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Tracy Morgan getting a divorce, wife wants half

Tracy and Megan are done/Richard Shotwell, AP

Tracy Morgan is getting divorce.

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NEW JERSEY — Self-quarantine strikes again! You can stick a fork in Tracy Morgan’s marriage because it’s done. The 51-year-old humorist and his rapacious wife, Megan Wollover, are callin’ it quits after 5 years of holy matrimony. Megan filed dissolution documents on Wednesday citing irreconcilable differences. “Sadly, after nearly five years of marriage, Megan and I are filing for divorce,” Tracy said in a statement. “This is a challenging time for all involved, so I ask that you please respect our privacy.” Because the “30 Rock” star wasn’t astute enough to concoct a prenuptial agreement, Megan is asking the judge to give her half of the $90 million settlement Tracy received from Walmart following his near-fatal limousine crash in 2014. She’s also seeking sole ownership of their $14 million mansion in New Jersey.

The estranged couple share a 7-year-old daughter, Maven Sonae.

So, chances are Tracy will be required to pay child support too.

Ain’t that a bitch?

Hope the p*ssy was worth it.

“We can confirm that Megan filed for divorce yesterday,” said a representative from Megan’s camp. “This is a private matter for the family. Megan’s primary focus remains the best interest of the parties’ daughter. She asks that the family’s privacy be respected during this difficult time.”

Hindsight’s 20/20 but we should’ve seen this coming.

Megan is prepossessing and Tracy is grotesque at best.

Did she set him up?

Is her vulva worth $45 million?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Awww…now that’s a shame.😢 I don’t know much about their love, but I hope they can work it out. That accident he had was a lot for any relationship to endure.

  2. No pus is worth millions of dollars but these American whores have it all figured out. A man with means is a stupid ass for even getting married in the U. S. because there is no benefit at all for him.

  3. @MrMarcus: Right. Thats why faggots like you and me that hate women should stick together.

  4. When are they ever going to learn, don’t get married. Hire and pay off a surrogate or get to a sperm bank and have your own kids. They are yours 100%.

  5. She wants half? She’s tripping. Thats robbery without a gun smh. This is how people end up sleeping with the fishes, she needs to humble herself.


  7. If she dont take her po from king fu panda lookin ass on. Lol this nigga literally almost died for that bag. She wasnt in the seat next too him as far as I kno. Lol fucked up they put that photo out tho

  8. Bitches just seem so money hungry nowadays! Ain’t no real love anymore when you famous especially rich! Sad! I’ll keep my assets over a greedy money hungry female.

  9. The solution would be for him to ‘OJ’ her, then he gets to keep everything. If he did that, all he has to do is say she called him the ‘N’ word and he will get away with it.

  10. Dude slow in real life…he should know damn well dont know women want his mildly retarded looking azz genuinely…its the money and the fame which he should have protected.

  11. Community property is generally divided between the two spouses on divorce. The court does not have to divide the property equally. … If your personal injury settlement is labeled as community property your spouse will be entitled to part of the settlement or award upon divorce

  12. the courts in the u.s. have f’d up the chances of marriage for the average woman. a divorce settlement wasn’t supposed to be about punishing the husband and a lottery win for the wife.

  13. These guys are all going after the best-looking woman they can pull with their money and celebrity.
    They can easily go pick OK-looking church women “who really love them for them” if they want.
    But they don’t.

  14. Tough break nigga! Time to get back on ya grind. How you not have a prenup, cuhh???

  15. To be fair, can U imagine being married to that maniac? Pretty good for 5 yrs, tho LOL

  16. I wonder what he did to her!🤔🤔 He’s beyond stupid to get married with no prenup!🤯🤦🏽‍♀️💀 Especially after getting that huge settlement from Walmart!🤷🏽‍♀️🤨 Idk wtf he was thinking. Her & her white mom been counting the minutes until she divorced his azz.

  17. Who knows…. Maybe the quarantine could be a blessing in disguise for alot of couples & marriages from an aspect that you truly find out what type of partner you are with and there not really for you. An may run into your true soulmate down the line who is more for you !!!

  18. I don’t feel sorry for these dudes who go after ” trophy chicks”. He knew damn well she was NEVER the type of chick who would ever date him if he didn’t have money. 💯

  19. Did he buy that big ass mansion before or after the marriage? Did he buy that Bugatti before or after the marriage?…She married the LIFESTYLE not him.

  20. Damn she wants half of his money in the divorce. Lets face it did she marry for money love or just money? Tracy is not a looker.

  21. Men are going to have to make better decisions especially when they are living in affluent lifestyle. Rarely do you see affluent women marrying men working at the cash register at Taco Bell or washing cars for a living. Men are going to have to take cues from women and be wiser and who they choose to settle down with. Also, when men become successful sometimes they feel like they should leave the person who’s been with them from day one to be with someone that looks better on the outside. We have seen this with Kevin Hart, Tracy Morgan, Dwyane Wade, and a host of others and seldom does it turn out good. When you’re wealthy and you meet someone you have no idea what they want out of you

  22. I hope she doesn’t leave him a penny…SUCKERRRR 🤣😂🤣😂😭😭😭

  23. She got what she came for, these dudes don’t learn, say bye bye to 50%

  24. It confuses me why celebrities say when they’re going through a rough time ” please respect our privacy”. Then why do they put their situation out the public?. Maybe it’s me

  25. Hollywood marriages only last about 5 years. Nothing unusual about this divorce.

  26. Being quarantine is not the problem people are getting divorced the problem is that they never probably never loved one another from the start because if you love someone really and truly you will make it work I have been married for 22 years and together for 30 years and yeah we get on one another nerves but I love my wife and she loves me she was down with me when I had nothing and I be damn if I leave her if I get rich if you meet a woman when you are on top you will never know if she really is down for you find a woman that is self-sufficient and independent stop going for these shallow girls I say girls because that is what a lot of men be going after real women don’t need a man to do nothing for them and a real man handle is Busness I said this because it’s not how many women you can get it’s about keeping the good woman you have and as a man you know when you got a good woman we just don’t know how to do the right thing because we are taught that it’s cool to have as many women as we can get only thing is it cost us in the end love the one you got and trust you will be happy it takes work on both sides remember.

  27. This was destined to happen. Too much of an age gap. He got her in her prime and then turned into an old fat ugly man on her. She wants to break free now so she can be with a man she actually desires while she’s still able to reproduce all on his 💰

  28. This rotten PIG wants his settlement money from an accident he almost died in…. Cheaper to whack her out

  29. A Man ain’t ready for marriage until he turns 60. Most of us have a ways to go , so be patient. Remember that men age like wine , and women age like milk.

  30. Not that my comment matters, but quarantine saved my marriage. We have been forced to work on our relationship and we are growing. Quarantine was necessary for some of us.

  31. Believe me she was tired of him and she couldn’t hide it no more during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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