Domestic Violence Video: Evil girlfriend ‘steamrolled’ lover with car for cheatin’

Bashira Tripp murders boyfriend/

Jilted girlfriend steamrolls lover. 

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NORFOLK — Law enforcement officials in Norfolk, Virginia are investigating after 34-year-old Bashira S. Tripp ran over her cheating boyfriend twice with her car, leaving him unresponsive in a pool of blood. The sanguinary ordeal transpired in front of a throng of bystanders Thursday afternoon around 3:45 p.m. outside a shopping center in the 5900 block of E. Virginia Beach Boulevard. It was also livestreamed on Instagram. Graphic footage shows Bashira berating her inamorato, Duke Johnson, as he laid motionless on the pavement.

She also threw a bumper on his body after expectorating on him.

Now that’s some cold-blooded sh*t.

All of this happened in the presence of their son.

“I hope you’re dead! F*ck you bitch!” Bashira yelled. “That’s what happens when you leave your wife! I gave you eighteen f*cking years of my life!” When police arrived, the psychotic damsel sat on the hood of a squad car and waited to be arrested. Then she gyrated in jubilation while being handcuffed.

Duke was transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

His body flew several feet in the air when the car struck him.

Bashira told investigators Duke put his hands on her first.

She’s charged with aggravated assault.

Just goes to show hell hath no fury like a ghetto chick scorn.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. What. The. Fuck!!! No relationship is worth this. She should have just left and now the 18 years she felt in prisoner by him will be 25 to life of real imprisonment. A damn shame.

  2. Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned, aka, when a woman’s fed up, aint nothing you can do about it…its a thin line between love and hate…

  3. ReppinRealBrothas

    Her and the lawyer are going to run the “battered spouse” defense. She better have prior 911 calls and video footage in that parking lot, that she was in imminent danger. If not, her ass is doing 20-25 years min.

  4. Ignorant ghetto bitch

  5. May that man RIP ….I just find it real odd how Black people want the police defunded and yet they are the first to call the police.

  6. he shouldve dated a white woman

  7. Stupid ass woman, I hope she gets the death penalty. We got to make BLM make sense because it involves anytime one of us are senselessly murdered. This is one of those cases.

  8. Harlem2Hollywood

    This bitch stayed on the scene that’s only thing I commend her for I bet she got on the phone like im about to go to jail bring me some food ummhunn yeah I did I hit that nigga girl call my momma😂😅🤣bet you she crying her ass off right now hoping the judge sets her free nahh bitch million dollar bail

  9. FCK urthoughts

    It’s no telling what he did and 18 years wasted people don’t be understanding what someone will do if you cheat on them on them and they faithful

  10. Caramel Kisses

    These dudes better learn to stop playing with these women hearts and emotions! If you wanna have community 🍆 BE SINGLE!!

  11. Damn she gave him 18 years now she going to do life in prison. My ex husband cheated and I divorced him. I gave my ex 27 years we were dating since High School. Just move on all that anger and violence is not going to change a thing. I separated all of our accounts. Kicked him out and packed up all of his stuff. Cashed in the CD’s opened a new bank account and moved on. Filed for divorce in August
    finalized in January and married my new husband in March.

  12. Silly bitch was too ignorant to leave.. Now her bitch ass will be in prison over a broke man’s dirty dick!

  13. @Kitty: That’s kinda quick after a divorce as far as getting married to the new dude…were you cheating?


  15. 🌷RannaMonai🌸🌊

    That’s crazy, I guess I’m just a calm ass person I’ve been cheated on …
    I didn’t yell scream ..
    Blame the girl ..
    Fight him .. I just nodded to what he had to say and walked away 🤷🏼‍♀️
    I be damned somebody get me out of my character smh.

  16. Under the jail is where she should go. And her main claim was being cheated on not being abused. Miss me with the excuses for this whole demon manifestation. She evil. Its that simple.

  17. The_hoes_force_is_strong

    She lost in the end but its like this… not everyone takes heartbreak the same. Stop fucking with peoples feelings. If you want to me single,do that! Its the same when a man falls for a woman and she plays with his heart and hurts her ass. Not everyone can walk away, BOTH learned a lesson that day. 😆

  18. @The_hoes_force_is_strong: I promise u if he ran her over because he found out she had a baby with another dude or something like that yall would call him a monster and yall would never make excuses for him like he lost it. The way she acted in this video I’m positive she has abused him before

  19. So you wasted 18 years.. now you want to waste a good 15 years more behind bars ???

  20. Darkskinedition

    People are dating demons and don’t even know since they’re low level demons themselves. man cheat on you, ghost him and move on not shoot him. dont want a woman anymore, leave her dont cheat or play games. two aint sheit people got together and one of em outperformed the other. i hope all this drama was worth it for both of them. let me guess she’s gonna claim temporary insanity or crime of passion? you coulda been having drinks a blunt and food instead of whatever they serve in county jail. i cant.

