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Chicago Bears great Brian Urlacher rips “athletes” for supporting Jacob Blake

Urlacher rips pro athletes/

Urlacher slams Blake protesters.

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CHICAGO — Former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher is catching hell from all gradients after he lambasted NBA players for boycotting on behalf of Jacob Blake — the black man shot seven times in the dorsum by white police officer Rusten Sheskey in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The sanguinary ordeal took place in front of Blake’s three children. Urlacher, a 2018 Hall of Fame inductee, posted an opprobrium on Instagram then added kerosene to the inferno when he “liked” a separate post clamoring the emancipation of 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse who’s charged with murdering two Blake protesters.

After shooting his victims, Rittenhouse sauntered past police officers armed with a rifle and still wasn’t arrested. He reportedly went home and got a good night’s sleep.

Here’s raw footage of the Rittenhouse murders:

Urlacher believes we should stop making heroes out of criminals.

“Brett Favre played the MNF game the day his dad died, threw 4 TDs in the first half, and was a legend for playing in the face of adversity,” Urlacher wrote. “NBA players boycott the playoffs because a dude reaching for a knife, wanted on a felony sexual assault warrant, was shot by police.”

Shortly after Urlacher’s communiqué went viral, Bears officials issued the following statement: “The social media posts in no way reflect the values or opinions of the Chicago Bears organization.”

Urlacher’s former teammate — Matt Forte — vented his exasperation via Twitter.

“The comment [Urlacher] posted is void of empathy, compassion, wisdom and coherence. But full of pride and ignorance!” Forte tweeted.

“I pray for those who have been blinded by their wealth, privilege and earthly fame that breeds arrogance in their hearts. And those who refuse to acknowledge racism and injustice but instead choose to place their energy into justifying it by quickly judging the victims [sic] life as if they themselves are more valuable because their sins are different or weren’t caught by man… but God sees all.”

Blake survived the shooting but he’s paralyzed from the waist down.

Is there truth to what Urlacher said?

Should professional athletes get involved?

Are we treating criminals like heroes?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Insensitive. But true. Fact no one with any money at stake would make. Urlacher Doesn’t care. So, he spoke the truth.

  2. what does Brett Favre playing a game the same day his dad died have to do with what’s going on in Wisconsin? Odd statement.

  3. When George Floyd was murdered I really sympathized with the black community and the BLM movement but now it’s all a big joke everybody wants to ignore all the black people getting killed by criminal violence in New York and Chicago do to defunding the police and no one wants to comment on that and one cop shoots a dangerous man and it makes national headlines this has now turned in to a circus 🤦‍♂️

  4. He had a knife and reached for something in his car, you’re telling me it wasn’t justified?

  5. Listen here, America prides itself on liberty of speech and the sorts, why is a publicly known football player suddenly not allowed to express his opinion (more or less based on information which is or is not 💯% accurate)??

    Classic first amendment situation in which a man (whomever this man may be) has made a public statement of his opinions, his statements are open to be judged the same way he judged with his, but I fail to see why he would be ostracised because of them.

  6. Urlacher is just saying what a lot of athletes are thinking but are afraid to say anything for fear of being railroaded out of there lively hood by left wing nut jobs

  7. As a Black Christian American, I most wonde how do we foolishly allow the the PHONY mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC etc…), the Black Live Matter Marxist thugs & ANTIFA turn this innocent into RACISM? Just because the officers were white and Mr. Blake is Black doesn’t make this a Racist shooting! 🤔 Really
    If this is a RACIST shootings, 2 weeks ago in North Carolina, a BLACK man shot a 5 year old WHITE child point blank in the head for riding his bicycle on his grass. Where were the Black Live Matter Marxist thugs & the fascist ANTIFA frauds? Where were the RACE BATTING mainstream PROPAGANDA media?
    I noticed, none of the white citizens in North Carolina were looting, burning down stores, businesses, homes and vandalizing vehicles!
    America need to WAKE-UP TO REALITY, This is nothing but another Political way that the low-life Demon-rats🐀 can play their race card in society!

