Police Brutality Video: Leaked body cam footage shows George Floyd beggin’ cops

Police leaked George Floyd body cam footage/NBC News

Body cam footage released by cops. 

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MINNEAPOLIS — Law enforcement officials in Minneapolis leaked new body cam footage that shows George Floyd begging police officers not to shoot his black ass just moments before his asphyxiation on May 25th. The gang-bangin’ pornstar was sedentary inside his SUV at the time. “Ok, Mr. Officer, please don’t shoot me. Please, man,” said an inebriated Floyd as officers approached his vehicle with guns drawn and pointed at his head. “I just lost my mom, man. Please don’t shoot me, Mr. Officer, please.” Floyd continued to apologize throughout the video as officers spewed expletives demanding capitulation. “Put your f*cking hands up there,” yelled one of the cops. “Jesus Christ, keep your f*cking hands on the wheel!”

Floyd was handcuffed seconds later.

As officers attempted to shove him into the back of a police cruiser, Floyd became paranoid — telling them he was claustrophobic despite the fact he was just pulled out of his truck. “I’m gonna die man,” he wailed. “I’m gonna die in here!” After resisting arrest, Floyd was slammed to the pavement.

The rest is history.

Former police officer Derek Chauvin (who’s white) genuflected on Floyd’s scruff for 8 minutes, 46 seconds. “I can’t breathe,” the negro cried. “I can’t breathe!” A passerby implored other cops to step in and conciliate. But it was to no avail. Floyd called for his mother then died in the street.

Chauvin and three officers were fired and face criminal charges.

Body cam footage was obtained from officers Thomas Lane and Alex Kueng who were part of the arrest.

Floyd’s autopsy revealed he had meth, fentanyl and coronavirus in his system.

Did racism play a factor in this matter?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. This wasn’t racial, he was resisting and panicked. Looks like an accident.

  2. The Shadow Man

    Clearly resisted arrest and got the treatment.

  3. Grandmaster Kush

    Hahaha, thats what all the reactonary idiots get for jumping on the bandwagon of percieved moral superiority, can’t fix stupid.

  4. Александр Петров

    It’s OK to be white
    White lives matter

  5. kickinga dedhorse

    Police did the public a favor

  6. Adam ThomasMoran

    pure idiot

  7. Media and BLM jumping to conclusions as per usual. Nothing racial here.

  8. Even if he was resisting, no man should die like this….

  9. Jeremy Whittington

    This video shows the police acted properly.

  10. Almost everyone in this comment section is a closet racist

  11. Keitaro Tenshi

    Ain’t it strange that this video was released this late? You’d think that in order to avoid whatever the hell happenned, it would be released when all of this nonsense started

  12. He died of Covid-19

  13. OmegaChase1002

    How many people died because this footage was hidden so BLM could push their agenda?

  14. Strange that they leaked this now and not when it occurred.

  15. Claustrophobic? They just pulled him out of a car lololol

  16. EnoonmaI EnoemosmaI

    This is a tragedy, someone died. But, for the world to start DESTROYING itself before any facts came out? I wonder, what would have happened if it went the other way? What would we be fighting about then? When someone loses their life, through their fault, or not… It’s a tragedy. Every life is important….. But right now, we’re teaching people that their life only matters if laced in tragedy.

  17. Michael Cristian

    George Floyd died because of George Floyd! End of story! Period!

  18. that nigga was high as fuck

  19. The Alpha Nerd

    I’m trying to see how this changes anything. He was still wrongly killed. So what if he was high? You expect someone to act right when they’re intoxicated? Like my brother, who is a cop, and can’t act right when drunk and his buddies have to come and get him. Yes George Floyd’s past was sketchy, but none of that had anything to do with that day. Over an incident that managers of the store he was at, do not call the cops over. What the new employee called the cops over, is an incident they would rather not get the police involved in. I also don’t care if this was racially motivated. That cop’s knee should not have been on his neck, and by the responses in here, a lot of you wish you could do the same thing.

