Mahomes owns a “share” of the Royals, investments include BioSteel products

Patrick Mahomes is taking over/

Patrick Mahomes rolling in dough. 

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KANSAS CITY — Let’s give Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes some credit. The 24-year-old wunderkind is investing his $503 million wisely. Just days after purchasing minority ownership of the Kansas City Royals, Mahomes acquired a share of a sports nutrition company called “BioSteel.” The Canadian-based entity made the announcement on Tuesday with the following statement: “We’ve provided Patrick’s trainer Bobby Stroupe with BioSteel products for years and have always known Patrick to be a big fan of the brand. As we move into the U.S., the timing made sense to partner with Patrick.”

Mahomes, needless to say, is equally stoked. The Super Bowl MVP plans to market BioSteel products to young athletes pronto. “I have been using BioSteel products for years,” Mahomes recounted. “And I love that its products are all-natural and sugar-free. I’ve been fortunate enough to be educated on sports nutrition by the best, and I want to pass along this knowledge to today’s youth.”

Mahomes is the only person on earth who’s having a good 2020.

He also has partnerships with State Farm, DIRECTV, Essentia, Adidas, Oakley Sunglasses and more.

Wouldn’t be shocked to see Mahomes run for Mayor.

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  1. Patrick Mahomes is literally the only person who is having a good year in 2020.

  2. Anthony Vaughn

    im surprise Mahomes doesnt own part of Chiefs
    maybe next year he will get a piece

  3. BrocktheBoxer Pup

    All around good, humble dude. He’s great for the sports world.

  4. Walmart Worker

    the chiefs gave mahomes half a billy now he’s buying everything………. love it

    he’s worth every penny

  5. All the best Patrick THANK YOU for being a good character person may the grace of GOD BLESS YOU and your loved ones

  6. No player in sports is worth a half billion dollars the chiefs smart over 6 yrs he will make 180 som million they gon trade him soon as they see a decline they did it to lock him up so won’t no other team get him he gets 140 guaranteed I think that’s all he’s getting KC NOT giving this man a half billion u can forget that no player is worth that much now let’s see how he performs see what happened to joe flacco when he got that big deal the following yr he was trash

  7. Pat mahomes cannot possibly live up to this contract, you heard it here first

  8. Nissan370Z Glass

    All hail the glorious Chiefs!

  9. Mahomes and BioSteel make a great team

  10. Institutional racism is the U.S. is really holding Mahomes back. Poor guy😢

  11. Pat: $503M in 10years.
    Floyd Mayweather: hold my beer.

  12. Noah Weintraub

    Mahomes got that $$$$$$$$$$$

  13. Someone get that man some cough syrup or a covid test or something. Yeesh 👀

  14. mahomes will regret buying the royals…………. they stink

  15. I’m still a poor white boy.

  16. Mahomes is 24 and a half billionaire

    Im 39 making $12.00 an hour

  17. Ummmm I just have one question then I’ll leave…… How in the f… Do you pay one football player a half of a billion dollars in an economy that’s all ready in debt? How is that possible?

  18. Before turning 25 this kid has accomplished everything in the league and is already set for life, not to shabby lol!

  19. Mahomes For President

    He is worth every penny

  20. $503 mil is too fuckin much

    they wont be able to pay other players

  21. I don’t get how people say you can’t pay anyone that much money. I get it, 503 mill to any player is way too much, but if that’s what he wanted what are you gonna do? Say goodbye to pat mahomes? No you gotta pay the franchise qb what they want and it’s up to the organization to build the best team they can

  22. fwdfdfsa111133

    Mahomes going to be the first billionaire football player. 503 million dollar contract with the NFL, contract with Oakley, contract with Adidas, and he’s already doing commercials. It’s an honor to watch this guys career

  23. Giving a black athlete $500 million? Sounds like r4cism. How about the ‘Chiefs’ logo and name? R4cist. Garbage pandering league

  24. Jimmy Cracked Corn

    Mahomes should use his $503 million to buy the Royals some good players

  25. Austin Sandifer

    This Man is on fire and cant be stopped,let’s go Mahomes🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!

