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GOP makes case for Trump presidency/

Republicans laud Trump’s policies. 

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CHARLOTTE — The 2020 Republican National Convention began Monday night with President Donald Trump accepting the GOP presidential nomination to kick off the four-day event. Amid chants of “twelve more years,” the Commander-in-Chief yapped his beak for nearly an hour before giving the floor to a handful of orators in a lineup that included former U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, attorney Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Donald Trump Jr. who said, “People of faith are under attack. You’re not allowed to go to church but mass chaos in the streets gets a pass.”

Guilfoyle, Trump Jr’s girlfriend, delivered the night’s most fervid oration inside a desolate convention room where she continued to raise her voice in rabid succor of President Trump. “He built the greatest economy the world has ever known,” she proclaimed. “President Trump is the law and order president!”

Mark and Patricia McCloskey — the St. Louis couple who brandished loaded firearms at “Black Lives Matter” protesters in front of their million dollar residence — also spoke. “America is such a great country that, not only do you have the right to own a gun and use it to defend yourself but, thousands of Americans will offer you free advice on how to use it,” Patricia said.

“It seems as if the Democrats no longer view the government’s job as protecting honest citizens from criminals but rather protecting criminals from honest citizens,” Mark added. “Not a single person in the out-of-control mob you saw at our house was charged with a crime. But, you know who was? We were. They actually charged us with felonies for daring to defend our home.”

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, the most prestigious Negro Republican in the country, wrapped up the segment with a peroration accusing Democrats of advocating a “socialist utopia” upon American citizens. He also said his family went from picking cotton to joining Congress in one lifetime.

Now that’s what I call progress.

Are you satisfied with the socioeconomic trajectory of America?

Does Trump have your vote?

Watch the speeches.

Share your thoughts.


  1. 12 more years? I’d die first.

  2. Both parties are bat shit crazy

  3. Wake up American peoples ,if peoples want freedom ,free faith ,not hunger ,vote for Republicans ,Trump ,Pence 2020 ,

  4. Nice speech Mr.Scott , i would vote for you in a heartbeat, unfortunately you are speaking on behalf of a con man which your beautiful speech cant eclipse anymore, BIDEN-HARRIS 2020 , Build Back Better

  5. Trump supporters are truly morons.

  6. “I’m married to Joe Biden” – Joe Biden

  7. Republican national convention strategy:
    1. Lie through your teeth
    2. Play the victim
    3. Be a Trump doormat/ ass kisser.
    4. Cry self to sleep every night knowing Trump will Never be accepted as normal in society.

  8. No way we’re voting for socialism. Democrats for Trump! Best convention ever! Thanks

  9. This election is so monumental. Never in the history of the USA has there been a President so vile, deceptive, misogynistic, corrupt and racist. In this RNC, I surprisingly saw a kinder more subdued version of Trump ( as if trying to emulate and copy Bidens successful DNC speech) desperate to show that he is empathetic and caring after-all—– but falling short of it because its not his true nature.
    No one that has carefully tracked him these past 4 years will be fooled by all those deceptive and manipulative last ditch efforts to change people’s minds. Its much too late for that!

    Trumps base are just naive, gullible easily-led sheep that are either brainwashed to be haters or letting Trump more deeply reinforce the hate they already inherited from past generations and have carried with them all their lives——– but the rest of us know better than to be fooled this by this evil bunker boy. The vast majority of Americans know a genuine CON MAN when they see one.

  10. Joanna Hammerstrom

    Voting in person for Trump! 💪🇺🇸

  11. President Donald Trump 2020 !!!!!!!the hero the greatest the incredible president ever ❤ ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Donald 😅 presidency has made USA a laughing stock to the rest of the world, four more years and you can forget being super 🔋

    Please get right with God NOW!


    I saw Jesus standing in my house, with two angels by His side. I came to Him and said, “Lord, I’m not worthy, but You are worthy.”
    He said, “Are you ready to go?”
    “Yes, Lord, I’m ready!”
    He said, “Prepare for liftoff.”
    “Today Lord?”
    “Said I not to make haste to prepare for My Arrival?”
    “Lord, I’m not concerned for myself. I’m just concerned for all the souls who aren’t ready to meet You. What about them?”
    “Just as I said to you, Beloved, he that is righteous, let him be righteous, and he that is holy, let him be holy. But the unbelievers and the profane shall have their portion in the Lake of Fire, which is the second death.”
    “Lord, what can I do? Please use me.”
    “Prepare for liftoff, Beloved. Dost thou have last words for thy unsaved family members?”
    “Yes, Lord. I pray for them, that after we are lifted off they may remain faithful until death, and will not receive the mark of the Beast, which is the ID chip/ tattoo, or vaccine tied to the coronovirus.”
    “I have heard thy prayer and have seen thy tears, My daughter. They that are with Me are called and chosen and faithful. Let him who hath ears to hear, hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.”

    Jesus is coming SOON!!!!

