DC FanDome: Dwayne Johnson explains superhero “Black Adam” to rabid fans

Dwayne Johnson is Black Adam/Photo: DC Comics

Dwayne Johnson lauds Black Adam.

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HOLLYWOOD — Coronavirus be damned, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is keeping himself busy as a beaver these days. The 48-year-old entertainer is the host of “Titan Games,” he recently purchased the XFL for $15 million, and now we’ve learned he’s landed a cool “Justice League” gig. Yessir, Dwayne will portray Middle Eastern superhero Black Adam in the upcoming self-titled DC Comics flick. During his virtual appearance at Saturday’s digital DC FanDome extravaganza, the former WWE star explained to fans the valorous dramatis personae he’ll bring to life on the big screen.

“Superheroes have to exhibit a little bit of restraint when it comes to taking care of the bad guys, if you will,” Dwayne elucidated. “This idea that you can take all of Black Adam’s powers and he does not practice restraint, that makes for a really powerful combination, one explosive (and) very dangerous. And very likable, to me at least.”

The wrestling icon also appreciates the fact Black Adam was a slave. “He’s felt the burdens and pressures of a larger entity holding him down until he can’t take it anymore,” Dwayne said. “When you come from that place, it’s just a very different energy and it informs how he operates and delivers justice.”

If you’re a DC Comics fan, there’s plenty to look forward to.

“Wonder Woman 1984” will hit movie theaters October 2nd.

“The Suicide Squad” will premiere August 2021.

“The Batman” will premiere October 2021.

And “Black Adam” will premiere December 2021.

Now that’s a Warner Bros. lineup for your ass.

Watch the teasers.

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  1. I’m getting God of War vibes from this. Egyptian style 😮😃😄😁

  2. Yes Black Adam is the king bow down B* 😏

  3. SeRgEaNt RaNdOm

    I don’t care if this is an animated teaser with Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, The Batman, Justice League Snyder Cut and James Gun’s Suicide Squad it is a good time to be a DC fan

  4. he looks nothing like Black Adam

  5. The Optimistic Laden

    Wow…. Rock has joined DC…. now john cena will join marvel… We will see a rivarly in hollywood too…… Lol

  6. Roberto Subiabre

    Black KRATOS❓❓😂

  7. This is gone be a big hit of all time

  8. Dwayne Johnson is in every freakin’ movie.

  9. Black Adam: “After 5000 years, no one will ever stop me again”
    Me: Welcome to 2020, I guess you haven’t met Corona yet…

  10. Social distancing in theater?

  11. I hate dc

  12. snehank kamble

    someone give him a GOD OF WAR movie

  13. Black Adam : No one will stop me ! COVID-19: Right !

  14. Black Adam: let’s make it 5001 years

  15. Would be a good movie if its R rated

  16. abhishek kumar

    I don’t care about DC super heroes. I am only excited for this movie because of Dwayne Johnson.

  17. Konstantin Dinkov

    Oh God, THE HYPE IS REAL…..

  18. the Rock 🔥💥

  19. Call Him Dwyane , Call Him Adam But For Me He Will Always Be “THE ROCK” 🔥🔥🔥

  20. The Rock, as the Rock.

  21. Fly with Happiness

    Dwayne the Rock Johnson:
    The most electrifying man in the DC Universe

  22. The Rock should be Lex Luthor.

  23. Alexandra Aguiar

    looks like black lightning, the suit

  24. DeadlyDanDaMan

    Meh. I don’t see this as being very good. Dwayne isn’t as good of an actor as people think he is. Plus, he’s almost 50 years old. You seriously couldn’t find anyone a bit younger to play the part?

  25. Wwe: The Rock
    Reality: Dwayne Johnson
    Dc: Black Adam

  26. The rocks biggest mistake joining dc

  27. SuntanSuperman8

    There’s no way the Rock will be able to cut it in this role.

  28. Journey Manuel

    Thank u DC for releasing so much good content to help us get thru this let down of 2020 ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰👑👑👑

  29. After 5,000 years he picks the best year to return in 2020 pandemic! 😂😂😂


  31. Chance Loves His Wife

    I think Dwayne is a perfect choice for Black Adam lol

  32. I’m not gonna lie, after seeing this teaser I’m starting to think that maybe Dwayne Johnson wasn’t the right choice for this role, I love Dwayne Johnson but his personality just doesn’t seem like the right fit for a character like Black Adam, I don’t want Black Adam to be a guy who cracks jokes while fighting, is oozing with charisma and makes everything feel lighthearted and fun, Black Adam shouldn’t be a “fun” character, he should be a dark, intimidating character who means serious business, so my big fear is that the character is gonna feel too much like Dwayne Johnson and not enough like Black Adam

  33. The Huge Movie Fan

    This Movie will B BADASS

  34. The rock can’t act

  35. Dwayne Johnson is super excited about his role which makes me super excited to see the movie 😊 I think he poured and gave it his all. ❤ Hope him and his family recover from COVID 🙏

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