  26. Not shocked at all. Pat Jr. wanted to be in KC, and he just proved it. Good deal for a great young man. Great deal for the Chiefs. There is so much upside for everyone in the agreement. They all knew it and followed through with it.

  27. Kansas City is a fun town. I may have to relocate myself.

  28. Hector Rodriguez

    SHOW me the money!!!💰💰💰💰💰
    -Jerry Maguire

  29. Invincible Speaker

    Mahomes be like: “Tell em to bring me my money!” 😎

  30. 500 million dollars to throw a football, lmao

  31. He’s a great QB but it makes me sick that he’s getting that kind of money to throw a freaking ball. Greed is killing pro sports, and the fans pick up the tab with rising ticket prices. I hope there’s no NFL this year and they lose billions.

  32. Mahomes is the man. MVP, Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP, $503 million contract and baseball owner

    Let’s put him in the Hall of Fame right now!!!!!!

  33. Dominic Malnar

    @Lunchmeat: I am from KC. I love Mahomes. I think he is the best. BUT CHILL OUT ON TALKING ABOUT THE HALL OF FAME. He’s only been an NFL starter for 2 years. Let him grow. Let him play. You are putting a ton of pressure on a guy who still has a lot to grow as a player

  34. None of these athletes “Deserve” this kind of money for such an insignificant contribution as playing sports.

  35. Anthony Vaughn

    im surprise Mahomes doesnt own part of Chiefs
    maybe next year he will get a piece

  36. William Barnes

    He’s setting up his post NFL baseball career. Dont think he’s not going to play baseball at some point.

  37. carbon.the. christ

    Mahommes should have demanded a piece of the Chiefs. I could see baseball not even existing in 20 years time. Soccer could even overtake baseball people will be so disinterested.

  38. Maholmes wasn’t raised geto. He will be successful.

  39. Patrick Mahomes he’s one of the good guys great quarterback all around good human being let’s go Chiefs !

  40. This man kids kids will be str8

  41. michael Castle

    I thought that the KC Chiefs organization was a dumb one, but now I’m surely sure of it! They go out and give Mahomes all of that money without talking into account that there’s no possible way to ascertain what’s going to happening going forward with the NFL in terms of revenue! With the Covid 19 pandemic coupled with many folks boycotting the NFL, for its politically correct stance, there’s no telling how hard football, and all sports for that matter, will be impacted! What a brilliant move on your part KC….. Hehehe hehehehe hehehehe LMAO 😂

  42. Football Starr

    Mahomes is the GOAT

  43. A 10 Year 500 MiLLion DoLLar NFL FootbaLL DeaL 460 MiLLion DoLLars Something Like That He Gone Be The Kansas City ChiefS Starting Quarterback For A WhiLe For 10 Years Straight ProbaLy Longer Somebody Said Nobody Never Got Paid That Much in ProfessionaL Sports History in Sports History NFL FootbaLL


  45. Mahomes is the Future GOAT 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  46. Michael Gilmore

    Regarding his $500+ million deal, “I will be able to take care of my family and generations to come,” says Patrick Mahomes. That’s his White side speaking🏈💵💳💰🏦. Rarely do you hear Black athletes and entertainers say that. As a matter of fact, I never heard any Black professional say they want to make money and passed down to generations💯🙏🏿👍🏿💙.

  47. SirRawLee TheWalrus

    Half a Billion Dollars? When is America going to stop being the most wasteful and diabolical country. What a F’ing joke. America Sucks Dix.

  48. Miguel Suárez

    He seems like a very level headed guy!
    $500 M!!
    I just hope he is responsible with his money and not only keeps his wealth but also increases it.
    God bless you brother.

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