I Can’t Breathe Video: White cop chokes “resisting” Muslim then mocks his faith

Muhammad Muhaymin killed by cops/Fox10Phoenix.com

Body cam shows Muslim’s death.

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PHOENIX — Law enforcement officials in Phoenix, Arizona have released body cam footage that shows police officers mocking the Muslim faith of 43-year-old Muhammad Muhaymin Jr. before choking him to death. The asphyxiation transpired in January 2017 after Muhammad tried to enter a public restroom with a service dog. He also had a warrant. Raw footage shows a handful of cops genuflecting on Muhammad’s back and scruff as he tried to wrestle himself free.

“Now you’re gonna [get arrested] for a felony, dumbass,” said the arresting officer.

As the scuffle intensified, Muhammad started experiencing respiratory issues — à la Eric Garner and George Floyd. “I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe… Please, Allah,” he begged as the officer handcuffed him. “Allah? He’s not going to help you right now… motherf*cker,” the cop retorted.

Seconds later, Muhammad vomited and died.

“I don’t feel a pulse,” said one of the officers.

“Oh, he’s dead,” said another.

Medical examiners at the Phoenix Police Department later determined Muhammad’s quietus was attributed to several maladies; namely “coronary artery disease, psychiatric disease, acute methamphetamine intoxication, and physical exertion during law enforcement subdual.”

In other words… he was high, he had a bad heart, and he was mentally ill.

The officers involved in Muhammad’s death ― identified as Oswald Grenier, Jason Hobel, Ronaldo Canilao, David Head, Susan Heimbigner, Kevin McGowan, James Clark, Dennis Leroux, Ryan Nielsen and supervisor Steven Wong ― were not arrested or charged, and they kept their jobs.

Ain’t that a bitch?

Police brutality has claimed the lives of many negroes.

Eric Garner died over a cigarette.

George Floyd died over a counterfeit dollar bill.

And Muhammad Muhaymin Jr. died tryin’ to take a piss.

A damn shame indeed.

Watch the horrifying videos.

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  1. Omg he even threw up….😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Your Money, Your Life

    Good God.

  3. The guy fought and fought the whole time.

  4. If you’ve ever had mental issues, you have most certainly dealt with the police. It can be pretty scary, the first time. You’re in the station, 7 very big cops sort of towering over you, as they put the cuffs on you. BUT. It’s protocol. And if you are smart, you know this because you realize that if you were someone else, taking on a combined weight of like 1400 pounds, in close quarters, you might be dead. Gotta be cooperative with cops, especially if you are in a tough place mentally. Eventually, if a doctor wants you to be checked out, the cops know who you are, they’re courteous, they send one cop to bring you to the clinic. He knows you. You know him. You talk about the show ‘Cops,’ as he drives you to get checked out. It’s a fine line between a good and a very bad situation, and a schizophrenic, like this guy, shoulda known. Course. This is the scariest clip I have ever seen. Cops have to learn to back off, too. This guy should still be alive, having fun with his little support dog. He seemed intelligent, and was communicating the whole time. He still died.

  5. These idiots. And people wonder why we’re pissed at cops.

  6. Is the dog ok?

  7. What would have happened if he didn’t have a warrant for his arrest? That dude’s dead.

  8. He died because he wanted to use the toilet. George Floyd died because of 20 $

  9. Over not letting him in the restroom with a dog, And racist remarks too The very least they should’ve been fired for that

  10. Ella Armstrong

    He had a dog omg this is horrible blm

  11. Niggaz Wit Attitudes


  12. this was in 2017 and now it’s a big deal? like wtf. i have multiple family members who are/were police officers. i have met many many many police officers and i can tell you they are NOT all like this. Yes this is extremely heart breaking what these officers did and most of them probably still regret this day. Don’t say all police are bad just because of these few idiots. Blue lives matter was well

  13. Officers are doing a great job!! 👍🏿👍🏿

  14. The cop called him a “mother fucker” for not being able to breathe?

  15. Why were they recording in the first place?

  16. melvina richards

    That whole thing was messed up from beginning to end 😞 bring this man justice

  17. It’s so heartbreaking to watch this video as a human being. And knowing that that underlying feeling of these officers is that this poor man’s life was worthless! It pains me so much! The state of humanity is in a MESS!!

  18. He just wanted to use the bathroom….My Lord!

  19. I’m so happy I don’t live in America! American dream? What American dream? To get killed? They don’t even care they killed him! “Oh he’s dead” karma is a B! Thank god I’m Canadian

  20. Why do cops love to kneel and stand on ppl and hold ppl down? Power hungry monsters.

  21. They knew exactly that they were killing him. They did that on purpose. They wanted to murder him and they did….They knew what they were doing.

  22. And police and bootlickers wonder why people resist the cops. This dude was fighting for his life

  23. Mah cookies UwU oh yea

    Wow I thought cops help but we all know now they are racist 😡😡😡😡😡😡 BLM

  24. This is disgusting. Because of the color of their skin?

  25. ALL these cops should be ARRESTED, charged, tried and JAILED! When someone says they cannot breathe they MUST STOP applying pressure on the body of the person IMMEDIATELY! What difference is there here with Floyd? Cops literally get away with MURDER! There is no stature of limitations on murder: CHARGE THEM!

  26. If you fight the cops you will get beat up…. and if you get beat up you might die simple…

  27. Cop’s are just killers payed with taxpayers money. Street romeing thugs! FTP!

  28. Don’t know why these people are so proud of being white skinned? We need to revolt against this so called white supremacy. We must. Otherwise, they will keep on killing innocent people.

  29. They should be Ashamed of themselves.
    May allah give muhammad the highest paradise
    And may allah forgive us all

  30. Scumbags of the earth.

  31. Police officers like this are mental and sick and need to die in a similar manner

  32. Yousef Abdulla

    Allah will make him shahid and send this pig police to hell

  33. Durdanah Mattoo

    May Allah avenge him.

  34. Messenger of Al'uzza

    I’m a white woman navy veteran and I have experienced police brutality twice. And know other whites who’ve suffered similarly and we weren’t on the news. The Illuminati only wants to cover racial/religious brutalities instead, and make it seem like it’s not already common knowledge that Al’lah is pre-islamic moon god(666)father to Al’lat,Al’ Uzza and Al’ Manat. Not every cop is swine, but brutality is not all about race or religion.

  35. Shithole country

  36. Yet ppl think america stands for freedom of speech and human rights. This is their true face. The administration of USA are trained to hate certain religions and act as racists.

  37. McKenzie Gaiters

    “I can’t breathe”
    The officer: stop moving ,shut up!
    Beyond heartbreaking.

  38. Mohamedi Mohamedi

    They killed him because he believe one God Allah and Jesus carpenter is not God disbelievers has harsh punishment

  39. Kevin Applegate




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