“Cobra Kai” series on Netflix must-see television, Karate Kid revival awesome

Cobra Kai is must-see TV/Dillen Phelps

Cobra Kai series simply fantastic. 

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LOS ANGELES — Netflix recently released the first two seasons of the “Cobra Kai” series and all 20 episodes are must-see TV for nostalgia freaks like yours truly. The kick-ass reboot is also appealing to viewers who are unacquainted with “The Karate Kid” trilogy. Produced by Will Smith, “Cobra Kai” boasts a near flawless score of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer and the martial arts revival has already been picked up for a third season. Decades after Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio, 58) pulled a major upset over Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka, 54) in the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, the now middle-aged rivals find themselves going at each other’s throats once again.

To add insult to enmity, their circumstances couldn’t be any more dissimilar. Daniel, a well-to-do auto dealer, is a happily married father of two well mannered children. Johnny, a divorced alcoholic, is mired in insolvency and his juvenile delinquent son — Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan) — hates his f*ckin’ guts.

Following a 34-year hiatus, all hell breaks loose when Johnny (aka Sensei Lawrence) decides to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo to teach his “Strike first – Strike hard – No Mercy” modus operandi to dozens of vulnerable high school students. Not to be outdone, Daniel countered the move by rehashing Miyagi-Do Karate which focuses on self-defense and equanimity. Then, as the proverbial cherry on top, Robby ends up dating Daniel’s daughter — Samantha (Mary Mouser) — after moving into their house.

Talk about sh*ttin’ where you eat?

Cobra Kai, which premiered on YouTube Premium in 2018, is currently streaming No. 1 on Netflix.

Each installment is roughly 30 minutes long, making the series a pretty efficient binge.

Watch all 10 episodes of season one right here on Mass Appeal.

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  1. Claudia Vasquez-Smith

    Such an awesome show!!!

  2. You Neva Been This High

    I can’t believe how good this show is.

  3. Robby Keene is Napoleon Dynamite’s son.
    They look alike and like Napoleon Dynamite, he has skills.

  4. Emmanuel Rivera

    I like it. Definitely, an 8 out of 10. There are some things I find annoying though. Like Larusso’s wife. Everytime she is on, she is annoying asf. Lol Eyeroll everytime.. Larusso is a simp.

  5. This show is laughable. The daughter looks like a 2 year old pretending to do karate, formulaic plots, cardboard characters….

  6. This is the worst show ever! I have never hated a TV show much until I found this one. It’s like Riverdale but with Karate Kid which is very stupid. Such a disgrace to the original movie.

  7. this show is awesome

  8. I loved the series. brings back so many great memories and great feelings!

  9. These guys look amazing

  10. Derald Cannon Jr.

    We need season 3

  11. This show made me hate Larusso with a passion !

  12. The Karate Kid movies are some of my favorite movies. Karate Kid 1, 2, and 3.great storyline great acting. Daniel’s character was someone most of us could identify with. The relationship between teacher and student was special and rare form in movies back then. I’ve watched Cobra Kai because I’m a huge fan of KK. . I’ve enjoyed it ….BUT…I don’t like how Daniel and Mr M. Characters are being portrayed.. especially Daniel’s. They assassinated his character in the first 5 episodes. No matter how they try and give reason for Johnny’s behavior and his back story. Johnny was and still is the bully. He made those decisions to be so on his own. In Cobra Kai.. Johnny still makes a bad decision to name his school the same name he brainwashed in. Same Creed and same style..even after he realizes how wrong it was and is. ( Bully mentality). That name alone (CK) belongs to Kreese. I didn’t like how CK tried to tarnish Daniel’s and Mr. M’s image ..blurring the lines of good. Johnny was definitely Miguel’s downfall..not Robby. If Miguel was at Miyagi-do…he would have been a diff student.

  13. Road trip Mutt Naboo

    Just finished season #2. I was really skeptical about this show when I first heard about it. But it’s surprisingly good. Looking forward to season 3.

  14. Ashley Paulino

    I love Cobra Kai, I already finished it. I’m wondering when is season 3 kind of come on, I can not wait for it

  15. Courtney courtney

    Im in loveeee with this

  16. Why does Robby always have such a confused look on his face

  17. We need season 3 or we gonna protest.!!!

  18. Nice Try , but compared to the old movies this is some mainstream bullshit.

  19. Jocelyn Mercado

    I am a Johnny Fan

  20. Funny how when I first watched the karate kid I saw Daniel as the hero, but I’ve watched it many times since, and Johnny really wasn’t the aggressor in that feud . He was an asshole that attacked one of Johnny’s friends for no reason, attacked Johnny in a bathroom, months after the initial argument. Johnny never went after Daniel. The first fight was him sticking his nose in a argument between Johnny and his girlfriend in which Daniel sucker punched Johnny. But I do enjoy the way they run the series, mostly down the middle. Daniel speaks a lot about balance, yet acts like cobra Kai is a terrorist group. His memory of who was the aggressor is skewed.

  21. @Tong Cam: Why? It made me hate cobra kai

  22. I’ve always Liked JOHNNY EVEN ON THE FIRST ONE.

  23. marian domingo

    Im so excited in this coming season 3.. Wake up Miguel Diaz

  24. Dave HD Russell

    Johnny Lawrence WAS ROBBED. Daniel was too old and the kick was illegal

  25. John Richardson

    Johnny is the only good thing about cobra Kai ( season 1 an 2 )

  26. Got to say am loving this show..its so addictive ..Johnny is my favorite though he could be another sledgehammer!

  27. AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!!!!

  28. It’s painfully obvious the actors don’t actually know how to do karate but it’s still a great show.

  29. Sorry this show is outdated. In 2020 America if you try kung-fu skills on somebody you will get shot. Jackie Chen said if the other guy has a weapon, he will run away. I just hope young people don’t get the wrong ideas after watching the series.

  30. I don’t get it. Daniel Laruso and Johnny Lawrence supposed be friends after the tournament in 1984. Why they became enermies again to start the whole story?

  31. I love this show! I love it even more because they have the original cast members with the exception of Mr. Miyagi, (God, rest his soul) and you don’t see that very often. I just about crapped my pants when I seen Lucille! I don’t know what the future episodes hold, but I sure hope Elizabeth Shue will make an appearance! That would be so awesome!!

  32. You Neva Been This High

    I REALLY ENJOY this show

  33. I just hope Netflix doesn’t ruin it or cancel it to soon !

  34. Adam Johnson Jr

    Can’t believe people think this is a new show 😴 Been out for 2 years people!!!

  35. I hope that Miguel will survive and Sam and Miguel would get back together

  36. Love this show so much

  37. This show is awesome. The best thing I’ve seen on Netflix. It’s so well done. I hope season 3 is as good as 1&2.

  38. i feel bad for johnny. Miguel is in the hospital, Cobra Kai isnt his anymore and he will never find love again😔

  39. Partha MakOthna

    Macchio is just an asshole.

  40. Johnny’s son is going to feel betrayed and join Kreese and Cobra Kai. Meanwhile Johnny is trying to mend wounds with Daniels wife, miguel and family, train the kids at Miyagi dojo. Meanwhile Daniel is in Okinawa being a little crybaby bitch like he was in all 3 movies listening to Miyagi philosophy. Ali comes back and Johnny and Daniel kiss ad make up because of her and defeat Kreese. The end Johnny gets Miguel’s mom, Miguel and his son back in his life

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