‘Black Panther’ star Chadwick Boseman ‘deceased’ after battle with colon cancer

Boseman dead from cancer/TheDirect.com

Black Panther deceased at 43. 

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LOS ANGELES — “Wakanda forever!” Chadwick Boseman, who portrayed King T’Challa in the blockbusting Marvel Comics movie “Black Panther,” died on Friday following a 4-year battle with colon cancer. He was 43. Chadwick’s family released the following statement: “It is with immeasurable grief that we confirm the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman. Chadwick was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in 2016, and battled with it these last 4 years as it progressed to stage IV.”

“It was the honor of his career to bring King T’Challa to life in Black Panther,” the statement continued. “He died in his home with his wife and family by his side.” In addition to bringing the dramatis personae of “Black Panther” to life, Chadwick starred as baseball legend Jackie Robinson in the iconic film “42.”

He also played the “King of Soul” James Brown in the 2014 biopic “Get On Up.”

Chadwick RIP.

You’re gone but not forgotten.

“Wakanda forever!”

Watch all 6 episodes of the “Black Panther” animated series.

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  1. Mystic Apex deityGG


  2. No one can replace our
    Chadwick boseman aka
    Black panther rip 😭

  3. 😭😭RIP Legend you will be missed🙏
    Wakanda forever 😭😭
    His death brings back a fresh memory of Cameron Boyce’s death 😭😭😭

  4. We keep on loosing our legends 🤧

    Wakanda Forever 🐆

  5. Rest in power king, fly with the angels.

  6. R I P 😔😔😔😔💐💐

  7. pepe is love pepe is life

    Man 2020 is really a bad year

  8. None of your Business

    This just doesn’t make sense….


  10. Wakanda Forever.

    I will miss him with whole my heart.

    There is no other Black Panther.

  11. Damn. Rest in peace dude. It’s such a damn shame that we lost such a talented actor. But at the very least, he died with his family by his side instead of all by himself. That’s something at least. But it’s still so saddening to lose him nonetheless.

  12. Seriously?! My favorite movie character ON MY BIRTHDAY?!?!?!?! seriously 2020…stop it….

  13. 😭😭 2020 is worst year
    REST IN PEACE 💔 Chadwick Aaron Boseman
    Legends never die

  14. This is too much….just too much.

  15. Super Remixer Ojas

    Wakanda has no ruler now

  16. Man this has officially been the worst year of my life

  17. RIP KING OF WAKANDA 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

  18. I’m heartbroken dude 😭

  19. Deathfromabove

    I just woke up to this news and am heart broken. He was a great actor and personally his role as Jackie Robinson to me was spectacular: He is only one year older then me. My heart goes out to him and his family. RiP.

  20. Osamuyimen Otote

    I’m never going to forgive cancer💔

  21. Damn i was looking forward to seeing the second black 🖤 panther iam super sad now 😔 Rip chadwick rest in peace 👑 king 🕊

  22. Damn…that sucks but it’s one more rich black man we don’t have to worry about complaining about oppression or white privilege while he sits in his million dollar home counting his money like Oprah !,,,,,,SEEEE YA

  23. NO WAY DUDE. I never knew he had cancer. I really liked Black Panther and was looking forward to sequels. It was so much better than the trainwreck that was Aquaman which I stopped watching halfway through because something was bothering me that I can’t quite put my finger on. Dang you, 2020! Just stop already. Lmfao.




  25. R.I.P Black Panther….

    He Died Of ass cancer….😔

  26. Princess Nia Marie

    It was a rough night for me last night. I hardly got any sleep after hearing about Chadwick Boseman my Black Panther passing away. (I’m one of those people who forms a strong emotional bond with people who I don’t personally know for some reason)First of all, let me just say that it took a lot of courage, strength, and endurance on Chadwick’s part to keep working as hard as he did while battling his sickness and going through surgery, chemo, and everything else he was going through. But. To make a long story short, please everyone know that this good, kind, and very talented man is NOT GONE FOREVER. How do we know this? John 5:28,29:”Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice 29 and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life” AND from Acts 24:15:”And I have hope toward God, which hope these men also look forward to, that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous”. So he WILL be back SOON. Nevertheless, as I am waiting for him and other good people to be resurrected,, I will be praying for the comfort of his family and friends as they cope with his loss. He has been freed of any pain that he may have been suffering. Cancer and death truly are an enemy. One that God did not purpose for us to experience. Please, to everyone who has lost a loved one due to this pandemic, cancer, or by any other means, take comfort in KNOWING that you loved ones CAN and WILL return.❤

  27. spyguythesamurai

    Anyone else think this doesn’t look right? “Private battle with colon cancer?” Seriously? He appeared to be in perfect health and was undergoing treatment including surgeries and chemotherapy WHILE working? I wonder if he did his own stunts, because that would mean he did not have cancer.

    I wonder if this is a Ghislaine Maxwell/BLM/RNC diversion.

  28. Patricia Pepke

    Tragic another young man lost to a cruel disease !!! He was strong talented but he fought with pride . He will be missed . God bless his loved ones . I’m sorry.

  29. Rest in eternal peace Chadwick 💕💕💕

  30. Reba S. Jersey

    This gorgeous, kind-hearted, inspiring, and highly intelligent man was only my age. It’s just not fair. I’m so sorry for his family, of whom this has to be the hardest for.

  31. Rest in peace 😥😫 🥺 my favorite character is gone nooooo!!! Can’t be no no no 😭

  32. Latoya Johnson

    His silence says a lot about his character, I’m hurt😫

  33. Chadwick Boseman didn’t die….
    God just needed an Actor, so he picked the best one.

  34. Black panther dies 2020
    Black mamba dies 2020

  35. Elias Velasquez

    God always takes his favorite children first.

  36. Rip black panther 😭 and also wakanda for ever 🙏💔.

    He wasn’t just dead like that – he fought bravely and then ” passed away” please have some respect for him

  38. Latoya Johnson

    God needed him home

  39. Wakanda forever🤴

  40. Beatrice Peterman

    So the dude dies of a cancer than can take up to 10 years to develop and has a 85% survival rate after surgery if detected and yet he seems to have not bothered with the polyps, the bleeding, the diarrhea and the dozen other warning signs that would allowed him to survive……..because he didn’t want another man’s finger in his bum?

  41. Common Sense Corner

    My heart is broken over someone I’ve never met, but yet such a sense of Pride from his existence!!! I totally thought of wishing there was a Heart-Shaped Herb to save you 😢 I must’ve hit play around 50 times with Black Panther 🧡🧡🧡

  42. He didn’t like the “Wakanda Forever” saying just so all y’all yelling it know.
    It’s sad his death will be turned political most likely.
    RIP young man 🙏.

  43. Love how the radical left knows him as black panther, and I know him as Jackie Robinson and all the movies he got famous for….. RIP

  44. Despite having colon cancer he still managed to produce one of the best marvel movies during that time.

    What a legend.

  45. So let me get this straight

    Famous ppl who have died

    Kobe Bryant
    Giana (Kobe daughter)
    George Floyd
    Landon (from cam & fam)
    Now black Panther


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