“Claws” star Niecy Nash comes out gay, ‘marriage’ to Jessica Betts now official

Niecy and Jessica tie the knot/Photo: Instagram

Niecy and Jessica happily married.

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LOS ANGELES — “I’s married now!” Niecy Nash divorced Jay Tucker back in March. Now she’s married again, except this time it’s to a woman. Yessir, the “Claws” star tied the knot with R&B singer Jessica Betts over the weekend and she took her last name to boot. You can now call her Mrs. Carol Denise Betts. The 50-year-old actress announced her nuptials via Instagram on Monday. Niecy also shared a wedding snapshot that shows her donning a bridal veil and white gown. Jessica was debonair in a masculine off-white ensemble comprised of a button-down dress shirt, a vest, a tie, trousers and sneakers.

The conjugal picture contains the caption, “#Love wins.”

Jessica also shared the photo with the caption, “I got a whole Wife 👽💍.”

Blindsided fans voiced their stupefaction shortly after the pics went viral. After all, nobody knew Niecy was gay. If you recall, the Emmy Award winner once said, “a blow job a day keeps the divorce attorney away.” Now it appears Niecy is done with men. She’s part of the LGBTQIA community.

This is Niecy’s third marriage.

Did she remarry too soon?

Is she experiencing a midlife crisis?

Will she ever perform a blow job again?

Share your thoughts.


  1. I knew it. She always had the young girl on claws playing with breast like a joke. I thought there is s little lesbianism going on. But who am I. Love is love.

  2. Vicky Robinson

    The Judgement Day will be no laughing matter or happy occasion. And people gonna wish they had lived right when they were given the opportunity to do so.

  3. The strap took over

  4. Poor Niecy smh – I give it 6 months ! Girl, Mother, Daughter plz learn to ❤ yourself! Man after man, now woman … whats next – a Pepperoni Pizza??? Stop search for love & be still, and maybe you’ll be blessed with a FOREVER love! and for Pete’s Sake STOP WEARING WHITE!!

  5. Who else feel like it’s gonna be some toxic black folks in the comments coming for niece since she married a women?

  6. Love didn’t win Evil did! Stupid bish!

  7. The devil is having a field day , the good is dying young .

  8. Oh my God, please 2020. I can’t…. this is too much😳

  9. Felicia Nyanor

    A lot of good people are dying in 2020 And I guess most people alive is going crazy..🤦‍♀️ This not going to end well 🤷‍♀️

  10. Every body want to be loved. To each it’s own. Sometimes men can hurt you to your core. I loved away a man make you feel when you near them. It is getting hard to find a good Black man. Women out number the men. Still waiting on my Boaz. Nicey be happy and love is what we all need whom am I to judge you. Be happy lady.👭💏

  11. I have no words or respect for her no more

  12. I didn’t think she was gay….

  13. She 50 let that woman live her best life

  14. Heriberto Perez

    Welcome to the 21st century. Covid 19, fire’s, earthquakes, tornado’s, storm’s and killing of innocent people the most important thing is to go out and vote. This nightmare must end.

  15. God calls homosexuality an abomination

  16. @Fast Freddie: God loves all! My agenda is to love all! Gay, straight, bisexual, transgender! I support my gay community to the day that I die! 🌈 We are all spiritual beings and should be treated as such! This message is not one of God but one of hate!! Holding my rainbow flag SO high!! Times are changing!! and God bless all who support love in ALL forms! Funny that it was considered an abomination for blacks to marry and these same minorities can look down on others. Get educated on what you think you believe. When you learn the truth of your own history you will come to a very different understanding and conclusion. God bless all! 🌈 A change is coming! 😊🙏🏽 Peace and love. ☮️ ❤️ Love is Love. Stay blessed and continue to thrive and be the best version of yourself!

  17. Taylor Washington

    She’s too young for Niecy and I don’t think it will last but I hope she’s happy. At the end of the day that’s all that matters.

