“Tiger King” Joe Exotic joins probe into disappearance of Carole Baskin’s hubby

Joe Exotic believes Carole Baskin killed her husband/Knewz.com

Tiger King joins homicide probe. 

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FORT WORTH — Misery loves company and, despite being incarcerated, the “Tiger King” is hellbent on taking Carole Baskin down with him. As he awaits a presidential pardon, Joe Exotic (né Joseph Maldonado) has joined an FBI probe into the disappearance of Carole’s first husband, Don Lewis, who vanished in 1997. Rumor has it she fed him to her ravenous felines. Carole, however, repudiates the claim. The Tiger King’s prerogative to snitch comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed by Don’s three daughters who held a press conference the other day offering a $100,000 reward for corroboration.

Joe has already garnered approbation to conclave with Lewis family attorney John Phillips to divulge particulars. Don, who died a millionaire, came up missing on August 18, 1997 after leaving his Tampa residence. He filed a restraining order and threatened to divorce Carole prior to disappearing.

Investigators have yet to pinpoint attestation of foul play. But they said it’s highly unlikely Don disappeared on his own. Carole, CEO of “Big Cat Rescue,” inherited his riches after he was pronounced legally dead. Then she remarried and used the mazuma to launch her animal rights business.

Do you suspect murder?

Does Joe deserve a pardon?

Share your thoughts.


  1. DQ paranormal Talk


  2. DS Doggo Boi DSグッドボーイ

    I swear I wish them big cats could talk they know the full story.

  3. I hope Joe Exotic does get a presidential pardon.

  4. Hope Herrington

    CaRoLe BaSkIn KillEd HeR hUsBaNd WaKeD hIm FeD hIm To TiGeRs tHeY sNaKiN

  5. 100 billion percent she fed him to the tigers 💯💯💯

  6. Rita Tangataevaha

    Joe doesn’t deserve to go to jail

  7. Carole baskin killed her husband wacked him

  8. MangoBerries YT



  10. Jin’s Horse Laugh

    Carole Baskin, Killed her husband WHACKED him. 🐯

  11. She is a Witch..


  13. Franky4Fingers

    That’s why I don’t go to Baskin Robbins lol 😂

  14. I don’t think joe should be the only one to serve time. I think everyone should. Point blank period

  15. I used to think that carol baskin was married to joe until I heard he was gay😂

  16. Samurai man 3000

    Free the king

  17. Joe looks like a 80’s rockstar

  18. Why does Joe exotic look like a woman

  19. Carol baskin killed her husband whacked him cant convince me that it didnt happen fed him to tigers they snacking carol baskin

  20. I still haven’t seen this I’m gonna watch it 😂

  21. Ashley VanDyke

    Lmao This Netflix show was mad funny. I can’t believe it was based on real people.

  22. I think Exotic Joe is right about Carole Baskin. Police already thinks something wrong they should investigate

  23. SuperCoolGuy808

    Me:Carole Baskins who did you piss off lady.
    Carole: I ain’t pissed off nobody.
    Me: Liar! She Lies!!! Is that why you hate Joey exotic because you’re jealous? Jealously is a very ugly thing lady.

  24. Bøøsted Plays

    Shot her husband WHACKED EM

  25. Oreospoon Twitch

    Carole Baskin clearly did it

  26. is it me or Joe Exotic looks like first cousin of Donald Trump…

  27. It can’t be said that I like and support Joe after all he has done, or all the crazy and violent things he has inside of him, however, I don’t trust Carole Baskin either. She proved that she was doing and saying kind things, but in reality, the way she acted was really shallow, ridiculous and fake. What I have read after the show ended gave me the thought that “Both of them are exactly the reflection of each other. The reflection of the darkest sides of their souls, and that’s why they hate each other so much. And of course, nobody is innocently kind here, only tigers are the most pitiful creatures in this story”. In addition, sometimes, I feel Joe’s madness/wildness is less obnoxious than Carole’s fakeness …
    One of the shows you should watch right now.

  28. I wonder if she has killed more people and fed them to the tigers like she did with her ex husband?


  30. carole killed that mothafucka and took his $$$


  32. So many innocent people in prison, or in there for pot charges, but this cold hearted woman is living the high life

  33. If you think Carole Baskin is innocent, you can go fuck yourself.

  34. Mile High Truth

    Fuckin bitch!

  35. carol baskin! killed her husband whacked him! fed him to the tigers they snacking can’t convince me it didn’t happen! carol baskin

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