  20. All the riost, killings and property damage for this guy???mainstream media buildings should be burned down to smithereens.

  21. Claustrophobic for a car? Really? They just pulled him out of a car!

  22. They murdered a man clearly having a mental breakdown over a $20 check. A social worker could have avoided this completely. Or just not arresting a man over $20

  23. Help I'm A Rock

    “please don’t shoot me”
    I bet that’s exactly what the pregnant lady said when he held to a gun to her belly and robbed her.

  24. This is the icon of the BLM Marxist movement and the ATM card for Al Sharpton and the other race whores. So sad.

  25. Well at this point does it even matter after all the people have died and all the cities have been burnt in the name of what?

  26. Pierre-Baptiste Mercier

    Think about the people who lost their life for this trash…

  27. Billions of dollars of property were destroyed and countless deaths over this. Not to mention the protesters spread the virus to millions of people.

  28. His friend yells, “You’re going to have a heart attack!”
    If this video was released when this happened, lives could’ve been saved b/c no riots

  29. Dude was out of it. Needed a lot of mental help. The fact that he couldn’t or didn’t comply cause this thing to explode.

  30. I would like to know why from the very beginning, Floyd thought he was going to be killed? The police officers didn’t seem threatening, but wanted to see his hands to protect themselves. I think there is more to this than any of us know.

  31. He was no angel but he didn’t deserve to die

  32. The monster under your bed

    How many times does a cop have to ask to see the hands before he’s allowed to draw his gun?

  33. So this gives more insight into why they didn’t believe him when he said I can’t breath. He kept saying it when he was fine, so they didn’t believe him when he wasn’t. I feel bad, the dude shouldn’t have died but damn man just don’t resist. I get it, he was scared, he was panicking, but even I feel he was on something because of how he was acting. May he R.I.P. but I still don’t believe the officers deserve to be punished for trying to handle the situation after seeing this.

  34. Why didnt he just cooperate & get in the car? Does give a different perspective on the arrest but still not a reason to end his life so cruelly!! RIP GF

  35. These cops were overcharged, which was a big mistake by the prosecutor because they need to go to jail, they will be acquitted due to the overcharge….

  36. They wanted to start a race war and they got it! They withheld this video to cause chaos and withhold the truth. Everyone assumed race when they weren’t there and have no facts… they burned down Minneapolis for cops doing his job. HE was high on meth, fent and had covid. His X gf even said he’s crazy. The cops should be exonerated. People are brainwashed sheep and believe the media trash… fake news and lies. Black Lies Matter!

  37. WOW!!! The police officers will be #innocent after this video release..

  38. Big Country Mountain Man

    this is why we don’t resist arrest boys and girls. It get your ass killed. And you know what? It’s your own damn fault. Why? Because whenever you’re high out of your mind on meth, fentanyl and alcohol and you have a bag of meth in your pocket that falls on the ground and a cop picks it up and puts it back in his pocket what do you think they’re going to do to you? You’re kicking and screaming and resisting arrest and being completely non compliant, you literally think they’re going to let you up off the ground? Are you crazy. I’m not saying anyway he got what he deserved because he didn’t. What that cop did was messed up, however, if he would not have been resisting arrest he would have never been put on the ground.it boils down to individual responsibility. If he went and took that $20 bill there and try to use it and acting erratic and flipping out on the cashier because the cashier wouldn’t let him use it, he would still not be alive today. He had extremely high blood pressure and when you speedball mixing uppers and downers like he was, you’re not going to live long. Especially with high blood pressure. He was probably having a heart attackor at least angina whenever the officers was putting in the back of the car and he couldn’t breathe.

  39. I saw the video he Says he couldn’t breath before they put him on the ground this guy had nine different drugs in his system with a really unhealthy heart this is a heart attack srry caused by stress and drugs let the cops free this is disqusting

  40. When will BLM issue an official apology?

  41. Reading the comments gives me hope that normal and rational people are still in majority, even though the media and dumb celebrities do everything in their power to persuade us to think otherwise and eventually be a leftard. The sad thing is – that propaganda works on a great number of people.

