If he ‘loses’ the election, President Trump threatening to not leave the White House

Biden killing Trump in every poll/Getty Images

Trump threatening emergency power. 

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WASHINGTON — In the event he loses the election, President Donald Trump is threatening to use ’emergency power’ to continue residency in the White House; mainly because he has no ambition to “peacefully” transfer authority to presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Can he do it? Absolutely, as long as the country remains encumbered by the coronavirus pandemic and/or requires exigency of federal succor. Right now, Trump trails Biden by 3 percentage points. “I don’t think he plans to leave the White House,” said James Clyburn, the White House majority whip, during Sunday’s chinwag with CNN.

“He doesn’t plan to have fair and unfettered elections. I believe that he plans to install himself in some kind of emergency way to continue to hold onto office.”

If you recall, last week Trump said the election should be postponed due to the epidemic so that “people can properly, securely and safely vote.” He also believes voter chicanery will transpire as millions of Americans are hellbent on mailing their ballots via the postal service to eschew contracting COVID-19.

Should be an interesting race.

Biden, 77, is suffering from the embryo stages of dementia and Trump, 74, is batshit crazy.

Who has your vote?

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  2. Braulio Rivera

    I will vote for joe biden

  3. Michael Brooks

    I’ll say this now, Bernie would have won.

  4. Biden is an incredibly weak candidate. He’s run twice before and lost. He got wrecked in the primaries. His mental capacity is dramatically declining by the day.

  5. I just want a republican that’s not trump

  6. We are really breaking new ground as a nation. Obama was the first black president and Biden will be our first president with dementia!

  7. Both suck but, if no alternatove and have to choose…i have no option but Donald Trump. At least he still have cognitive awareness


  9. It saddens me to say, I think Trump is going to win again because creepy, demented Biden is too weak a candidate to win. He’s worse than Hillary.

  10. TRUMP IS THE BIGGEST looser he can’t even hold double numbers in the polls ….🙄🤔🙄🤔trump will go down being the biggest looser he will be crying
    To his mommy , weigh? We’re is his mommy? 🙄🤔🙄🤔👎👎

  11. BIDEN/ OBAMA (2020) !!!🤗👍🤗😎👍🤗😎🤣😎🤣(GO JOE) !!😎👍😎👍

  12. Regardless of party, if you think Joe Biden can manage covid and a economy recovery, you are either stubborn or ignorant, which is not to say President Trump hasn’t made a few mistakes. They are miniscule compared to the mistakes the Dem governors and Mayors with their media allies. At this point, I would not vote for ANY Democrat, unless there is one who has stood up for our Constitutional rights. Gotta vote for Trump. The Dems are crazy, stupid or evil power grabbers who wouldn’t know what to do with it if they had it.

  13. 3%??? Thats it? Still not too late for JoeMentia to step aside and let BERNIE Beat Trump.

  14. Good job America no matter what your next President is going to be an alleged sex predator. 👌

  15. Well, since it’s asked, I have to say I’m not voting for either of them at the polls, but if I had to choose Donald Trump, over the latest in a long line of screwups the Democrat party has put together, I’ll pick him again, this is almost as bad as when they let that snake in a human skin bag, Hilary Clinton try to run for president, only thing that makes that worse is I loooove watching Biden on screen, it’s like watching a member of the KKK tied to their own burning cross and not know what’s going on.

  16. Does Joe Biden need a cognitive test?

  17. Can anyone make an argument for Biden without mentioning Trump?

  18. Biden cant lead his pee into the toilet! Go ahead and get him crutches and someone to speak for him too! Remind him that his name is Joe, it’s important! Lol! 🤣😂🤣😂

  19. Joe Biden I forgot this message

  20. Biden is struggling y’all. His only campaign points are 1) he’s not Trump and 2) he will definitely be used by people to push socialism. He has nothing original to offer. Trump 2020 🇺🇸🦅

  21. I would vote for neither. I’m not going to vote for a racist or a segregationist, regardless of what party they are in.

