Deion Sanders leaves NFL Network after refusing to take pay cut, weighs options

Deion out at NFL Network/Tony Dejak, AP

NFL Network and Sanders are done. 

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DALLAS — “Must be the money!” After 14 years of running his mouth, Deion “Prime Time” Sanders is leaving the NFL Network to pursue a métier in coaching. According to John Ourand at Sports Business Daily, the Hall of Famer was shown the door on Tuesday when he refused to take a pay cut from “what is surely a seven-plus-figure salary.” Deion, 53, has drawn plenty of opprobrium in recent days for lambasting pro athletes for opting out amid trepidation of the coronavirus pandemic.

“All Players OPTING out in all sports PLEASE BELIEVE the game will go on without u,” Deion wrote on Twitter. “This is a business & don’t u EVER forget that. There’s NO ONE that’s bigger than the game itself. Only the ref, umps & officials are that important that u can’t play without them. NOT YOU! #Truth.”

Alex Riethmiller, NFL Vice President of Communications, issued a statement lauding the outspoken analyst for years of satisfactory service: “Deion has been one of the key figures responsible for the growth of NFL Network. We thank him for his work and wish him the best in the future.”

This ain’t the first time Deion has lost a gig over money. If you recall, he left CBS 16 years ago after the network refused to double his salary from $1 million to $2 million. Nevertheless, Deion’s show “21st & Prime” was deep-sixed last year as part of an NFL budget truncate; making his cessation inevitable.

He started working for the league-owned cable channel in 2006 after playing 14 seasons in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens. Deion was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

Even though he failed to land a coaching gig at his alma mater Florida State, Deion has years of experience. He previously served as offensive coordinator for his kids’ high school football teams. His son Shedeur Sanders, who’s already committed to Florida Atlantic, is one of the top quarterback prospects in the class of 2021. Deion’s oldest son, Shilo Sanders, plays cornerback at South Carolina University.

Rumor has it Deion has joined Barstool Sports to talk trash.

Will you miss him on the NFL Network?

Was he wrong for excoriating the players?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Space Ghost Skaduwee's Perspective

    I looked forward to Watch Primetime on there because he WAS the show. Then you put Shannon Sharpe on there and L.T. and then it becomes hilariously entertaining. It’s a big loss, and I’m not going to be watching the show like that anymore.

  2. Deion missed games from turf toe lmaooo but wants yo criticize players for not playing during a apocalyptic

  3. I knew it was a matter of time, he might be tryna coach full time. Regardless, good riddance 😂


  5. Wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up on FAU coaching staff coaching his son

  6. Talking shit and thinking you can state your opinion..when that is not what’s on the white man’s agenda…Never should of clowned players

  7. Deion is going to coach

  8. If they don’t wanna play .. Just cancel out their contract and replace them. I can assure you, 1000s of people willing to take their place. Simple as that

  9. Rambo's Lil Brother

    NFL Network will miss him

    Good Morning Football iz gay as fuck and the other shows suck

  10. It's Me Carlos

    Deion, I hear Walmart is hiring.

  11. @Rambo’s Lil Brother: 1000% agree with you about NFL Network especially Nate Burleson sweet ass! Too gay on their early shows!

  12. Money talks. But he’s financially stable. So it’s no loss on his side

  13. Dion Sanders keep it 100 imagine if all 1st responders and doctors and nurses decided take a year off..Buuuuuuummmmmsssz

  14. The NFL gets mad all bc he said what was on his mind smh this world is way too money driven. At the end of the day anyone who doesn’t agree gets outted. It’s all because he was going against mainstream media and the NFL doesn’t want any backlash from it. smh.

  15. Good luck Deion. Wish you all the best.

  16. Best ever

    Michael jordan of football

  17. I can’t agree with Deion on this.

  18. Covid got fools all over the world horrified,The death rate is laughable and the media has these sheep giving up religious freedoms and holidays…..smdh

  19. Deion it’s not too late to apply for food stamps

  20. Coronavirus……🤣

  21. Nothing wrong with putting your family’s health before your job

  22. I hope they shut the nfl down this year NO GAMES!!!! The only thing Black People care about is football, and dont own shit in the nfl.

  23. Gregory Reynolds

    Young bums😆😂👍

  24. So “bad players” are being shaded for not playing because of corona? you want to the games to continue despite no decent cure… all that physical contact just to satisfy your entertainment, possibly increasing the already contaminated status of USA? you’re So F$cking selfish.

  25. Robin Hood's Cousin

    Good, glad they fired his ass. He talks too much shit.

  26. If thoses players get sick and die is deon gonna take care their families

  27. Center for Food, Faith & Justice CCF

    So sports are more important than life? Wow, I love Prime, but he’s wrong on this issue? Why is it that when it comes to real life issues that impact our community we continue to look to entertainers, athletes and retreaded so called “Black Leaders” i.e. political pundits and politicians. No of them including Prime as great as he is owns a team!

  28. Samuel Akiwumi

    Dion Sanders at 53 ain’t doing shit. 😅😅😅😅😅

  29. cameron martin

    Deion didn’t have to deal with Covid 19 in his day aids hiv etc yes but uhhh this is a bit different and we don’t even fully know if there’s actually gonna be a season

  30. Sanders is wrong here.. You can’t afford to catch this virus and take it back home to your kids or elders in your family.. People just need to get over their love of football for a second.. And attacking someone’s manhood for wanting to protect their families is just lame.

  31. Considering the US doesn’t have a handle on COVID-19 I don’t blame the players who opt out. It’s not about the game going on without you, that’s a given. Those who want to play will. It’s about taking responsibility for your own health, a choice which is bigger than the fans or a paycheck.

  32. These fools make millions while nurses, cops, firemen, and grocery store workers make pennies compared to them and they go to work…..these high priced, spoiled bums can too. So i can have my fantasy season lol

  33. F#@$ Deion.. He needs to remember that life is bigger then any game..

  34. show*n*telligence

    Real talk Deon

  35. Big ass softies they are healthy & strong worried about the corona! They just want to stay home & be lazy

  36. This virus has a 98% recovery rate smh

  37. You would be suprised how many players believe these owners and franchises actually care about them. Deion simply had to give them a quick reminder. Don’t base your decision on what these teams SAY to you. They will show all the empathy for your decision in the world, but then try to figure out how to cut bait soon as you leave the office.

  38. Lot of those players just don’t feel like playing and using the excuse that they are so afraid of Catching COVID-19 and bet you will see these same players on instagram on vacation and doing all sort of activities not thinking about the pandemic



  41. Prime is my guy but I don’t like the way he worded that tweet. Prime speaking like he’s a team owner. The players that opted out made a calculated decision not based on money and for that I respect them more. They put family and health over money. If he was still playing his stance would be different. He didn’t lie but he laced that tweet with guilt directed towards the players and that was foul.

  42. Jermaine Burgess

    So people can work at a supermarket but these dudes with topline doctors and equipment can’t play football

  43. Some of these guys have been dealing with cancer, or have newborns, or a family member with an immunity deficiency of some kind, and we must protect their right to exercise caution, and for the love of God Deion, you of all people who speaks about how fellow man should be treated and such, yet you’re gonna open a can of worms like that on people who have more at stake than losing a pay check for a year? Deion, you’re a better person than that, and you need to set the bar high always man.

  44. 21st and primetime 🏈🏈🏈🏈

  45. سلیم کہاں

    Fucking Shitbag!!!!! 😤😤

  46. Remington Bouyer

    You got to love Deion lol

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