  42. Steven Mctowelyey

    To my fellow African American countrymen. How are you not outraged about the fact that the liberals and their media have attempted to use this to gain your political votes?? They turned this into a racial thing when there was only one white cop present. Then they tried to put that white cop as the face of trump supporters. Only show you the side of the video they want you to see because they know it would wind you up with emotions. Democrats have been using these tactics and the race card for many many years to gain political votes. Dems and their media is what is dividing us to the brink of a civil war. It’s what they want they are an enemy of the free people of this country regardless of color. Way I see it we can either destroy our country and give them what they want or we can make something positive of all this and unite at election time and vote these evil twisted fucks out of our government.

  43. Henk Verhaeren

    What is happening is that Floyd is having a sort of panic attack during the arrest. In his panic Floyd is experiencing things sometimes different then what they are, more intens. From the beginning he is overreacting on what seems to be a normal arrest. The officers are calm, they try to deal with the situation, but Floyd is a big guy and in the state of mind that he is at that moment he is unpredictable.
    What is very important to notice is that there is NO HATRED coming from the officer’s during the arrest of Floyd. They just handle a complex situation that potentially has a risk to escalate further. And keep in mind that these cops have a job to do and this is probably not the first or last confrontation of the day. Yet they stay calm. And try to bring Floyd to his senses. The only thing the cop who kneeled on his neck could have done was following his intuition more and turn Floyd on his side. But he asks the other cop ( who is advising his college from experience, but not this particular situation). Yet both of these cops are sweet guys, and they have no intention to kill Floyd. Bottom line is that if Floyd would have cooperated he would have lived and everything would be just fine. I wish the best to those cops. I hope the judge won’t punish them to please the media and the revenge full crowds. And my condolences to the friends and family of Floyd who is not such a bad guy that he should have died. But I guess everyone agrees on that. That is why it is more a sad accident and a combination of bad luck than the dividing nonsense that is made out of this.

    GEORGE FLOYD (1974-2020)

    George Floyd, 46, died while being arrested for passing a counterfeit twenty dollar bill in Minneapolis, Mn., on May 25, 2020.
    George was a lifelong drug addict and career criminal whose interests included selling cocaine and fentanyl, robbing defenseless women during home invasions,
    and spending time in prison among others like him. The cause of death is undetermined but George, unsurprisingly, tested positive for
    methamphetamine and fentanyl, two of his favorite recreational drugs.
    George recently moved to Minneapolis to get a fresh start and to leave Houston, where he had accumulated at least three convictions
    for drug offenses and aggravated robbery while armed with a firearm. The fact that his most recent arrest was for a non-violent offense
    shows that George had finally found his way.
    George is survived by several children from several different baby mommas, none of whom had seen him for years because he was only
    recently released from Texas State Prison after serving a five year sentence for his robbery conviction.
    Funeral services for this covid positive, meth addicted saint will be held on various dates all over the country to honor this fallen pillar of society. Mourners are invited to join violent
    demonstrations to honor George’s memory. Molotov cocktails are requested in lieu of flowers.

  45. “I can’t breathe”-George Floyd😭🥺

  46. i cant believe how misleading this is. the body cam only shows that this has nothing to do with race. No one on the left cares about floyd they just keep trying to prove a point.

  47. birdmangorilla100

    You CANT RESIST ARREST IF YOUR ALREADY ARRESTED. If this man has no gun and he’s handcuffed and they had him in the vehicle and let him out so that he can breathe, just so they can suffocate him anyway. Again all this with no weapon, and while handcuffed. Again, You can’t resist arrest if your already arrested smfh

  48. Even after watching this video. The police officers were still wrong to squeeze his neck hard. We are not saying that George Floyd is a saint. But at the same time, we cannot deny that he lost his life due to this reckless officer. The police personnel dealt with the case was 100% wrong.

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