Social distancing be damned, Tech N9ne performed live at the Lake of the Ozarks

Tech N9ne performed in Ozarks/News Break

Tech N9ne has concert at lake. 

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LAKE OZARK — Social distancing be damned, Tech N9ne threw a concert Saturday night at the Regalia Hotel & Conference Center in Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks. More than 1,000 fans packed the joint to descry the 48-year-old rapper’s performance and none of ’em wore masks. They also stood less than 6 feet apart. To say there was a flagrant disregard for safety would be a vast understatement. Nobody gave a damn about coronavirus. This isn’t the first time protocol wasn’t followed at the Lake of the Ozarks.

If you recall, a big shindig went down at Backwater Jack’s on Memorial Day where hundreds of partygoers were caught on camera swimming, mingling and getting drunk while shunning social distancing guidelines. Then days after issuing a mask decree, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas was spotted at the lake hugging a handful of convivial women while failing to adhere to his own face covering mandate.

The United States has more than 5 million coronavirus cases.

Should the epidemic be taken more seriously?

Or, should we mimic the Ozarks and get on with our lives?

Watch footage of Tech N9ne’s Ozark performance.

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  1. William Snyder

    Wow, so many stupid people in one spot, time to rid the gene pool of them!!!!! Stupid, idiotic people and I hope some of you are reading this!!!!

  2. If myself or anyone I know gets covid19 from anyone that participated in this I will hunt you down like the animals you are and you will regret going to this party

  3. Thanks irresponsible people, you should be so proud.

  4. Welcome!!! to Ozarks lake where we cultivate coronavirus lol

  5. Michael Collins

    The virus is a HOAX you goofs Every healthy person MUST get outside Let the CDC tell you what to do? You bloody fools! It is a hoax!!

  6. It's Me Carlos

    the virus is fake

  7. Keefer Daniels

    To everyone who thinks is fake, go to a hospital and ask to go into the areas with covid and not wear PPE and expose yourself to this fake virus and let us know how it goes. I’ll be waiting for responses from those who actually do this.

  8. Joemari Cagulada

    Think about the people who sacrificed just to help those infected patients and look how these dumb asses seems nothing happened!😡

  9. Probably all trump supporters. A republican red state.

  10. late fall chill

    America is 4.5% of the worlds population, but America has 30.3% of the world’s Covid CASES. America is 4.5% of the world’s population, but America is 35% of the Covid all the world’s DEATHS. …. America is failing and these party people are part of the reason why. Freedom isn’t free, Freedom has a cost, but the dead and dying ones are the one’s paying for these jackasses so called “Freedom” every day. …. Math does not Lie.

  11. Bunch of idiots/morons

  12. User619 TLSDCA

    This is cool, as we need to see how bad or not bad of restrictions of Covid. For those who take part in the iso can enjoy the fun out of self made experimental views to have our own answer. For these packed places, it gives us that proof in 2 to 3 weeks from now of how Covid should be taken as serious or lightly. If the numbers of cases spike up along with hospitals filled to max , we can look back at these people and go ahead and continue our safety measures. If not, lets all go back to the norm..

  13. I just don’t get it!

  14. Psychoactivednb

    Bunch of Dude-Bro’s and their future sexual assault victims. 😂😂😂

  15. only a dumbass would risk dying at a tech n9ne concert

  16. How stupid are they.. Shame on you. Do you think doctors and nurses fighting with corona in hospital right now not doing this because they don’t know how to enjoy their life? Stop being ignorant

  17. It seems like a suiciding party 🎉

  18. woohoooo gimmie some C-O-R-O-N-A!

  19. The nerve of these young people enjoying them selfs

  20. Unemployed American

    Tech N9ne shame on you!

  21. tech n9ne aint worth it

  22. It’s not a law that says we have to social distance ourselves

  23. If they die from COVID-19, no sympathy from me.


  25. Jimmy Cracked Corn

    there is no virus you assholes

  26. Tammy 2trueblue

    I live at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we only had one covid case and that person is just fine. No worries.

  27. Control-a-virus that’s the whole thing.

  28. You lefties are idiots . These people in the Ozarks are Americans ! Bravo Missouri

  29. freedom party on

  30. Society has always had simple morons, and will continue to have simple morons. The low hanging fruit of society. Some people should not be allowed to breed. People should practice birth control.

  31. Fuck that mask

  32. Looks like sodom and Gomorrah times.

  33. @roger h 2: Your an idiot for buying Into the plandemic. Never let fear take away your freedom

  34. I see a huge spike coming

  35. only white people listen to tech n9ne music

  36. I bet the place smell like wet dogs

  37. Bring Me More Booze

    If you’re willing to risk your life during a pandemic to go to a Tech N9ne concert, you deserve COVID.

  38. Fucking dumbasses everywhere

  39. Stupid.

  40. Unpopular opinion, but I like the defiance. Social distancing is no way to live life.

  41. How is this in any way enjoyable? Never mind the stupidity.

  42. Chelbi Is My Name

    That looks like a big old CORONAVIRUS SOUP… 📹

  43. Voice of Reason

    It’s the elderly who die from it, so let the elderly quarantine themselves. If you want to social distance until it’s completely safe, you’ll be doing it forever.

  44. <<<<<< WILL ALL BE DEAD IN 3 WEEKS >>>>>>>>>☠☠💀💀☠☠💀💀☠☠💀💀☠☠😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  45. Dawson Provance

    Be Free! Fuck the news! Live your life!

  46. tech n9ne’s music sucks ass

  47. Walmart Worker

    Some people dont care if they live or die

  48. Not smart

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