Obama, Bush and Clinton each delivered ‘panegyrics’ during John Lewis’ funeral

Obama remembers Lewis/The Exponent

Three presidents honor John Lewis. 

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ATLANTA — Social distancing be damned, Rep. John Lewis was laid to rest on Thursday during an emotional 3-hour sepulture at Atlanta’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once served. Lewis, arguably Dr. King’s most staunch acolyte, passed away on July 17th amid complications from pancreatic cancer. He was 80. The home-going celebration was highlighted by quondam President Barack Obama’s encomium which included a lambasting of President Donald Trump’s deportment coupled with multiple entreaties encouraging American citizens to vote in what’s become a pivotal presidential election.

“It a great honor to be back in Ebenezer Baptist Church in the pulpit of its greatest pastor, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to pay my respects to perhaps his finest disciple,” Obama told the capacity crowd.

“Even as we sit here, there are those in power who are doing their darnedest to discourage people from voting by closing polling locations and targeting minorities, and students with restrictive ID laws and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision; even undermining the postal service in the run-up to an election that’s going to be depending on mail-in ballots so people don’t get sick.”


  1. Unlicensed Pharmacist

    John Lewis was a racist. He hated Trump because of his color.

  2. Christopher Santana


  3. In true Obama form, he speaks very well and in tribute to Mr. Lewis, but why did this turn into a pandering of sorts about voting? God bless your soul Mr. Lewis and may you R.I.P. .

  4. That’s what a President sounds like. x

  5. This scumbag should be ashamed of himself.He took this opportunity to trash Trump he didn’t give a damn about this man’s funeral.Just like everything else they do never let an opportunity pass them by.Its sad they couldn’t even let this man have this day without bullshit politics.Burn in hell Obama they have a special place on reserve for you…Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Two of my inspirations: John Lewis and Barack Obama!!

  7. Captain Tomato

    Shut up obama. . Go back to Africa where you belong

  8. Such a well written and thoughtfully delivered proclamation. Intertwining our revered disciples of God to John Lewis’s life calling, and inspiring US to be a prophet of God’s & John’s work.
    So inspirational, informative, eloquent,

  9. Truly…AMEN/AMEN

  10. Disgusting slimeball. Obama, corrupt politician from Chicago.

  11. Why get off topic of the memorial! Lowlife bashing is all obama wanted to do

  12. Who does a political speech at a funeral … what a disgusting dumbass

  13. God bless Barack Obama, our President!!!!

  14. I really miss you Barack Obama

  15. Shanthini Dawson

    Say what you will, and even with my evolving views on his presidency, Obama is an A+ orator.

  16. Othman Loudiyi

    Eloquentl speaker! Worst president !!

  17. Anthony Stoddard

    I believe Obama disrespected this man’s funeral by bringing politics it’s starting to sit there and say things about Trump he’s probably mad because Trump showed all his dirtiness and what he did to America him and Hillary and all the other ones by destroying and robbing America blind he’s got some some he’s got some rude awakening coming to him remember Obama you’re only here for that short period of time you could either do good or too bad and I send my condolences to the man that lost his life and I just had to make that comment because Obama should not of said anything OK and have respect for the funeral

  18. So radically basically Biden is going to leave office as President for health reasons and a black women will be President 🤔research Kamala Harris and the Squad know that 🇺🇸 is being reshaped GLOBAL dominance will replace Africans Americans and blacks for good!ask black leadership where are the federal funds given to state black leadership officials nonprofits organizations???then ask yourself from 1960 to 2020 did your life matter💯!!!!!!!!!this was a campaign stop for Biden brought by Obama who father was a Keyan a man from Kenya and Obama mom was white where is the African American opportunities in that we all will wait! We honoring a black man who did not associate with black people who let power and money corrupt his vision for African American descendant of slaves. Destroyers of Democracy are embedded in the black caucus! They have kept us oppressed with empty promises and live in opulent neighbor hoods and when you call them out your called Russian bots or supremacist or kill you 🤔🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸#noblackvoteforbiden

  19. Victoria Uloegbu

    Evil president,illuminati church of Satan and some call him their great leader,democrats are mostly are on the side that go against the will of God the creator of heaven and earth,no matter how you used your eloquence speech to try and convince the gullible God is on the throne,you can’t bring Trump down no matter how hard you try.

  20. Obama was a joke as a president and he is still showing that he is a joke. To first gather so many people together when social distances is so important. To then use someones funeral to try to influence a election shows his lack of caring for anyone, much less the person who died. I can never take him seriously any more.

  21. John Lewis, a real leader, willing to die for his right to equality and justice.
    This, even today is radical thinking!
    Is great to hear someone like Obama, tell his story, so eloquently and elegantly.
    RIP, Mr Lewis, thanks for your contribution and legacy.

