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Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Matthews getting hitched

Patrick and Brittany are engaged/

Patrick Mahomes getting ‘hitched.’ 

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KANSAS CITY — “If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it!” Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs received their Super Bowl rings on Tuesday during a socially distanced ceremony inside a desolate Arrowhead Stadium. But it wasn’t the only exorbitant jewelry handed out. That’s because Mahomes proposed to his 25-year-old girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, and he received a resounding “yes!” Yessir, no more free milk for Mahomes. He bought the cow instead. The 24-year-old wunderkind surprised his high school sweetheart with a lavish floral arrangement with the question “Will You Marry Me?” affixed in bright lights. After getting his answer, Mahomes placed a huge diamond on Brittany’s finger — making her his fiancée. Still no word on a prenuptial agreement. Coronavirus be damned, nobody has enjoyed a better 2020 than Mahomes. In addition to leading the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl title in 50 years, the Texas Tech alum recently signed a massive 10-year, $503 million contract extension — the richest in professional sports history.

Mahomes also purchased minority ownership of his hometown Kansas City Royals.

As for the Super Bowl rings?

They’re absolutely incredible.

The jewel-studded hardware, designed by Jostens, features a Chiefs logo comprised of 60 diamonds and two Lombardi trophies constructed with marquise-cut diamonds. The ring also contains the final scores of all three playoff games and the deficits they overcame bracketed underneath the opposing team’s logo.

Super cool!

Life is awfully good at Arrowhead Stadium right now.

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  1. I don’t believe this relationship will last now that Patrick is a superstar. The girl is not even that pretty.

  2. What a beautiful. Beautiful. B-E-A-UTIFUL ring!!! Lets go get another one KC!!!

  3. Pat nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

    You can do better. Time for an upgrade.

  4. Sad but over half of marriages in USA end in divorce, why take that risk with those odds stacked against you? She has everything to gain, he gains nothing! Smh

  5. Beautiful Superbowl rings and we’ll deserved. As the Chiefs have the best looking uniforms in the NFL now the best looking championship rings ever produced.

  6. yo patrick your girlfriend is butt ass ugly. u can get much better bro shes fucking gross.

  7. Should’ve had some yellow diamonds somewhere to blend in with the yellow gold, that would’ve been dope.

  8. I don’t see why people hate and tell him to “upgrade” like would u rather him be with someone he has loved for ages or someone who is with him only for his net worth

  9. Wonder how next years rings gonna look for them. Yea I said it. and I believe it.

  10. Funny how each generation passes, the lighter skin black folks become. I bet in 200 more years everybody will look like a tan white person. Lol.
    White women are helping to end racism by mixing with all these other races.

  11. Patrick is obviously 😍, But they are absolutely adorable & I wish these two the absolute best in their future 😊🤞🏻 You guys need to just be happy for them and stop hating so much, Seriously

  12. Not the most beautiful and she looks older but I’m glad he isn’t living up to the standards of other sports wives .. I swear these players go through a barrel picking out a trophy wife to show off

  13. Honestly people can talk shit all they want about they’re relationship and say how Patrick can do better; but people need to mind their own business and worry about their own relationships. I think they are such a cute couple.

  14. Not sure why ppl are always saying Pat can do better…him and Brittany are equally yolked in terms of looks. Also, based on what I’ve seen from this girls social media accounts, it seems like her WHOLE world revolves around Pat and she has no identity outside of that. Sad. I hope for her sake, he never breaks up with her.

  15. And to think a couple of years ago my friends used to joke me for being a chiefs fan😂😂😂

  16. Brittany is so pretty! They are an awesome couple, so happy for them. May they have a long & happy relationship! They seem so sincere & down to earth!

  17. Mahomes is the most famous pro athlete in the world right now. He could walk into any club, anywhere, and sleep with as many women as he wants. But he doesn’t, because he loves and is committed to his girlfriend. That is commendable.

  18. All you BUMS on here mocking his girlfriend’s looks, let’s see a picture (without Photoshop) of your women. I bet your woman doesn’t look as good as Brittany. She’s a really cute girl with a nice body. And to be honest, she is better looking than him anyway. He’s not exactly Brad Pitt. He’s just a famous QB with a trendy haircut, so his looks are overrated. Not every ball player marries a Playboy model, you know. And she’s nice too, so he’s better off with her than some floozy. Grow up, folks.

  19. 100 year anniversary, 50 years since a bowl ring, you knew this ring was gonna be big and gorgeous 😍

  20. 👆 Oh Look another B / Man just whyten his descendants! Stop trying to silence the truth! 🤣🤣🤣 You all know this man just handed his wealth to the women of no color while men of his father’s skin color contInue to whine about op’ press’ ion and not having wealth when THIS is what happens to B / men’s wealth.

  21. Hope he had her sign a prenup and doesn’t have to pay spousal support if things go wrong. His talent earned money.

  22. This sucks that the year the Chiefs win the Superbowl this stupid fuckind pandemic is happening. They cant even celebrate in front of a full stadium this year and had to receive their rings in front of nobody. You can only imagine how crazy and loud Arrowhead would have been this year! I was fortunate to see the Royals receive their rings in person in front of a wild Kauffman crowd.

  23. Funny how these black athletes want to talk about systemic racism perpetrated by the white men. And how black men are mistreated by whites. But then these same black athletes who claim the white man is an oppressor, will turn around and marry the oppressors daughter. Pathetic

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