Kemah Siverand is cut by Seahawks for “sneaking” a chick in hotel to have sex

Kemah Siverand got the boot/

Seahawks release horny cornerback.

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SEATTLE — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” belongs to undrafted cornerback Kemah Siverand who was released by the Seattle Seahawks after they caught him sneaking his girlfriend into the team hotel to get a piece of ass. And get this: he dressed her up in Seahawks gear in an attempt to disguise her as a player. Lord have mercy. The doltish escapade transpired earlier this week. It was also captured on video. Tom Pelissero of NFL Network broke the nonsensical news via Twitter.

“The Seahawks cut rookie CB Kemah Siverand this week after he was caught on video trying to sneak a female visitor into the team hotel,” Pelissero tweeted on Thursday. “Clear message on the responsibility everyone has in the NFL’s COVID-19 world: Put the team at risk, suffer the consequences.”

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, only team members and essential personnel are allowed inside the venue. That means no p*ssy whatsoever. Siverand’s girlfriend didn’t pass the litmus test for inclusion and he paid the price. The concupiscent defensive back was given a pink slip for violating protocol.

Did Siverand deserve to lose his job over some coochie?

Is it time for team officials to import COVID-free hookers?

Share your thoughts.


  1. desmond weston

    The coochie is still undefeated!

  2. You will lose money chasing girls but you will never lose girls chasing money

  3. Mane the bulshit that they come up with to destroy people’s lives

  4. DatNigga Jeezus

    I bet she left em after she heard he got cut

  5. During any NORMAL season I would say it’s an exaggeration for a team to cut a player for that.

    BUT during the Co-VID era, it does jeopardize the season so…yeah, bad move just for a quickee

  6. Christopher Alexander

    It’s amazing what lust can do to a man. I’m shaking my head right now.

  7. You gotta see it trough Seattle’s eyes , Russ expressed he didn’t want to come back because he got a family. So did other players, (due to covid) this was EXTREMELY selfish. He not a team player ONE BIT.

  8. I felt bad for him until I heard that he dressed her up in seahawks gear to better his chances of succeeding sneaking her in. It wasn’t a simple mistake. That was somewhat of an extravagant plan. He knew he ran the chance of getting caught. He chose to do it anyway. It sucks… but the penalty fits the crime, so to speak.

  9. Dude’s a certified SIMP

  10. DarkSide Rider

    This chick better have been just unbelievably gorgeous….dumb as sh** either way but I hope it’s at least the to save a tiny little bit of face 😂😂

  11. Imagine being able to tell your family you’ve finally made it only to turn right around and tell them you threw it all away over some coochie. smh. I’m embarrassed for him.

  12. Over some p*ssy bro? Really

  13. It’s funny because now she will probably leave him and fuck someone who can actually stay on the team

  14. They gonna call him the simp of the year! He put a chick over his money smfh

  15. All I’m saying is you never see white dudes or any other race doing this shit. Wasting opportunities

  16. That’s what you get when you’re taught and encouraged to value p-ssy over everything, including your race, dignity, intelligence, etc. We’re raised to be bed bucks and I’m glad there’s smarter dudes out here to represent us.

    No one is playing with you once you get into professional. When they’re trying to ensure there is a season and you’re put here trying to be slick….I dont have any sympathy for you. Ya’ll can, which is why we stay untrusted and underpaid. Keep playing when others aren’t.

  17. Changing Da Game

    I hate it for home boy, but this is funny as hell!!…..😂😂🤣
    Somebody need to do a comedy skit on this.
    Dave Chapelle…..Where are you bruh?

  18. You can tell some dudes whipped cause their willing to throw away everything they worked for, for sum strange🤨

  19. He is a football player dude could have gotten laid any other time, but mans just couldn’t wait

  20. “You know you done f****d up right?”🤔

  21. Austin Martinez

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes 😴

  22. Blackity Black

    It’s never that serious what an idiot.

  23. What a moron..if he gets covid I wouldn’t care. Ppl need to take this serious

  24. Matthew McCallister

    He jeopardized the NFL season for some coochie

  25. Daniel Olivares III

    bUt aThLetEs arE SupPosed tO be sMarT!!

  26. I hope that 🐱 was good because he gonna regret this later in life if he don’t get another chance thinking with that lower head mess guys up all the time

  27. the voice of reason

    He was just trying to get some booty I mean damn.

  28. Focus on your money bruh women will wait, damn cuh.

  29. stupid fool threw away his career for a hoe smh

  30. Anthony Freeman

    Personally I think they overreacted. We were all young once and did some dumb shit. Hell even as adults we do some dumb shit. I’d definitely cussed his ass out. And told him he’s on thin ice. If he’s late for practice he’s cut. If he’s late for a team meeting he’s cut. If he’s late for a team luncheon he’s cut. If he’s late for film session or CB’s meeting he’s cut.

  31. These so-called “alpha male millionaires” are the biggest simps out there. Nothing macho about them–like at all. They act like 16 year-old, acne warriors in heat. Then they wonder how they get fleeced by golddiggers so routinely. Power as a man, when it comes to women, is not determined by how many women you have the skill to get. Rather, it is determined by how many women your have the will and fortitude to turn away. Learn that, younglings…and FAST….The age we live in is fiercely anti-male. Your yearning for instant carnal gratification has been weaponized against you. Be an alpha. Make yourself unavailable. Valuable. Coveted.

  32. Black players and white women 🤦🏽‍♀️ lol; just have to have them. She is about to leave him now; he don’t have money.

  33. Alpha Male Mentality

    All that hard work down the drain probably over some basic as pu$$y too 🤦🏽‍♂️

  34. Gave up a NFL career, millions of dollars, a chance of alot of ass afterwards. For a chic thats built like a linebacker. Brotha your going down in Seahawks history as the 2020 covid-19 dumbass. Smh.. 😆

  35. brycethestreamer 2k

    Cheeks over checks

  36. The power of horniness. No one is safe to it’s power. This rookie screwed his career lol

  37. Dequinte Robinson Jr.

    They wouldn’t have released Russell Wilson

  38. never let pussy come before your cash

  39. Thudercats Linebacker

    It was a basic looking white woman too, she look like an WholeFoods Cashier 🤦🏽‍♂️

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