe the virus itself is a conspiracy but he is entitled to believe and say whatever he wants. There is no difference than what he says and what another athlete says about promoting BLM.

  7. Matt Kibblehouse

    Michael Porter gets it. You have to be a drooling gullible idiot to believe there’s a virus going around. Get out of your house pussies, the air is fine.

  8. james Winchester

    That’s really sad ,what in the hell is wrong with people

  9. I see there’s a lot of people ready to accept that 666

  10. Seriously population control! He sounds like he played football without a helmet! An education is a terrible thing to waste.

  11. Sad thing is he is right

    bill gates used the words final solution open your eyes.

  12. Wayne McFarlane

    That’s right America keep listening to your celebrities for their options and take it as truth. It is not like you are going to make one of these celebrities president. Wait you did that. Look where you are.

  13. Terrance Anderson Sr

    He is telling the truth. They don’t want the people to know the truth. Funny how this is happening in an election year

  14. Michele Travis

    The Bubonic plague was not given to us by any government, and it killed more people than the Coronavirus. And what about the influenza virus early in the 20th century
    Measles, chicken pox. There are a lot of illnesses, that can kill us, but vaccines can save us. So, why so people think the Coronavirus is the one created by the government? If you look at history, there are a lot of illness that have killed people, but the bubonic plague killed 1/3 of the entire population

  15. I am.with him on the conspiracy, especially with that s umbag Fauci. It is population control, most people know that. I am.not with him on the cops thing tho

  16. John Forrester

    What a fuckwit

  17. Nice to see there are still nba players with critical thinking. Bravo Michael 👏👏👏

  18. Mpj speaks the truth

  19. Sorry young blood would have told you if asked your a black male in America. Only whites can speak for you or else step toe and just play ball. Just look at BLM 5 of 6 on average fact check me you like are white. Antifa is mostly the ones destroying city’s and towns. About as white a group I have seen in my life. I don’t even think those bitches can tan rather alone shower. But much respect for you MPJ. You spoke the truth. Many mother frs don’t see they never will till those vacs start killing all around them including selves. Ever read this just know you are not alone.

  20. And this, ladies and gentlemen is an example of the type of thinking that has gotten America where it is today with the virus. Escalating cases and record deaths. Keep on wearing that tin foil hat buddy…. maybe you should just stick to playing basketball.

  21. Fredrick Mimms

    How did he go to school w/o being vaccinations? Lol

  22. Esteban Garita

    This asshole should try and volunteer at a hospital since he thinks this is just a big control scam, maybe he’ll see what is really happening in the front lines rather than just around his little oasis.

  23. Only a true conspiracy theorist believes there is not a conspiracy it’s right in front of you. MPJ sorry bro the sheep kill the messenger. Many of us know you were right. They have been talking about a second phase quite openly that will be worse then the first.

  24. He has more credibility then the US government

  25. I see now that MANY of you people in the comments will take the MARK OF THE BEAST when it gets here. The blind leading the blind.

  26. @bblaze903: I sincerely hope you recover your sanity soon, bro.

  27. Keith Kendrick

    Between idiots like this and the demon sperm doctor that the president retweets and calls an important voice, i really cant believe we ll ever get this virus under control.

  28. I despise retarded cowards so much. Because they the reason for the worlds chaos and they fucking up everyone’s lives. Dumb piles of shit. Which is half this world. Anybody who disagrees with Michael Porter Jr is a retarded dumbass pile of shit

  29. I hate to say this bro, shut up and dribble!!!

  30. Is this dude for real? He probobly thinks using condoms gets women pregnant.

  31. Whether you agree or not…it’s what he believes. And he’s definitely not the only one. I love the way people act like they know for a fact that what he’s saying is 100% wrong. That thought has certainly crossed my mind, and the fact that it’s being used politically is not in question at all.

  32. The ticker ron harper

    he’s 100 right

  33. Ronnielee Michael

    Again you have someone who is as far from being an expert on a subject giving their opinion and you fkn fools act like it’s official. Clowns

  34. stupid opinion

  35. Y is his OPINION stupid? You have doctors actually saying the same thing. If you think his opinion isnt valid then y make a video trying to discredit everyone who thinks the way he does? That alone makes me think something is wrong here. You HONESTLY put yo faith in the government that much that you don’t question them? Something is not right here.

  36. Hector munoz Munoz

    But no one catches it when they go off protesting in big crowds tho right the stupid ass media tells you to not go to work but hey it’s cool to go protest this shit is clearly being blown out of proportion otherwise we would have had that SeCoNd WaVe after all that protesting shut your stupid asses up and get off of CNN LIBTARDS

  37. Con orovirus!!!!!
    If it was real then every taxi driver would be dropping dead.
    You lefties are soooo gullible.😆

  38. Carlos Escudero

    I’ve been saying this since March finally ppl are starting to agree

  39. Glad the young buck is woke like this, cause it seems that everyone else is as blind as a bat.

  40. chris williams

    He said nothing but facts

  41. Wtf is this? He needs to shut the fuck up.

  42. This idiot doesn’t even know if he’s been vaccinated, he got it done as a kid and has no memory of it therfore it never happened. Brilliant guy to look up to yall

  43. WAT?! This dude should hang out with Kyrie “Flat Earth” Irving. Peas in a pod. The NBA needs to make its players finish college, man. Each generation is getting dumber.

  44. I’m with you 100% Michael. We have shut down the economy over this over exaggerated virus. mainstream media is corrupt and provides information without absolute facts. Their information is vague and never reveals data that is relevant. I know more individuals without jobs dues to this “pandemic” than I know who have the virus. People I know that have this flu = 1. By the way, my friend and her boyfriend received their positive covid test result in the mail the other day. Very interesting since they did not take a test…

  45. Janine Gaylard

    Well the real problem is expecting sports stars to be your intellectual guide through life. Don’t assume their physical ability is synonymous with intelligence.

  46. looking at this comment section is terrifying. Everyone just wants to agree with him because thats a better excuse for all of us to stop caring and protecting ourselves than just flat out saying that you don’t care about the wellbeing of other people’s health.

  47. silvernblackattack

    Another ignorant sack of sh*t…..

  48. Michael Porter Jr. What you said was ducked up. How is the coronavirus being overblown and used to scare people. There are over 5 Million cases in the United States right now and there are 160,000 plus deaths in the USA right now how is it being use to scare us, it is a scary thing bro, keep the science to Dr. Fauci.

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