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Elon Musk’s “Neuralink” compatible with brains

Elon unveils Gertrude the Pig/Neuralink, YouTube

Computer-Brain merger coming. 

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LOS ANGELES — Elon Musk is f*cking with our heads (literally). The 49-year-old tech wizard just revealed alarming details about his esoteric neuroscience enterprise “Neuralink” and his modus operandi to amalgamate computers with human encephalons (à la Lana Wachowski’s 1999 film ‘The Matrix’). During a webcast demonstration on Friday, the SpaceX CEO unveiled a pig named Gertrude with a coin-sized computer chip in her cerebrum that creates a functioning brain-to-machine interface. In other words, it won’t be long before you and I are able to operate phones and computers with our minds. “It’s kind of like a Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires,” said the billionaire entrepreneur. In addition to concocting advancements in telecommunications, Elon’s computer chips could be used to cure and/or ameliorate a plethora of ailments such as dementia (for people like Joe Biden), Parkinson’s Disease (for people like Michael J Fox), spinal cord injuries (for people like Jacob Blake), depression (for people like you and Michelle Obama) and other neurological maladies.

“These can all be solved with an implantable neural link,” he explained.

“The neurons are like wiring, and you kind of need an electronic thing to solve an electronic problem.”

Elon also believes the implants will manufacture a “superhuman cognition” that, to some degree, will wage war against artificial intelligence so Herculean, they’ll extirpate humanity as a whole. Right now, the diminutive robotic devices are in the embryo stages of development. But, as soon as Elon garners approbation from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), he’ll begin testing on humans.

So far, successful lab experiments have been conducted on rats, hogs and monkeys — drawing the ire of PETA officials who issued a dare. “PETA challenges Elon Musk to behave like a pioneer and implant the Neuralink chip in his own brain rather than exploiting smart, sensitive pigs who didn’t volunteer for surgery, don’t appreciate that he provides pats and a straw cell and should be left out of pie-in-the-sky projects,” PETA president Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement.

Should human encephala be merged with technology?

Do you want somebody screwing around with your brain?

Watch Elon’s demonstration.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Would a person have full autonomy over the device ? Or require regular maintenance? Ex: pacemaker battery change.

  2. Who will control and or have access to the “data” that will be created and or being recorded on each patient? Will This data and recordings fall under patient confidentiality? HIPPA? Like a person’s DNA our electrical signals are unique patterns of life specific to each person and should be considered highly confidential! To protect against anyone entity or person from manipulating that data!

  3. This guy is a real life tony stark, forreal even with the presentations and all that

  4. I can already feel the crazy conspiracy plots that will be generated from this.

  5. Eventually everyone will.just drink water, and be able to make it taste like whatever with the neuralink. Rendering many drinks on the market useless. Same goes for food, you could make really healthy food that doesn’t necessarily taste good a lot better.

  6. The FDA is a pain in the ass when it comes to approving these types of projects. Could take forever.

  7. Elon Musk is like 5 steve jobs combined into one

    minus public speaking

  8. He has good intentions but I’m afraid the controllers of the world will see thís as a control device for population and deletion . I really hope not.

  9. Soon, everybody will walk around with an Nvidia Graphics card in their head…. With ray-tracing.

  10. I want one! I want relaxing brain tingles and I want to monitor my health and I want to be able to go into a realistic VR world oneday!

  11. Lol I ain’t trusting Elon musk with anything, especially not my brain. That union busting , Pewdiepie supporting bastsrd!

  12. This is really cool, but the only issue is charging. We need to find some solution for implants without external charging. I think I saw somewhere on the internet solution using the bloodstream as a power generator, and not to push too much on the heart. I believe once when we get there to that level when we don’t need to charge our device, and we can use bio-electrical energy, we will be at the actual level of nature, just with the different approach and technology. This is the future that I am looking forward!


  14. Just my own personal thoughts on the presentation simply stated: I experience (feel, think) we ought to have the foresight to begin the mourning process for how we perceive reality to be and all the narratives we have presently in memory on how and why it exists now rather than down the track. This is a before and after technology like we’ve never seen. Star Craft ventures as brought up in the presentation, albeit jokingly, will be short lived (goes without saying). I’m experiencing so many different thoughts and feelings (inclusive of both fears and the more inspiring emotions) in the comments section and on the video its overwhelming really, we’re on the precipice of a cultural explosion (not that many commenters really added to a positive discussion here just referring to the technology), and because of this, we all just need to reset how we’re orienting ourselves existentially, while remaining grounded taking one day at a time. This is a thing you take a sabbatical over to process things, and I’ve never done one of those. The gravity is really just not felt appropriately yet, nuanced emotions yet to hit conscious awareness culturally and individually (of course for some it has though, at least a little).

  15. Elon Musk is a little Hitler in waiting: under cover of research and cure all this is about turning humans into slave machines, all this is about absolute control.

  16. Wouldnt trust this..but trust God not this false prophecy of fear ” everyone will experience brain and spinal problems”” ?? What the heck doesnt make you God..your money will perish with you

  17. That Animal Just showed That This Device Can Trac Your Very Own Day To Day Business (no privacy)

  18. Never get yourself implanted with a chip!
    this is by far the most dangerous tech our species has ever played around with – all technologies we have nowadays have been misused, there is no sign that the leaders and biollionairs of this world changed their ways ergo there is no reason to believe this chips will not be misused

  19. So the smoke screen for this technology is that its for people with particular medical issues will benefit from this, while that might be the case for the hype, But the bigger picture is everyone will be forced to have one of these, transhumanism is a thing, and it’s coming and you’ll be tracked, you’ll have your mood changed and be controlled. it’s all coming. And you wont have a choice..

  20. Its amazing to me how people are such followers that they would get a chip implanted into their brain without questioning it and better yet saying no because they like their free will and control over their own bodies and their own brains WOW… people are just mindless followers and if they dont learn to think for themselves they will end up becoming slaves to this tech all simply because they didnt have the courage to say NO.

  21. Call me old school but this is probably the scariest thing I’ve seen recently. The idea that people would be okay with a permanent microchip being installed into their head with electrodes going into the brain is frightening.

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