Cardi B & Joe Biden talk ‘police brutality,’ Candace Owens trashed their interview

Cardi B and Biden talk politics/Photo: Elle

Cardi B & Biden discuss politics. 

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LOS ANGELES — Rapper Cardi B gave Joe Biden the third degree during a recent Zoom chinwag, proving she’s much more than an entertainer. She’s also a politician. Donning business casual attire and Freddy Krueger fingernails, the 27-year-old lyricist vocalized her biggest concerns to the presidential hopeful ahead of the upcoming election. “I want free Medicare,” Cardi said. “I think we need free college education.” Free Medicare? Free college education? Damn, Cardi ain’t bullsh*ttin.’

Biden, 77, said if he comes out victorious, everybody will benefit education-wise.

“If I get elected president, we’re gonna have free college education,” he explained. “Anybody with a family of less than $125,000 [will get] a free education.” Cardi then shifted the colloquy to racial equality and police brutality. “I want black people to stop gettin’ killed,” she ranted.

“I’m tired of it. I want stricter laws that are fair to black citizens.”

“Black people, we’re not asking for sympathy,” Cardi continued.

“We’re not asking for charity. We are just asking for equality. We’re asking for fairness and we’re asking for justice. That is all. We want to feel like Americans.”

Cardi also said she’s sick and tired of President Donald Trump. “I just want Trump out,” she exclaimed. “His mouth gets us in trouble so much. I don’t want to be lied to. I need somebody to tell me the truth.”

Biden assured Cardi that, if he wins, her Santa Claus list will be addressed by his administration. But, for that to transpire, young people have to get off their asses and vote. “The vote matters,” Biden said. “It matters a great deal. Your generation can own [this election] if they show up and vote.” 

Candace Owens trashed the interview, calling Cardi an “illiterate rapper” who is “uneducated when it [comes] to politics.” Candace also lambasted Biden for failing to sit down with an “intellectual” black person. Cardi clapped back, calling Candace a sellout for “getting pimped out by white men.” 

Ouch! That hurt.

Watch Cardi, Biden and Candace talk politics.

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  1. Hahahahaha HILARIOUS interview!!!

  2. This is embarrassing.

  3. Idk what makes me more nervous her nails or joe biden talking about kids

  4. You should not mess with Candace Owens this women knows what she’s talking about Cardi B has not got a clue about BLM and politics I found her and Joe Biden chat funny and it was not a good thing for Biden or Cardi B, Candace is telling the truth and she is very intelligent about history and politics Candace is just pointing out the truth.

  5. Chelsie Hernandez

    ” i just want Trump out”, yet all her reasons 4 wanting him out can be proven wrong with a simple Google search, as well as how much Bidon is lieing to their faces. They’re hating the wrong man. EVERYONE can feel like a real AMERICAN. its called, work hard.

  6. What does FREE Medicare even mean? This woman is extremely uneducated she has no idea how the world actually works.

  7. I love when she asks Joe, “so like can we git free college and that free Medicare thing, and like other free stuff without a big chunk of taxes coming out”? She has absolutely no clue how things work does she! “Iz impor’ant to git free coll’age”. She can’t even speak above a 4 letter word 😂😂 This is so entertaining 😂

  8. Jenefer Chacko

    I literally laughed out loud 😂😂😂

  9. WOW Candace Owens, shes a gem. I hope Cardi B doesn’t take offence but rather take it in and uses it.

  10. I just came back to view the comments don’t mind me

  11. I can’t even pay attention bcuz her nails are long😂


  13. Parthiv Rajesh

    those nails would scare count Dracula out of his coffin.

  14. Kimberly Hansen

    Free ‘Medicare’?

  15. Angel Gutierrez

    So pathetic, pandering at its worst. Interviewing someone with zero depth on economics or politics just to say superficial statements that her fans will believe 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

  16. Cardi wants free Medicare …but sis lives in a million dollar mansion?? 🤔

  17. Candace Owen responding to Cardi B’s rant on IG is what finally brought me here to watch this headache of a interview

  18. Disgusting both of em, Biden and that animal on the left

  19. Cardi B doesn’t understand – there’s not going to be any free Medicare for her, no free college for her or her child, her taxes will be used to provide free stuff for all the people who don’t want to work. Cardi B better work harder – the government is going to need a lot more taxes.

  20. Who IS this woman??? She “wants free everthing”!! Get a job lady what are you 10 years old???

  21. Biden’s daughter used to call him “Joey B” when she was growing up? Not dad, pop, or father? but Joey B?

  22. larence carrie

    I just lost a lot of brain cells listening to this tripe.

  23. 😂…… lap dances!!!!!!!!

  24. Isn’t Medicare for people 65 years and older??

  25. This is really embarrassing to watch…. cringe worthy. She has the mind of a 10 year old and he has no mind left.

  26. Rozéfort Marvain

    Hahahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaahaahahahahahaahahahahahahhahahahaahahhaahahhahaahahahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaha THIS HAS TO BE A PRANK

  27. That right there is a campaign ad for President Trump!

  28. This is the democrat party in a nutshell

  29. This was just terrible …the heck I care what Card B thinks 😂😂😂

  30. Joe Biden doesn’t sniff black people. Is he a racist Sniffer? Allergic to coco butter? We need answers Joe.

  31. Shelley Alexander

    This was a huge mistake for his campaign! You kinda feel sorry for him.

  32. Cardi B is an inappropriate image for the Democratic Party. Biden’s humiliating black people and women by using her as an ambassador for the party. Please stop Mr. Biden, if you want to keep our votes!

  33. Equality, you are a millionaire, honey! Get out of here.

  34. This comment section plays no games 😂

  35. We conservatives love candice owens

  36. “Uneducated when it comes to politics”? I think you can stretch that to “….when it comes to ALMOST anything.”

  37. Candace is class ,smart and incredibly beautiful .
    Cardi b is trash and a vulgar ex hooker And a bad role model for kids.

  38. Candance should be the 1st female President of America !

  39. I fucking love it!!!! Gangster!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🤩🤩

  40. Lashonda Jefferson

    It’s kind of ironic that Candace Owens would call cardi b a puppet when she is the exact replica of a puppet, some of the things that she saying she is not even educated about. Not that I totally agree with Cardi B, but Candace Owens is not as smart as you guys think.

  41. Maybe Cardi B should learn some respect and professionalism in her own area before she ventures to another one. She’s nothing more then a Nicki Minaj wannabe anyway.

  42. legobuilder 369

    If this is what awaits us if we don’t re-elect Trump we’re doomed. 2020 has gone to shiet.

  43. Smith & Wesson

    When Cardi B urges people to go vote at the “poles”… I don’t have to finish the comment because you know what i’m getting at

  44. Candace DESTROYED Cardi lmfao

  45. So I was gonna vote for Biden cause I hate trump, but now thanks to Cardi B I’m voting fro trump.

  46. This woman is opressive to black people. They are using her because this is what the democrats think black people are…..also if women think this is what men want, single life is cool too.

  47. Daniela Chavez

    Only worried about black ppl wat about Hispanics Asian Chinese and other ethnicity?

  48. LOL…Cardi tries to dress all proper to make it look like she knows whats shes TALKN ABOUT..

    LOLOLOL…then she actually starts TAWLKN annd it makes her look like she dont know what shes TALKN ABOUT!!..
    Loveeeee cardi BUT COME ON.
    Stop,just stop it….

  49. Stoned Chuck Norris

    he chose cardi because she’s the only one who can speak at his level

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