  8. I’m Hispanic American I thought it was a free country and you could say and think what you want even if he’s wrong

  9. when do we as black americans get more organized locally…
    we can do everything they are doing…
    im not going to play victim to a seventeen yr old white boy…sorry….
    this is what malcolm talked about….

  10. Brian is right he is hero for telling truth…
    Now criminal are becoming hero

  11. I think it’s beyond time that Black people wake the fuck up and realize that this is increasingly not isolated. These people have waged war upon us and it’s escalating with each and every incident.

    Secondly, you’re in a state (Wisconsin) where it’s legal to carry and y’all trying to fight a muthafucka with a Machine gun by throwing rocks and kicks? Fucking idiots.

  12. Twice as many whites are killed by US Police every year- nothing is heard of those

  13. How was this honkey able to walk up and (dome shoot) two people, injury another, all while casually walking past Law enforcement. Get in his car and drive home to get a good nights rest…SMMFH !!!!!

  14. Normal people think like Urlacher. Stay strong, don’t give in to the wokesters.

  15. trumptards just want to kill black folk.

  16. He’s Trumps homie of course he’s going to be no feelings or be merciful for a black person

  17. If people don’t see by now, the police are an extension of White Supremacy and institutional Racism, I don’t know of what proof is needed. The police saw this man with a gun and drove right past him, letting him go into the night. That screams he was known by the police!

  18. I get the awareness factor. What I don’t get is the lack of common sense coming out of these people’s mouth. How do they defend criminals that resist and get violent. Or pedo’s. Why is no one saying to stop resisting? There’s videos everywhere, that Kyle guy was defending and retreating. I stand with Brian U. Stop being stupid America. Stop looking at color and use common sense.

  19. The 17 year old was defending business and homes they were breaking into and looting…..

    A guy behind him also chased him with a pistol and those guys all had many felony accounts

    That kid is a patriot

  20. I think that urlacher wasn’t completely in the wrong, if you guys have seen the video the media doesn’t want you to see if blake REFUSING to just get cuffed and go into custody, he ate two tasers, and began walking into his car where a knife was found on the floor of the drivers seat, and a similar video where police were trying to detain a man, and he got away, got into his car and shot 2 police officers. 7 shots was extremely excessive, thank god Jacob Blake is still alive and he’s had over $1 million raised for him, but cops have to make that split second decision for their safety at that point. To end this rant, BLM.

  21. Brian Urlacher’s hair plugs are causing his racism to ooze out of his head.

  22. So are cops now supposed to wait until a guy actually has a gun or knife and tries to kill them before they can use deadly force don’t be a loser degenerate criminal and fight the cops at every turn and everything will be fine people you know who fights cops and always resist criminals do I have zero sympathy for all these idiots who don’t know by now to just do what the cops say and it’ll be ok you keep resisting and fighting back and you put them more on guard and feel like their lives are in danger and you see what happens these are all super stupid people getting killed imo

  23. Why do they keep saying that he was reaching for a knife? He was trying to get in his car… They him pulled out by his shirt and shot 7 times… Not because he was resisting arrest, because the cops already had him… @#$% what he’s done in the past, that had no relevance to being shot 7 times…

  24. God sees all , please Jesus , we need you , wipe them out , please Lord.

  25. Why are’nt the NBA, NFL, MLB protesting the black children that are being killed in Chicago each year ?

    One weekend this summer, 10 black children were shot in Chicago – the youngest was 10 months old .

    I have to agree with Urlacher, you stand up for felons that abuse women and care nothing about innocent children being killed

  26. We all know what Urlacher said was spot on. Truth is several overreacted about Blake. They look like fools when this guy is wanted by police for raping his girlfriend and hitting her. Wasn’t the NFL against violence towards women?

  27. Urlacher is a closet racist..
    That comment proved it!!
    We gotta stop giving racist people passes, and hold them accountable..
    TBH, I thought Urlacher was racist when he played, he looks like a skinhead

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