  18. But that timeline though🤨 everything goes in Hollyweird🤦🏽‍♀️

  19. Jesus is Lord!!! The devil is the god is this world and he is doing his evil job of blinding the masses. don’t follow him to hell please. This life is not worth your eternal soul being damned to hell…

  20. Well there are two ways I see this, In both her first and second marriage she was married for a long time. So apparently she loves LONG TERM relationships. Now the second marriage, although it LOOKS like she may have been cheating, another thought concerning this timeline is they could have been married in paper only, as you MUST be separated for a year without cohabitation IN MOST STATES, for a decree to be final. So as soon as the ink was dry, she moved to the next stage of her life…… To Fast for me, because you’ve got unpack some damage before transporting it into another carry on bag, but that’s just me. Niecy is of a particular age now that she should know what she is looking for. Her happiness and peace must come from within…….

  21. Lawd….this is too wild…

  22. If she’s happy she’s happy

  23. victoria brown

    Wow someone is always joining the alphabet community smh

  24. This damn COVID19

  25. God made adam and Eve! Not nash and Bretts! What a waste of woman

  26. Yikes…At least Her Wife looks like a Dude…

  27. REVELATION 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burnett with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

  28. While folks are sitting here trying to figure out Niecy’s life, Niecy is somewhere looking 50 and fabulous, in love, probably having great sex, enjoying her success and her new wife. All y’all who are obsessed with criticizing and sticking your nose in other people’s business, need to go drink some water, log off and go get you some business of your own.

  29. Why are people acting like her marring a woman means she is crazy lmaooo 😂 maybe she is just bisexual lol. 2020 had been filled with death and violence, take this moment to appreciate that someone was able to find love within the chaos❤️

  30. Black women complains, there’s not enough good Black men. So I guess there’s only women left to take over their job. I do notice there are more masculine women around, perhaps they are no longer scared to be out there.

  31. 1st Tenor Acclaimed

    🎈”Congratulations Niecy Nash & Wife!!”🎈

  32. NipVeli The wise

    Damn women are really losing their minds …GOD help them

  33. So we now know why her husband left her…

  34. How does Neicy Nash go from a BJ a day keeps the divorce attorney away to marrying a woman?

  35. Niecey likely had LONG been Bisexual with the consent of her husband’s. Many men find it sexy because they get to sleep with the other women, too. What is odd is that Niecey actually left men for women. Most Bisexual women hide their true sexual interests within marriage. They keep a “straight” face in public. Their husband’s make that easy. Most Bisexual women use women for sex ONLY! That’s why Lesbians don’t take Bisexual women seriously. It’s odd that Niecey chose to “come out” in this way.

  36. I never new she was gay but good luck to them both ,life is short an if that makes them happy that’s good. I must also say I never saw it coming 🙈👍

  37. At this ole’girl is looking like a straight up chicken head…..Marriage is not to be entered into lightly…….The dude she married seemed like a laid back cool dude vs opportunist….She sat on owns “black love” and professed how in-love n happy she was…..months later she dumps him cause she woke-up one morning realizing she had a yearning for fish…..There divorced was only just finalized in December…..You desire to try something different…..WONDERFUL!!!!…Do you….GOD BLESS…..but y the need to rush into marriage…..take your time date,explore, decide if this is what u really want…n hope she has prenup.

  38. Niecy always seemed masculine back in the day. She had a masculine energy. When she played a comical cop on Reno 911, I thought she was manly. Especially in interviews.

  39. ….. Hell awaits.

  40. To each, it’s own. But for me..I like that pipe! Not a strapped on nor sewed on..if the Lord didn’t attach it, I can’t use it n my bedroom..THATS MY RULE for me. 👍🏾✌🏾🤗

  41. Ranetta Maxwell

    I dont understand the lesbian thing but sometimes blk men can be a bit much when a blk woman out earns them. Men wAnt to wear out a blk womans body and want a submissive and as women get older.

  42. She has lost her mind!!!

  43. So Disappointed in her…still love her acting and personality

  44. Christine Gentry

    I feel Niecy Nash thinks that 2 heterosexual failed marriages why not try a woman. Same sex female relationships are worst than heterosexual. I see it too much. Then I wanna give her benefit of doubt she kept it hidden because of her career. Calculated since everyone else is announcing their sexuality in HOLLYWEIRD. I wish them Peace and Blessing. The new spouse did sing at her 2nd wedding.

  45. The Most High will have the last say and it will be not a happy ending.

  46. Jessica Nguyen

    what’s with all the homophobia and biphobia in the comments lmaooo calm yourself

  47. I guarantee Nicey Nash is gonna return to dick


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