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Travis Kelce dumped by African American chick

Travis and Kayla calling it quits/

Kelce is dumped following a fling. 

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KANSAS CITY — Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce got caught with his hand in the cookie jar one too many times. Now it’s costing him his voluptuous black girlfriend. Domestic diva Kayla Nicole (a TV host) jettisoned the 30-year-old tight end after he reportedly inserted his peripatetic phallus into the vulva of his side chick. In addition to calling off their interracial relationship, Kayla has unfollowed Travis on Instagram and all of his photos have been deleted. Kayla’s BFF told reporters Travis is doing everything within his power to win her back. But, hell hath no fury like a popsy scorn. As of now, Travis is old news. Kayla feels jilted, betrayed and she’s ready to move on to her next gridiron inamorato.

Monogamy has been an issue with Travis since day one. If you recall, last year the perennial Pro Bowler was busted having a dalliance with a prepossessing blonde. At the time, Kayla forgave his cheating ass. She even told nosy fans to “stop messaging” her with scuttlebutt and “we’re good over here.”

Turns out, they’re not “good” after all.

Travis and Kayla started bangin’ each other in 2017.

Many people are speculating the “Black Lives Matter” movement has put a strain on their union.

Do you think that’s the case?

Are you in agreement with the cessation?

Should they kiss and make-up?

Please share your opinion.

What’s my take?

Well, it’s nearly impossible to make an American woman happy.

After all, they typically spend the day complaining about life, their job and/or their weight. Doesn’t matter if they’re affluent or penurious, comely or homely. Today’s chicks ain’t never happy. That said, when they’re as sexy as Kayla, you’d be sagacious to demonstrate a little stoicism and stick with her ass.

That’s because the curvaceous damsel is blessed with a prepossessing countenance, a buxom embonpoint and a plump derrière. Sh*t, what more can a n*gga ask for? For those shallow reasons, Travis should keep her and, most importantly, keep his hand out the cookie jar.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Money can get all the women a man wants and needs but it won’t keep them or make them happy. So if a man uses money to get women he should be honest with himself..

  2. @JDMANN: When you are a sports player making money women will swarm to you because of that. Not all will be built for that successful mans journey.

  3. It is normal for black women to get dumped by men. This is nothing new. Asian and Latin men never dump black women because they are never with black women to begin with. If Asian and Latin men are with a female not they’re own race, it will be with a white woman, never a black woman.

  4. @Kahaleed: Lol.. So you are just speaking for speaking sake.. My brothers wife is a black woman. Hes Puerto Rican so I guess speaking for speaking sake is just your thing.

  5. Damm He Cheated On Her! Whyyyy? And looks aren’t everything but if she’s crazy nuff said.

  6. ALL athletes do this. This is not news. No woman should marry an athlete unless you’re Gisel (Tom Brady’s wife). She’s a serious baller bae who clocks more than he does. Her net worth is more than his too and he’s got a hell of a lot of money. Athletes are good for a few dates and lots of fun, that’s it.

  7. Dang sista,,atleast get that bag before you bounce. What other reason is their to date a white person. LOL

  8. Blacks talk all that BLM and racism shit, but love sleeping with white people.


  10. If a black man go anywhere near this black trash…….KILL YOURSELF. Taking the white man leftover sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths,…………. LOL This bitch is garbage.

  11. He’s a NFL player so chics will be throwing bunz at him left and right

  12. It’s cool when a black woman dates a white man during racial tension. Yet when all the #BLM protests went off it was “black men with white women you can’t speak”, “black men where your white gf at while they killing y’all”. A black woman dates a white man, “oh she cute though”😒

  13. It was just his girlfriend, not his wife. He leaves with all him money intact. No child support, no alimony. I’m sure he was tired of her anyway. Take note fellas!

  14. lol good for her because black hood females will never replace white women with real long hair and fair skin tone so her raping white daddy left her to be back with his white Queen.


  16. So now she’s single…. I doubt she would be interested in my little acorn though 😔

  17. He’s one of the very few white men I find attractive. I’m glad she didn’t allow herself to be disrespected.

  18. For all the black ladies that said i am going to get with a white guy, because he will not cheat.Now you know.

  19. @Marc Detail: For all the Black fellas saying I am going to get with a white chick because they will obey and I can trust them, check out Kanye’s dilemma. Now You Know.

  20. Notice how NONCHALANT most black women are in the comments about this situation. We all know this couple was BLASTED EVERYWHERE earlier this year after he won the super bowl as the “it” couple. Black women were passing around all kind of “come up” memes,& making negative comparisons to black men,now that HE f’d up too like y’all accuse ALL black men,it’s not a “big deal”. I thought white men were the cream of the crop over brothers? lmao #CommonSenseAintCommon

  21. Damn I thought white men was supposed to be better but even they are leaving black women for white women loool

  22. He’s coming off of a super bowl win which means his next contract will be huge. He’s not sharing nor leaving his wealth to no BW. WM use BW for sexual satisfaction but will always deep down want his own

  23. Travis Kelce is ready to settle down and get married. And he wasn’t planning on doing it with her black ass

  24. I’m a black man but my girlfriend is Caucasian we about too get married in 2 weeks race don’t matter

  25. He really wanted a woman that could wash her hair daily and not microwave it.

  26. The sister is good looking,trust me ,she will definitely be alright. Guys like him come and go!!!!!

  27. If he had cheated with a Black woman, he would have been forgiven. He cheated with some blonde haired blue eyed Becky. At that bought, she knew she was just his “brown sugar” bed wench. It’s like White guys. They may be able to forgive their girl or wife, if she cheats when a White guy, if they’re beta. But if it’s a Black man, usually even a White beta male will bounce. Even if she looks real good.

  28. Don’t let this BS fool you, Travis is going to dump the white girl too. Players PLAY thats what they do

  29. @dabby dabby: There are good black men and good white men🤷🏽‍♀️ ideally I want to Marry a black man but understand that my soulmate may not be a black man🤦🏾‍♀️ that doesn’t mean if I date a white man I’m putting him on a pedestal🙄.. it just mean I vibe more with him.. stawp it

  30. Travis took her for a test drive. 3 years & 30,000 miles later, time for a trade-in

  31. Sooo white men can’t break up with their woman because she’s black? & so what if his new girl is white, people can date whoever they want!! These comments got me 🤯

  32. I don’t buy the “white privilege” propaganda all the time, but look up Kelce’s past. He was born into money and privilege and has lust and disrespect towards bw

  33. Hell no she did not dump him he dumped her wtf is she bringing to the table that trav isn’t he’s the bread winner

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