Domestic Violence Video: Evil girlfriend ‘steamrolled’ lover with car for cheatin’

Bashira Tripp murders boyfriend/

Jilted girlfriend steamrolls lover. 

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NORFOLK — Law enforcement officials in Norfolk, Virginia are investigating after 34-year-old Bashira S. Tripp ran over her cheating boyfriend twice with her car, leaving him unresponsive in a pool of blood. The sanguinary ordeal transpired in front of a throng of bystanders Thursday afternoon around 3:45 p.m. outside a shopping center in the 5900 block of E. Virginia Beach Boulevard. It was also livestreamed on Instagram. Graphic footage shows Bashira berating her inamorato, Duke Johnson, as he laid motionless on the pavement.

She also threw a bumper on his body after expectorating on him.

Now that’s some cold-blooded sh*t.

All of this happened in the presence of their son.

“I hope you’re dead! F*ck you bitch!” Bashira yelled. “That’s what happens when you leave your wife! I gave you eighteen f*cking years of my life!” When police arrived, the psychotic damsel sat on the hood of a squad car and waited to be arrested. Then she gyrated in jubilation while being handcuffed.

Duke was transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

His body flew several feet in the air when the car struck him.

Bashira told investigators Duke put his hands on her first.

She’s charged with aggravated assault.

Just goes to show hell hath no fury like a ghetto chick scorn.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. As if she never cheated on him in her entire life

  2. Oh my … Lord Jesus

  3. George and Angela

    To be honest yes she wrong but yet he deserved it she gave him 18 years of her life when he cheated on this lady it’s sad because why marry someone and cheat but yet she’s also wrong because she could of prayed and moved on

  4. @George and Angela: How can this be “wrong” and “deserved”? You’d rather try to play both sides, and contradict yourself like an idiot, instead of just holding her accountable for her own choices. What she did to him does not equate to what you claim he did, even if he did cheat on her. Are you kidding? Running him over, and continuing to attack him while he’s laying in a pool of blood, and doing it in public. Let alone, where is your evidence that he cheated on her? Let alone, apparently she cheated on him, and he was leaving her, and she was too into herself and egotistical to take that. When you say something is “deserved”, you are by default agreeing with it. You are just as sick as she is. yet I wonder if she’ll try to claim he deserved it, when she’s in front of a judge and jury, and not behind the relative safety of a digital screen like you. She’s a coward and so are you.

  5. I came here to find out what was the conclusion? Did she go to prison,did he die?

  6. @Mrs.2u: I heard he died but it’s not in the public

  7. Cant have double standards ladies for real foreal… 18 year 18 year… so so sad yes… but now she could be facing 10-18 yrs. Abuse is never ok man. I love black woman and black love… but we cant keep Co-signing Trama and abuse as if its natural in a relationship

  8. Jay _TooGoated

    So this is the black queen y’all talking about smh 😬 but when I say I prefer white woman i am a colorist and i am self hatred the world we live in today bruh is fucked up 😓😔

  9. She’s a keeper!

  10. Though nothing justifies murder but can any of you imagine all of the mental and emotional abuse he must have put her through for her to do that to him? It is obvious that she was deeply in love with him but he knew that he didn’t mean her any good. So instead of leaving her like a real man would, he probably stayed to used and lived off of her like damn roach! So guess what? He got squashed like one.

  11. Lynnette Dixon

    Covering that man & he isn’t even dead🤷🏽‍♀️ 🤦🏽‍♀️. Damn!!

  12. @Terry Howard: He was actually trying to leave her and almost got killed for doing so. He is the victim in this not her.

  13. Sure you gave him 18 years but you cut off possibly 80 years of life

  14. Coolgirl 51918

    These niggas gotta stop playing with women

  15. Xxthtoneguy420xX

    If the genders were reversed nobody would have a problem dropping their opinion on it but woman even after killing someone was the “victim” woman truly have privilege he fuckin died and all people got to say is he’s a cheater they out a sheet over somebody without even checking if he was dead this whole thing is fucking disgusting

  16. Ronnie L Brown

    Black girl magic

  17. The double standard is sickening. If a man slaps a woman he is demeaned as a villain regardless of what she said or did. But a female can purposely take someone’s life and there are people in the comments trying to paint her as a victim or caring about her side of the story. Straight evil… Praying for him and his family.

  18. Stay away from those manly bitches.

  19. She snapped that’s a real thing people black out and go crazy. I just hope that she feels remorse later. This is sad sometimes we have to leave before it gets to this point.

  20. Pfft Shtroopes

    She mad cause he can’t give her black eyes no more?😢

  21. Veronica Edmonds

    Damn she could’ve just left the marriage…we all have a options too leave or stay this was plain old heartless ……..well satan won this one

  22. He might want to think twice about ever cheating again….lol

  23. she going to prison over a man …..

  24. A kween. Smh

  25. She cheated on him and he found out and broke up with her. And she was upset because he Wanted to move on without her. And she wasn’t letting him go.

  26. Doesn’t get more ghetto than this.

  27. Musikforthemasses

    @Jay Jones: If y’all hate black men so much, by all means do you boo boo. Every women has a vag so we can and will continue to move around. But black men are not your property. Y’all so busy trying to train someone how to love you when you need to be training yourself how to love your damn self

  28. Charles Claybrooks

    He tried to leave her because she is a psycopath… this….. American women are sick and that’s why they have the highest single parent rates and lowest marriage rates

  29. she fucked him up

  30. It’s a shopping center. There is no police or security in the area?? smdh…

  31. She’s a gotdamn DEMON!!!

  32. That’s messed up! I see why, he left her. Guess she’ll be sitting in prison, for 18 years or more. Sound like an episode on Snapped. Sorry! Ain’t no way, I’m gonna lose my freedom over a man.

  33. Street Soldier

    We need her in the military. She’ll take out the Taliban all by herself.

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