Jacob Blake Shooting: Jason Whitlock ‘lambasted’ LeBron, called him a bigot

Whitlock calls LeBron a bigot/ClutchPoints.com

Jason Whitlock hammers LeBron. 

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LOS ANGELES — Former Fox Sports writer Jason Whitlock labeled LeBron James a “bigot” on Tuesday after the Los Angeles Lakers star lashed out at police officers in response to the Jacob Blake shooting. Whitlock, who recently quit as host of “Speak for Yourself,” penned an editorial on Outkick.com accusing LeBron of promoting racism. He also called the 4-time MVP the “Al Sharpton of Sports.” In case you’ve been asleep the past few days, Rusten Sheskey — a white police officer — shot Blake (who’s black) seven times in the dorsum in front of his three children.

The sanguinary ordeal transpired Sunday evening in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

It was also captured on video.

After undergoing emergency surgery, Blake remains sedated in ICU. But doctors confirmed he’s paralyzed from the waist down. It should be noted Blake resisted arrest and you can make a strong argument he attempted suicide by cop. He also has a long rap sheet plus an outstanding warrant.

Rumor has it he was armed with a knife.

That being said, Blake didn’t deserve to be shot execution-style.

Prior to telling reporters we’re “scared as black people” when it comes to the police, LeBron vented his exasperation via Twitter. “And y’all wonder why we say what we say about the Police!! Someone please tell me WTF is this???!!!” he tweeted. “This sh*t is so wrong and so sad!! Feel so sorry for him, his family and OUR PEOPLE!! We want JUSTICE!”

Whitlock, however, believes LeBron is full of sh*t for playing the victim card.

“I’m black. I’m not scared,” Whitlock wrote.

“I’m not terrified. Neither is LeBron James. He’s lying. He and the political activists controlling him want black people to immerse themselves in fear [which is] a tool used to control people. If you comply with police instructions, there is virtually no chance of an American citizen being harmed by police.”

“LeBron James has more than 40 million followers on Twitter,” Whitlock continued.

“Doesn’t he have a moral responsibility to be informed and measured before commenting on a controversy that could inspire civil unrest? What’s the harm in waiting 48 hours, 72 hours or a week? As a black man, that sort of racist tactic should be terrifying… Bigots, regardless of color, have a common trait: Ignorance. Ignorance fuels their ego. Information is their enemy. They avoid it at all costs. Negative anecdotes frame their worldview.”

Whitlock then went on to say that “good and bad police officers want to put handcuffs on [criminals] and politely escort [them] to jail… That’s the goal.” He also said the criminal justice system was concocted by left-wing legislators such as Presidential candidate Joe Biden, Vice President running mate Kamala Harris and quondam President Bill Clinton.

“I’m referencing Democratic politicians because LeBron James and his disciples seem to believe the Democratic Party is going to save black people from the ‘systemic racism’ found within the criminal justice system,” Whitlock explained.

“It’s a joke.”

Do you agree with Whitlock?

Is LeBron a race baiter?

Are Democrats playin’ black folks for a fool?

Watch Whitlock get in LeBron’s ass.

Share your thoughts.


  1. bloodcorpse gamer

    LeBron James you need to shut up and play basketball look like he was reaching for a gun or something the real release the rest of the video

  2. If Lebron can do a better job of being a policemen. Attend academy and start policing……

  3. Reginald Knight

    BLACK Lives Matter ✊🏿

  4. Of course he is a racist bigot and is ignorant of the facts more whites are killed by cops than blacks i have yet to hear him mention the terrible black on black murders that go on weekly in cities like Chicago and Baltimore. But that doesn’t fit his narrative he acts like other race hustlers who really do not care about lives just their agenda. Thank You Jason for calling it like you see them excellent!!

  5. Jacob Blake was previously charged with sexual assault, trespassing,
    domestic abuse, threating patrons with his gun. He had a long history
    of resisting arrest. He was fighting with and threatening and
    assaulting police’s lives during the current incident and he was armed
    with a knife.

  6. FeddyVonWigglestein

    This incident is another example of why we need MORE, not less, police funding. In this case and in the Atlanta Wendys case, two officers are unable to subdue a single person. This needs to stop happening. They need close combat training, maybe martial arts. Yes it will require slobs to get in some kind of shape but that’s om them. Sean Hannity, who is a martial artist himself, has been at the forefront of this idea and I couldn’t agree more. If we want the best we need to pay for the best. We need the guns to not be relied upon as much.

    It’s just sad that none of this gets talked about unless the person getting shot happens to be black. And more often than not they’re a felon and they’re canonized by the leftist Woke religion.

  7. The democrats are filled with elitists. Just look at them. Filled with all the famous people. Hollywood turning every single movie and TV show into a political message. Got all these singers and sports players almost all liberal. All the banks bailed out by Obama. Sorry to all you democrats, democrats don’t care about the average worker. They act like they do but they just want your votes. They hate business in America because that brings jobs. They would rather have you on welfare begging them for scraps so they can maintain superior to you. Sick, there are so many people in this nation that are just sick.

