Adam Carolla called panicky Americans “p*ssies” for fearing novel coronavirus

Adam Carolla in hot water/

Adam Carolla catching hell.

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LOS ANGELES — Adam Carolla, former host of the “Man Show” and “Loveline,” is submerged in boiling hot water after the comedian called panicky Americans a bunch of vaginas for harboring trepidation of the coronavirus. He also singled out sick and elderly valetudinarians as lone casualties of COVID-19. Adam, 56, vented his exasperation via Twitter. “Turns out the people dying from covid are old or sick or both,” he tweeted. “How many of you p*ssy’s got played? And who’s going to get played next time?”

Several celebrities clapped back including actress Valerie Bertinelli who starred on the ’70s TV sitcom “One Day at a Time.” She got in Adam’s ass. “I’m 60 and have asthma,” Valerie tweeted.

“Thanks for thinking it’s OK that I die.”

Actor Bradley Whitford echoed a similar sentiment.

“180,000 dead. I know several of them. Not all were old or sick,” Bradley tweeted. “This disease is ravaging our most vulnerable communities. People are risking their lives to care for them. My sister is a retired nurse. You’re a comedian using a pandemic to get attention for your stupid career.”

Guitarist Joe Walsh tweeted: “What an ignorant, selfish, cruel, cowardly thing to say. Thump your chest tough guy. You sound just like Trump. Hope you’re proud.”

Adam, who does podcasts from Los Angeles, said he meant every word.

So if you’re expecting contrition, don’t hold your breath.

“I’m not f*cking apologizing to any of you assholes,” he retorted.

Damn, that’s cold.

Do you agree with Adam?

Are Americans gettin’ played?

Watch Adam discuss COVID-19 with Dr. Drew and others.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Aoirthoir An Broc

    I have been saying that since the beginning. It is exactly the same with Italy, when it started. Almost all that died were elderly & already had 3 pre-existing conditions. This isn’t news to me, I don’t know why it’s news to everyone else. I didn’t get played & I’ve had no fear.

  2. Kurt Eichenwald

    My brother in law was a year younger than you, Adam. He was not sick. Covid killed him. So fuck you. Stop getting your bullshit from stupid idiot online conservative crap. Either listen to experts or shut the hell up.

  3. My grandma is 89 and won’t wear a mask.She goes out everyday because they say not to.She said they escaped communism when she was younger she’s not going back to it.

  4. So he’s good with the old and weak being wiped out?

  5. Yes, now the liberals have everyone wearing masks, just like they’ve been wanting to do for years.

    We’ve fallen RIGHT into their trap!

  6. I think the question is, does it make sense to quarantine everyone if there is an identify sub group that is vulnerable or would it make sense to focus on that group. If 1 in 10 is vulnerable wouldn’t it make sense to focus on the 1 and let the other 9 go about their business?

  7. Look how easy it was to get people to give up all their freedoms!!

  8. The old and the sick are at a higher risk of getting a lot of illnesses. Is he suggesting that we ignore a pandemic that’s killed more than 180,000 Americans? A pandemic that’s under control in most other countries, but not here?

  9. My friend wasn’t old or sick. Suck on that, Adam.

  10. Wow. I didn’t know Adam Corolla was a bad person. Now I know.

  11. Wow. No longer a fan. I’m allergic to stupidity.

  12. janeperlmutter

    200k dead might beg to differ. Just saying

  13. Who is he?

  14. Brenda Procter

    Did my friend who lost his mom and is now quarantining with his teenager exposed at school get played? Did my sister’s healthy friend in his 30s who is paralyzed with a COVID stroke get played? Did my niece’s healthy, now dead, 31-year-old cousin-in-law get played? FU!

  15. 650k deaths a year from heart disease, 600k from cancer, 160k from accidents. Covid including co-morbidity ust sneeks past accidents for a distant 3rd place. Get a grip.

  16. I am 43, had to be resuscitated and suffered permanent kidney and heart damage as a result of 4 months of Covid!


  17. Sarah Vandenbusch

    I have 3 friends who had Covid in March. All early 50s, healthy prior. All were in isolation 4-5 weeks; sickest they’ve ever been. Months later they’re still not fully recovered. None had to be hospitalized but now all have new health issues not previously had. #notfun, #truenews

  18. I had a close friend also early 50s and contracted it in March. After a few days in the hospital, he thought he was going to die. Doctors told him about hydroxychlorquine. They told him of the risks, signed a waiver and he left the hospital one week later. No lingering issues

  19. John Pavlovitz

    1) 150 million people have preexisting conditions, genius.
    2) 180,000 have died since March, regardless of the specifics.
    3) You don’t seem to know how plurals, apostrophes, or commas work.
    4) You’re a dope.

  20. Jemaine Clement

    He said “old” but he’s well within the at risk demographic.

  21. So, he’s saying there should be no elderly or otherwise sick people in America, and he welcomes covid19 as way to rid us of people who have forgotten more than he will ever know?

  22. 90% of elderly survive COVID-19. It seems the most sick, with multiple comorbidities are the ones dying. Covid is one of many sicknesses that have a higher impact on this demographic. In general, old people are more susceptible to die than younger people of almost any cause

  23. J. Lynn Jacobs

    The ex-host of “The Man Show” shall attempt relevancy in 3… 2… 1…

  24. I don’t love a mask. I wear one because epidemiologists and doctors say it’s an effective way to stop the spread of a disease that’s killed 185K Americans. But I’m sure Adam Corolla knows more than people who actually went to medical school and graduated with degrees.

  25. The Honorable Chrissy H

    He’s wrong. Many have died that were healthy. Get down from the unicorn and try googling it. Those with underlying conditions are more at risk, but that doesn’t mean people with no underlying health conditions won’t die.

  26. In all of history that I have read, never have we quarantined the healthy, only the sick. Today we quarantined the healthy to destroy our country. But ya…..ok

  27. This shit would have been over months ago if people would have just listened to Doctors. Instead people are taking epidemic advice from comedians.

  28. We are all in the same storm together but we’re not all in the same boat. Those of us treading water tired of advice from people on yachts.

  29. Covid 19 is a fake virus wake up. The virus is made up to control us through fear. WAKE UP WE ARE BEING Played.

  30. well said adam

  31. The CDC is so confident that sheep will think whatever they want you to think, that they can even come right out and TELL you they are lying to you about the covid death rates, and no-mind sheep will STILL believe it’s all legitimate… they make the death rates seem much worse than they are, to justify destroying the middle class, tanking the economy, making people anti-social, killing off the elderly, increasing suicide rates… This is the PLAN part, of the PLANDEMIC

  32. Nicholas Frank

    Many clowns commenting

  33. It is almost as if they created a pandemic so that they could swoop in and be the hero…I honestly believe the test swabs are loaded with the virus…

  34. Taylor Sessions

    The only thing that spreads faster than Covid 19 is the stupidity

  35. Right wing politics will bring on the end of the world.

  36. I’m too young to die 😭

  37. Dr. Michael DeMasi

    Adam you need to get rid of Dr. Drew as a doctor he should be held accountable for the bullshit that he is spewing in regards to Covid and his reversal because of pressure from the pharmaceutical advertisers is reprehensible

  38. Ted Costopoulos

    It’s a FREE country , the AMERICAN people should be able to make up there own mind

  39. 1 in 19.1 million chance of dying from the virus. How in the world is this even still believed?

  40. Christopher Belsito Jr

    RIP to those that will be taking the vaccine ✌️

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