  21. Some women will see this and say shes justified Some men will see this and understand why he was cheating. She hunted that man down ran him over twice and threw a car bumper on him cause she was unhappy in a relationship. Whatever hapened to breaking up. Both of em. Just end it before all this daam.

  22. Moochie Baby💋

    I’m scared to watch the video…

  23. Here to check dummies

    Send this toxic bitch away forever

  24. No man is ever worth your freedom. She is so stupid who cares if he cheated, why not leave and find better? Now she will rot in prison like Celie

  25. I’ve been telling you fools to avoid these black fefails for years!!!

  26. ANGel🇵🇷👼😈🐺♊☯️🇺🇲


  27. that’s a cold evil ass bitch, but that’s on dude, as i’ve said before, as a man, you always have to be on your guard, crazy bitches are a thing, check them bushes, the back of the seat, scope the parking lot, dudes be getting too comfortable and reckless, that’s how you wake up without a dick.

  28. Must have left him paralyzed if he is not moving like that. Wonder what drove her crazy? 18 years, maybe he was a narcissistic abuser. They will make you insane.

  29. cyberpunk 2077

    So what he cheated, that’s enough for him to lose his life? Get the fuck out of here.

  30. Harlem2Hollywood

    @UdontNoMeeee: No it was that Black Dick nothing else just the dick when she found out it’s not hers exclusively she went black girl
    Every man that had a relationship with a black girl has experienced this behavior just different levels of aggression from the wild beast of a bitch

  31. Why would I want to watch a video of someone being murdered?? This website is sick!! This is no excuse for murder. They weren’t married so she could have walked away a long time ago.

  32. she Spit on him and threw a bumper at his body. The jury will consider the facts. This bitch will get 15 to Life believe that. She could’ve walked away from an abusive relationship on any day.

  33. Everybody who laughing shut up they live out my hood and he was a good man he gave that selfish bitch everything plus he was just in my kitchen months ago with tears in his eyes because she fuck him over time after time idk what he did but he ain’t deserve to die especially like that he should’ve left her when he had the chance man damn. Then she killed him in front of they son with the car he just bought her but he selfish yeah right. Tighten up people

  34. She will get out in 6 months

  35. Waffle House Worker

    Stupid ass bitch

  36. Hate that everybody is making it seem like she’s crazy yeah she could’ve just left but CHEATING for 18 years … making a woman feel less than what she should messes a woman up MENTALLY. You don’t really know what that does to a person. It hurts. I wish she would’ve handled it different but I understand why she was so angry.

  37. That man on that ground is my cousin whose currently fighting for his life. I don’t know what happened but the resolution sure wasn’t leaving my cousin lifeless on the ground now fighting for his life. The have two children together

  38. Why did everyone just stand around recording?! Go check for a pulse!! Give him cpr if he needs it! DO SOMETHING! You’re just standing there going live for no reason when you could go help him and potentially save his life! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ #ignorance<

  39. Nobody deserves to killed. The one thing that women want and need from the partner is loyalty. And that is one thing that you will never find in another person. Women should seek God or get a dog.

  40. Jascha Daniels

    I wouldn’t want the Man to actually “Die” and leave this Earth. But this is what being driven to Insanity looks like..Men let this be a Lesson!!!! Every Woman ain’t gonna just take your shit, and if they do…be prepared for the day she decides to kill your damn ass for Playing games. Play with Fire yo ass gonna get BURNED. Was her actions Justified? Hell no. Could she have just left him? HELL YEAH. But he also could have saved her 18 years he wasted of HER Life by simply “walking away” with his games & drama. I am in no WAY Defending this individual actions for harming her Husband. But a Person CAN…..THEY CAN PUSH PUSH PUSH AND PUSH until you Explode and go off on the deep end. Hope he makes it. What’s left of em

  41. Homeboy ain’t dead, get that white sheet off him 🤦🏾‍♂️

  42. Salvador Amaya

    @DaeMurda_Beats: But it will be upgraded if he dies. Which is likely

  43. If a man, let alone a black man did this he would be charged with everything the cops could charge him with. This crazy broad need to be charged with attempt murder. Slapping him or even hitting him with car is assault, but running him over twice you trying to kill him, then hit him with bumper. Hopefully the DA will raise the charge.

  44. Elizabeth Feliz

    They need to take that weave off of her..

  45. This is what these women will do if you decide that you want to leave because your unhappy with the situation and grew apart. All she had to do was move on. When they decide to leave us they expect us to move on so she should have just moved on. This isn’t right at all. This is maniacal 😈

  46. These are your black queens. Smh

  47. Stop playing with peoples emotions. Y’all don’t know what he put her through for 18 years. Clearly she was pushed over the edge. The smart thing to do was leave, I agree, but clearly she was fed up.

  48. Not sure what’s worse; the woman running over the guy twice; the people just standing around as the guy lays there; or the two woman who pronounced him dead and covered him with a sheet? And you want to de-fund the police? This is the shit they deal with every day; they need a raise!

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