  8. Yeah Lebron, white cops are just waking up each day looking for black men to hunt down and shoot, especially if they are in a bad mood. That really makes them feel better when they can take it out on a black man! What complete racist fear mongering on your part!! It’s unbelievable denial of all reality on your part!! No facts back you up, just media hype. More unarmed white men die at the hands of police each year. You act like a grown kid not mature enough to see the truth with your own eyes. Very very sad with such a podium you speak from. Black communities have serious problems, and it isn’t the police hunting them and gunning them down. Anyone who resists arrest puts cops in a situation where they have to protect themselves and the public from criminals. Jacob Blake behaved like he wanted suicide or death by cops…he resisted violently, ignored their orders to stop, then went to his car for a weapon. He deserved what he got. You do stupid things, you win stupid prizes…regardless of your color of skin…end of story!!

  9. Adriaan van Niekerk

    Only the criminals are scared. Ask anybody else that does not do drugs or crime and abide by the law if they are scared. 90% will say no. Not scared of police officers. This guy is a criminal and that is how criminals should be treated

  10. Why do we know the names of Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Michael Brown & Freddie Gray, all criminals, yet the names of the young black victims of gang violence go unknown? As do the names of police officers shot & killed by street punks. The likes of Lebron James invoke martyr status on common street thugs who ignore police orders. So to another generation of blacks kids without dads at home, Drug Dealer Freddie, Hands Up Mike & Skittles Trayvon are the heroes, not Frederick Douglass or Harriet Tubman, and certainly not Abraham Lincoln. At least according to esteemed father figure King James, the biblical authority of “keeping it real” blackness.

    My decision to ignore the NBA bubble is reinforced yet again.

  11. Lebron is such a fake activist.

  12. Lebron James is a sad and pathetic human. Since the age of 18 he has been a millionaire. What he is doing if feeding and tainting the minds of young Black people and all those rioting. All he is doing is fueling the fire in our streets! I implore all American people to “Boycott Lebron James” stop watching the games he plays in, stop buying anything he promotes, stop buying any of his memorabilia, and clothing! His rhetoric is always Racist…he is a Racist!!!!

  13. Mr. James lives in a world of luxury. He renders judgment on a case that will take months to fully investigate. He has the right to say whatever he chooses. He chooses to use emotionally charged language. But he also knows that riots will never come to his upscale neighborhood and he won’t have to worry about any of his business interests being burned to ground. If ever pressed for facts backing up his opinion on this incident, he would likely sidestep as he has done with China. In the end, most people who actually look at facts and evidence, will continue to see him as unserious.

  14. LeBron lives a life that .00001% live. If he’s so scared he should leave the bubble and become a cop. I can’t even imagine trying to enforce the law out on the streets today!! I don’t think we know enough yet to make a judgement about what happened in WI. But, I’m sick and tired of being told we are racists by freaking LeBron James

  15. LeBron doesn’t speak for me at all I’m not scared of anyone but I do fear God

  16. I’m a nigga and what pisses me off is there is no self accountability in the black community. Thats why I will be voting for Trump in November cause I’m sick and tired of the victimhood mentality bullshit. Also why do niggas always march for criminals??? Makes no fuckin sense.

  17. Stop resisting arrest and live.

  18. I am a black man and I am NOT scared of the Police. Neither is anyone in my family. What the heck kind of message is he trying to send here with that statement? It seems he wants black people to be viewed as victims to the point that we all shake in terror when we leave our homes or see or encounter police? This is Nonsense! I don’t believe for one SECOND that Lebron James is scared to leave his house or of the Police. If I didn’t know any better I would think Lebron James is actively trying to fan racial flames with some of his comments over the past year or so. I don’t know exactly what happened with the man who was shot and the Police officers but I expect to find out soon. There is absolutely no need to rush to judgement here, the man that was shot is not even dead. He will be able to get his story out soon as will the police. However I find it infuriating that Lebron James would try to speak for Black people on a matter like this and say that Black People are scared in America. Don’t Speak for me or for any others Please! I am not scared, and I doubt there is a significant number of non-idealogues that would say otherwise.

  19. He had a warrant, resisted arrest and then started reaching for something in the vehicle. He also had a lengthy criminal history. This is not an innocent man.

  20. Steve Helderman

    Without a doubt Jason is correct about LeBron. King James has proven it time and time again. It is clear he cannot wait till all the facts come out (in any police controversy) before his condemnation begins. As Jason has mentioned many times, trouble typically comes when people of any color resist the police. Many would still be alive if they would just follow instruction. I recently read that 29 law enforcement officers have been killed (by gunfire) in the line of duty so far this year. The woke don’t care about this stat. I’m trying to “saydue” my outrage.

  21. STFU 🙄 LeBron you have zero idea what occurred in this scenario. So because the FACTS ARE. If Mr.Blake was a responsible adult and father the police would have never been there. The police were called on Mr.Blake!! He put himself and his children in that situation. Go somewhere else with your racist narrative.

  22. Lebron is officially dumber than the ball he dribbles.

  23. Hey, LeChina James, you POS, ignorant, victim/race card carrying hypocrite, why don’t you show the same venom towards the BLACK hoodrat that EXECUTED Cannon Ninnant, a FIVE YEAR OLD…..INNOCENT, White boy, who was riding his bike in his front yard??? Cannon was an actual victim. STFU and do as Laura Ingraham said, just shut up and dribble….it’s the ONLY thing you’re any good at.