  22. Trump will take the lead after debates………

  23. The timing of the corona virus is just amazing. Just in time for the election. Trumps defeat has obviously been engineered.

  24. Biden got the same chances as a snowball in hell. Democrats rig elections results. The GOP isn’t much better.

  25. David McDonell

    Right now I will vote green, Biden could get my vote if he support Medicare for all and green new deal

  26. Big Brother Thunder

    3 points in Dementia Bingo probably

  27. Put Joe Biden in a room full of people suffering with Dementia….If Joe Starts a fight Joe has Dementia.

  28. SulphuricAcidForTheSoul

    Joes dementia is now affecti g his bowels. Yesterday he defecated all over his top aide

  29. trump talking out of his A** like always, he says the same Sh** over and over again. It’s just rephrased different. If this man gets re- elected it will be a re-run of the last 4 years.
    Choose Wisely people, make your Vote count..

  30. Bethany Vincent

    You have two options Trump or a nuclear winter. Trump haters would vote for a mushroom cloud

  31. Joe Biden is too old to be president

  32. I’d rather have a president that can’t articulate in the moment, then someone who has time to think and plan and still is outrageous and idiotic

  33. whatever you may think of Trump, you Americans need him now more than ever so that he can get you out of this recession by creating jobs! Biden is a joke and he is like a cow that will sit on the president chair and do nothing at all and make enough money again to buy Epstein’s mansions and islands! Trump makes mistakes because he tries to do something and out of 100 things, you will get 10 mistakes or a little more but why don’t you look at the 90 good things he does??? You guys were on top of the job market and economic progress up until COVID-19 but he promised that he will get you back to normal and even better so shut up and be grateful that you have a president that cares about his people’s livelihood!

  34. Joe Biden is a racist… I’m a black guy who has parents who remember his deeds very well. And I have done the research to confirm.

  35. I don’t understand who would stand along with Trump, he has done nothing productive for his country, all we see is starting war everywhere instead of focusing on improving US . His actions constantly destroying US and global jobs, economy, international trades, creating massive debt bubble put it to stock market, criticism with fake data and lie about US is earning billions of dollar. Extremely Poor control of virus leading to most deaths and put the blame to else where. Shame, the next US president will have to tidy his mess, but I’m glad its almost over.

  36. Julio Carrasquillo

    Nobody believes these polls

  37. #Trump2020
    If Biden does win it will be because people want to see a Female President cause we all know Biden is not there and will have to step down!

  38. Trump acts like he owns the white house

  39. Trump is a wannabe Dictator. Don Jong Un has to go. Trump is anti-American.

  40. You can’t believe anything Trump says. He doesn’t have a clue.

  41. Crackhead Donnie virus knows he’s going down. I can’t wait till he leaves office

  42. Just ignore what harris said about biden at last debate,,,just ignore all the women who accused him of sexual assault, just forget he is a groper and hair sniffer,,,just forget his gaffes,,just forget his son hunter working for Ukraine,,,just forget he has already been there 51 yrs and done nothing,,,he was vp for 8 yrs and got nothing done!..and just forget he cant possibly make it through his 1st term, let alone a 2nd,,..GO trump 2020!!!!!!!!!!

  43. oh no…this is catastrophic! do NOT let biden win! if you care for america/humanity and want to live still, do NOT vote for biden!

  44. Trump 2020 🇺🇸💗✌

  45. I’m voting Biden 💙 Harris for the huge win. This is the first time I donated $ for any campaign.

  46. Jason Holloway

    Vote early this is a dangerous time 45 is a mad man save the U.S. BLM

  47. surfer2003 01098095795

    The Dems had 4 long years to find someone to defeat Trump and they chose a77 year old senile man who obviously is struggling and he chose a half black inexperienced vice president just because of her race to get votes come on man.

  48. The Republiclowns are the most corrupt cowards in the history of America … truly disgusting liars. They will pay dearly at the ballot box‼

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