  22. Wow. He actually speaks like an educated adult. I have gotten used to Trumps grunts and verbal diarrhea. Forgot what it was like to hear an eloquent POTUS speak. Trump babbles like a special needs toddler

  23. Alert 🚨- Message to Hispanic/Latino/Latinx/afrolatino folks: The colonizers have become so ignorant in the hierarchy that they created, maintain and enforce, that they have decided to racialize us and castrate us from our culture and our name, they constantly truncate our identity into some pseudoscientific racialist racist notion of race based upon a stereotyped skin color synecdoche which is incredibly ignorant at minimum-and all in this despicable Eurasian social dominance hierarchy that pretends it’s a pluralist society 🤮

    don’t let them truncate your identity and stereotype you into some racialized skin synecdoche color meme, and certainly don’t let people who know better catch you doing it

    if you’re non-white and this doesn’t make sense, you’re hopeless homes!

  24. Sandra Hesketh

    Shame on him giving a political speech at a funeral.

  25. No reparation—–no vote.

  26. Jennifer Morrison

    This Man is “American’s President” no matter What! Yes I said that!

  27. Obama is a Fucking Weasel!

  28. The good lord knew exactly what he was doing when he called John Lewis. The timing is perfect & deliberate. Thank you President Obama, the last REAL & FINE President.

  29. What a Powerful Powerful moment. Thank You so much for your words of grace President Obama Eulogizing the Honorable John Lewis

  30. God, I miss him! I hope this is just the beginning and we’ll see a lot more of him in the next 3 months and that he remains a guiding light for the Biden administration.🙏

  31. If black people have to continue living election to election, then we won’t be alive; nor free to vote.

  32. Dear Obama. This a eulogy not a push for mail in ballots

  33. Obama has been instigating and organizing these groups of ANTIFA and rioters for the past 3 1/2 years! He is taking us back to the 60s! We have pasted the 60s and our nation was beginning to heal! Blacks can vote, there is NO voting suppression!

  34. This disgusting Leftist/Socialist/Fascist/Racist/Demoncrat had 8 years to fix America…
    Instead he: gave TRILLIONS to Iran, ran guns to Mexican Cartels, left Americans to die in Bengazi, helped to create BLM and Antifa, spied on his political opponent, locked thousands (more than Trump ever can), of kids in Cages, etc…
    This guy wasn’t “PrEsIdEnTiAl”; he was a sham!!

  35. Wasn’t a huge Obama fan but I would give that man a 3rd term if I could. He’s just a sincere man, something America needs right now.

  36. This demon quoting scripture after assisting antitrust while being president! He passed every law that was against GOD’S word! Liar!

  37. No mask for Obama, and not much social distancing. Yet we are criminals if we go to church. One set of laws for them, another set of laws for us.

  38. Beautiful eulogy. Tucker Carlson described Obama as “sleazy” after this speech. This is the man who has been the focus of so much vitriolic hate from the right for eight years of his presidency. I don’t get it. These are vicious and hateful people who spit on Obama and revere corrupt narcissists like Trump. They must be defeated in November. I am ashamed that there are so many people in my country who think and behave in this manner.

  39. obama was the worst president in history and a total scumbag!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. God damn Obama still got it!

  41. Rip Lewis. Too bad it wasn’t Obama instead🙄

  42. A Family member should have stopped him. It was not the time or place
    for him to echo his political hate. A Black with no Class. A great Fraud.

  43. Alexander Caine

    What kind of eulogy is this, sounded like he was doing a Biden rally at this man’s funeral LOL…how sad and pathetic.

  44. I love listening to Obama speak… it gives me a sense of calm, like everything is going to be alright.. I grew up white and with white privilege, so I can not speak on the true, pure terror that black people must feel on a daily basis… but holy sh!t, if I can feel this much terror on their behalf, I can’t even begin to imagine what they feel. When Obama was president, it felt like we made so much progress. It feels like we went right back to the 60s and we need to do civil rights all over again. Or a civil war at this point.

  45. Salvador Trejo

    We miss you president Barack Obama 💞

  46. Congressman Lewis was loved and admired by all. Obama’s eulogy sounded more like a political hate speech against America’s South. The system did deny blacks equality but it was the Southern Democrats who imposed Jim Crow laws in the South. The remnants of those laws remained into the 1960’s. By 1964, the Civil Rights Act became a part of our Constitution. That was over 50 years ago. America is a better place for all. Obama’s speech goes down hill after that and creates division between American’s based on lies. As American’s, we stand together or divided by race, class, religion, or gender, America Falls!

  47. There he goes again race baiting, and using the raicial narative to promote socialism.

  48. Mr. President Obama you definitely get a standing ovations for your eulogy you did on John Lewis. 👏🏾👏🏾
    Yes, make it a national holiday so we can vote without having to miss it, because of work!!
    R.I.P. Mr. John Lewis

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