  25. White men are afraid of Black men, and hence the use of excessive lethal force by White cops. Two cops, one with a gun following BEHIND a man without a gun for 3 metres, and the cops afraid to approach him, except to shoot him SEVEN times in the back! Wow!!

  26. Black males are more likely to be killed by their own race than by a police officer:

  27. On May 3, Blake unlawfully entered the home and sexually assaulted a woman in her bedroom before leaving with her vehicle, according to the criminal complaint obtained by CNN

  28. Laszlo Gyorgyei

    If black people learn a few orders like ” Stop! Do not move! Turn around ! Hands up !” and know haw to react to them, Police murder would drop at least 50%.

  29. I think the NBA players should get involved with inner-city communities and help inner-city students
    with online learning this fall. These are the most important black lives, since they are the future of
    blacks in America. Jason is right about these players thinking in a bubble.

  30. Whitlock fucked around and got my attention, a first. Might sound ole school, but he stepped his game up…

  31. The BLM entire movement is anti-Christ; vile, wicked, racist (in a futile attempt to condemn racism), sinful, and promoting nonsense. God hates it.

  32. Sambo The Deplorable Coon

    Great commentary Whitlock!!! You are a true Sage of this generation

  33. DownThe Stretch

    TRUTH will always CONQUER Left Wing Propaganda every time!!!! God Bless you Jason. It shows the love of both your father & mother is inspiring.

  34. idealsmith Reeves

    Why dont the athletes have seminars with young people from poor communities and police officers. Educating them that police are risking their lives for them and their families. Teach them the right way to interact with police when contacted by an officer. Most importantly teach them you never lay your hands on an officer of the law. Unfortunately this mans children were given the worse possible example of how to handle yourself in respect to the police. Then again the police were there because one of his ” prior ” victims called and he had a warrant. This should be another lesson that you cant fight the police to be let go. That mentality makes zero sense. You get extra charges, not let go

  35. Was a fan of the nba for decades. I WILL NEVER BE BACK. In fact watching any pro sports is way on the back burner. I got along without sports for 4 months. Don’t need the aggravation don’t like continually being labeled as a racist. 100s of black shot ever week. Where has the nba been? Fing hypocrites. Burning down inner cities for 50 years. Where was the nba? WANT TO STOP COPS FROM SHOOTING BLACKS? Don’t get arrested. Don’t get in fist fights with cops. Idiot fools in the nba. They all go back to there gated high wall private security estates and judge. Maybe the could spend some of the multi billion payroll on improving high school graduation rates. Provide jobs in the inner city. That might not work cause it will be robbed looted and burned.

  36. Dude had a knife! a black woman called 911 on him lol, James is a dummy.

  37. Jeremy Anderson

    But he’s doing what he accuses LeBron of…he doesn’t says this shit to ppl that use anecdotes to give blanket explanations for Black Lives Matter…not to mention using anecdotes in the process…his BS even became too much for Fox News

  38. Jason Whitlock: The ONLY sports show i’ll watch anymore!!!

  39. Brandon Johnson

    And you’re a uncle Tom coon buck dancing for these crackers

  40. Whitlock is just another Candice Owens

  41. Cedric Crawford

    LeBron James is a paid puppet selling his own people out for money! I doubt HE even believes the trash he spews! They USE him as a mouthpiece for people with low IQ. They know a lot of people will follow what he says because HE is LEBRON JAMES!… They are now attempting a RACE WAR to move the pieces towards socialism/communism! CONTROL through CHAOS! The people behind this are who we should be targeting!

  42. Jason Whitlock… please stop it.
    We’re at the tip of more racial tension in this country, than I’ve seen in my 43 years. Not sure what your issue is with successful black athletes… but u clearly have one. U don’t have to agree with LeBron, but it is extremely distasteful to sit on camera,, and question his intelligence. The same way u say LeBron doesn’t speak for all black people🤔…so what makes u qualified to marginalize all athletes? U said they’re not good leaders, and uninformed. U also said Jeff George was a childhood friend of yours. He played on the same level as LeBron🤦🏾‍♂️…. dude… Jeff George wasn’t even the best player on his own team most of his career. That was a terrible example. Whatever your beef is with successful black athletes…I really wish u wouldn’t use ur platform to display your jealousy, and total disrespect. As a black man in America, I can tell u first hand… we have far too up hill battles to fight, to have to turn on the television, and listen to another black man just completely annihilate our character

  43. Mr. Nice Watch

    Bigot is a stretch. I think he is just ignorant

  44. Bianca’s World

    Thing that scares me is the BLM folks are trying to recruit Hispanics into this victim train-many are buying it -Have I experienced racism and prejudice? Yes I have, but I don’t walk around believing myself and the Hispanics are victims-the ignorance has gotten out of control. 🤦‍♂️

  45. Jason, crawl back under your rock, you’re officially irrelevant.

  46. Jason Whitlock makes more sense than the entire mainstream media.

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