Woman claims Cuba Gooding Jr. sexually ‘assaulted’ her twice in New York hotel

Cuba facing more charges/Photo: Eduardo Munoz, Reuters

Cuba Gooding Jr ‘facing’ charges. 

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NEW YORK — “Show me the… nooky?” Cuba Gooding Jr. is having a difficult time keepin’ his hands and penis to himself. The 52-year-old thespian was slapped with a civil lawsuit on Tuesday from a popsy identified as “Jane Doe” who claims he purloined her vulva seven years ago. The alleged rape transpired inside a New York City hotel room in 2013. According to court docs, Jane said Cuba got butt-naked in front of her then shoved her onto a mattress. Seconds later, the “Jerry Maguire” star inserted his phallus into her coochie twice against her will. Jane is seeking an unspecified amount of recompense and she’s asking the court for a trial by jury.

Cuba’s attorney, Mark Heller, called Jane’s accusations a goddamn lie. He’s seeking an acquittal. “The allegations against Cuba Gooding Jr. are false and perjurious,” Heller said in a statement. “There was absolutely no conduct committed in a criminal nature as alleged. We expect the case to be dismissed. It was an alleged incident that took place over seven years ago with no criminal complaint at the time.”

Cuba is already facing six counts of sexual abuse and forcible touching for separate incidents that took place between 2018 and 2019. So far, more than 20 women have accused the embattled actor of sexual misconduct. If you recall, last year, Cuba pleaded ‘not guilty’ to groping the asses of three prepossessing chicks in New York City nightclubs in 2018. He’s awaiting trial on those charges.

Do you think Cuba is guilty?

Are the accusers effectuating a money grab?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Innocent 💯

  2. Captain Obvious

    Fake news

  3. Celestine Meyers

    But they love these white women and she ends his career

  4. Throw the book at him and make him lose his career and money!!!

  5. People are fucking disgraceful. Just trying to get some money. Meanwhile REAL victims of rape and sexual molestation fighting just to be believed!

  6. cuba love that french vanilla pussy

  7. 😡The female dog thought she saw a quick money grab and went for it!!😡

  8. This was a setup

  9. This sh*t is outta control.

  10. That woman knew exactly what she was doing.

  11. Ruthless Lover

    bitch lying

    dismiss the case

  12. swanktheindigo

    Keep fw them yt bitches🤢

  13. Waffle House Worker

    why was she in the hotel room to begin with?????

  14. Sentido Común

    Fukin bitch just wanted money

  15. That stupid bitch was just trying to get a hand out I bet dumb ass bitch

  16. nigga better learn to social distance

  17. This is rediculous . Woman trying to get paid

  18. I’m sick of these women

  19. Boy them white girls always looking for a hand out always want some money 😂 told my sons no way… Stay away from them SCAMMERs lol not all but MOST

  20. Shes a bitch!

  21. Wow. Ridiculous that this is even a story

  22. I_am_untalented

    She came to him. F**king bit€h

  23. EASY MONEY!!!

  24. Bitches lie all the time

  25. They should make a TV series about the trial, Cuba could be played by OJ Simpson

  26. coltonphillips725

    And yet Joe Biden is running for president after he has been accused of raping a woman.

  27. thelucianiancu EVL

    Cuba’s lawyer talking like a mobster

  28. cuba leave them white women alone

  29. Just leave White Woman alone. Have we not learned anything from Emit Till?

  30. Celestine Meyers

    But they love these white women and she ends his career

  31. Never give woman attention and never touch them.

  32. Cuba Gooding Jr.

    I deny these allegations! – Cuba Gooding Jr.

  33. randomly chillin

    I used to think he was so innocent 😤😞

  34. Being black in America.

  35. Innocent in my opinion

  36. Nastassja Rose

    I don’t feel sorry for him. He knows how those type of women love to lie, but he want them so oh well.

  37. They should make a TV series about the trial, Cuba could be played by OJ Simpson

  38. Stay away from these devils! When will yall learn??

  39. Illuminati on his ass!! Hey watch it boy

  40. Stephanie Duncan

    🗣️leave THESE,LICE Head 👵👩 BECKYS alone black men✊🏽✊🏽

  41. Monica Thompson

    Well I’m still a fan of his..but he needs to stop drinking and find himself a rehab time…

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