  14. Trump is the moronic buffoon that has put America to shame like no other person.. By all accounts, Trump is a complete disaster!! ✌️✌️Joe Biden for President to save USA✌️✌️…

  15. Black King-GF20

    Republican policy throw it out with the Garbage !

  16. Dominic Dowuona-Hammond

    Tim Scott 2024

  17. Courtney Gates

    The RNC was like watching a low budget wrestling promo,or that tv show in the heat of the night,or sum old country backwoods haw!! Django riding a horse!

  18. Kimberly Guilfoyle is the Anthony Sabato Jr. of the 2020 RNC.

  19. Nikki Hitler at RNC… Is it racist to say, that everyone can be racist?

  20. You can’t just point guns at unarmed peaceful people. The ultimate hypocrisy of white privilege.

  21. Is this ..North Korean TV? Seems like Americans have completely lost it once and for all.
    Imagine, there is STILL a chance that these Americans vote for Trump AGAIN.

  22. Greg MacIntyre


  23. I can’t even take my black ass to the store without these damn cops profiling me. Glad yell feel safe. Gotta pack a desert eagle and where a vest just to go to Walmart these days 🙃

  24. Super rich couple who illegally pointed their guns at black people. A perfect choice for today’s Republican Party. Rich, racist and unrepentant.
    🇺🇸🇺🇸Biden 2020

  25. Youssef Hegazy

    -“America is not a racist country.”
    Five seconds later.
    -“We faced discrimination.”

  26. Kimberly Guifoyle? I though her last name was Gargoyle…..

  27. America is a racist country. While you were giving your speech, an innocent Black man was shot several times in the back. What is that?

  28. Ghost Tales and Chill


  29. Now that was REALLY RACIST

  30. Is this a joke?

  31. When people who use guns to threaten people are invited to talk in a political convention, you knew you are f*** u*! If these are the family values that the republicans are advocating, you now wonder what happened to the party of Lincoln! White supremacist at its finest!

  32. U don’t want Biden or klamidia kamala!! She sleeps her way to the top and prosecuted 1,500 black men. She’s racist and leans towards her Indian lineage. Biden prosecuted many black men too! Both racist!!

  33. cocaine would explain Kimberly’s speech

  34. I love how this is happening as Jacob Blake gets shot 7 times in the back by police when he was unarmed

  35. I can smell the booze from here. Or is it booze and coke? Good thing coke doesn’t smell or we’d all have a contact high. I bet Trump Jr heard about the criminal referrals the Republican lead Senate Intelligence committee made last week regarding him and Jared so he’s gonna booze it up until they put cuffs on him.

  36. How embarrassing, tim scott, trumps token black friend – horrible voting record on this clown

  37. Wow what a batshit crazy piece of work Kimberly is. Nothing like lying and fear mongering to make Trump’s little cult followers crap themselves from excitement. Feel like you’re in North Korea yet? And I find it incredibly pathetic that he cannot get anybody relevant or credible to speak for him… I mean his sons girlfriend? Really?

  38. You can either vote for Biden, whether you like him or not, or vote for the authoritarian clown that will make America a monarchy soon and where you’re not entitled to freedom of speech, protesting and basic human rights , your job is to submit to the attention seeking clown and the second you contest it, you’re out of a job. Vote Biden.

  39. Bring Me More Booze

    Christ, what an ugly, hate-filled couple. Of course Trump loves them.

  40. Kim Guilfoyle Newsom did a fabulous job I’m on your team girl

  41. kim is on drugs

  42. Hungarian Spectator

    I’m wondering why so many white Americans are antiwhite. As far as I know the McCloskey couple helped a lot of non-whites in their legal cases… however non of this mattered to the angry BLM/Antifa mob: after breaking down the gates all they saw was a wealthy white couple so they started shouting insults and threats at them. The couple were justifiably in fear of their property being destroyed and their lives considering all the chaos, violence, looting and burning that BLM/Antifa brought to America in recent months.

    Another important point: if you’re white no amount of apologizing, groveling, virtue-signaling or “anti-racist” action will save you when this antiwhite system (with its media, “woke” corporations or cultural marxist “intellectuals”) decides that you are the “evil racist” to be destroyed simply for being white. How about starting to take your own side? Why can’t you have solidarity with other white people in America and around the World?

    The way I see it from here it’s not about ideologies… you can’t “intellectualize” yourselves out of this situation. And to be clear: being pro-white/standing up for white wellbeing DOES NOT MEAN that you want to harm or treat non-whites unfairly!

  43. i think tim scott is a great person that knows how to TALK. would love to see him get nominated as a candidate once trump leaves office.

  44. Gustavo Parrilla


  45. Trump 2020. RNC is inspiring. DNC really sucks ass.

  46. I heard Kimberly Guilfoyle shouting on TV, and my TV was NOT even ON …. 🤣

  47. Patricia McCloskey: Best example of a “Karen”.

  48. Much Love N Hugz

    This comment section got me on the floor crying 😂😂

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