Poop Video: Beckham has dookie fetish ‘according’ to Chief Keef’s baby mama

Beckham has poop fetish/The Fumble

Odell accused of excrement fetish. 

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CLEVELAND — Slim Danger, Chief Keef’s baby mama, damn near broke the Internet on Monday when she claimed Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. begged her to defecate on his countenance to satisfy his excrement fetish. Ugh! That’s gross! Slim Danger shared the revelation during this week’s episode of “Thots Next Door with Celina Powell” on the No Jumper podcast. “He loves to be sh*tted on,” she explained. “That was my first time ever. I actually couldn’t sh*t. I could not do it. I’m a wild ass. I can do some freaky ass sh*t… but you can’t just do that to me on the spot.”

“So I took a whole video [of me sh*tting] and I sent it to him,” Slim Danger continued. “I made it as sexy as possible.” Odell denied the poop allegation on Instagram, saying, “Can’t knock me off my pivot… no matter what sh*t is thrown my way.” Do you believe Slim Danger? Or, is she full of sh*t? (Pun intended)

Watch the disgusting interview.

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  1. wtf bitch you’re just as nasty as he is, offer me some dirty stank pussy and i’ll embarrass the fuck out of you, i get turned off quick by any lil strange odor, i tell a bitch straight up, if you douche i ain’t fucking with you, pussy shouldn’t have an odor if you wash that bitch properly…

  2. Just gross… these are some nasty women and men talking about making poop pictures look sexy.. what is wrong with theses trifling women & men..smh 🙄

  3. That hoe wack, can’t imagine a NFL superstar would dial this hoe up. She look like she has around the clock diarrhea

  4. She got her raggely teeth fixed now she’s poppin off? This is some low value chick sh*t.

  5. Oh well everybody’s eating ass these days. It’s no surprise he wants her to p**p on his face. He done graduated from eating asss lmao,

  6. Okay ,chief keef and his baby mama look like people take dumps,on their faces constantly. These thots need to be canceled ASAP.

  7. This broad is lying. He should sue her for defecation of character.

  8. I don’t BELIEVE her one bit❗️❗️❌❌

  9. I always thought once you get seriously paid you deal with women of a whole different tier and class, however it just seems even multi millionaires are doing the same broads that the dope boyz deal with. Social media has really ruined the way in which society grades everything especially women. How are you the famous and rich but still deal with these ground ninjaz? You can’t buy standards

  10. We going to just ignore her grill? Looks like she been sucking on…..never mind.🤦🏾‍♀️

  11. why are these cloned ass whores allowed to exist!!!? this fuckin planet is just a total let down, no wonder aliens don’t be coming through to hang out and shit. bitches out here getting paid to talk about being whores. there’s only one thing you pay a whore for, to be a fuckin whore!! that’s it!! and the bitch should never get paid enough to be comfortable! y’all got this game shit all the way fucked up.

  12. They swear they are exposing him but you making yourself look stupid as fuck. Meaning you are willing to do anything for money you dirty bitch, sad shit

  13. Black Poop Matters should be the new slogan for you black turds….👍

  14. These bitches nasty drinking cum spitting in the mouth pee’ing and shitting mannnn. These niggas too tho uuuggghhh

  15. Bro n8ggas really pay these ugly hoes for them to trick on them smh 😭😂😭😂😭

  16. Jp Luxurybrand

    SMH……who gave these hoes a platform

  17. Black mens lack of sexual discipline, is why we remain firmly at the bottom.

  18. These bitches say and do anything for attention.

  19. Turns my stomach all look like ducks ..

  20. STFU Big Dummy

    “I’ll pay you $10K and expenses if you shit in my mouth too ” – RATEYE

  21. Jordan Williams

    Is anybody gonna believe this shit man? Women like that will say anything to get trending🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  22. With all this sick evil and wickedness going on, its no wonder why this land is being plagued. Lord Help your lost ones

  23. No wonder he wanted to play for the browns 😂

  24. its crazy how people have some weird ass crazy ass fetishes

  25. I doubt obj has standards THIS low shes gross i doubt he’d hit that even if he wasn’t a millionaire

  26. So What??? Trump let Russian models Shit on him , what’s the big deal?

  27. Denzel Maxwell

    Lol shitty situation 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😷

  28. She only known cuz of chief keef fame

  29. Disappointed this is even a topic that’s being discussed on this blog like somethings just need not to be made news 🤦‍♂️

    what a poor taste of coverage

  30. Jojo MoreChrist

    What’s the big deal it’s just food 🍔=💩

  31. They say you are what you eat

  32. U can tell she is a lie if u don’t know a lie when you hear it something is wrong with you…….she got in this man dm and now she feel some type of way for being ignored ha ha



  34. Nasty. And any ballers are now on notice that she can’t keep her mouth shut.

  35. I believe this happen …I believe her …I don’t see anybody just making stuff like this up … of all the things she can say about him this would be the first thing on her mind ? Odell has history of doing weird and questionable things I would not put this past him … and as far as this going public… I would not see Odell caring about this females still going to like him and people will still admire him … its really not hurting him because people don’t have that much expectation of him anyway..

  36. NoBrain NoHeadache

    …and my friends, that is why she is a baby momma and not a wife. No man wants that full time.

  37. Millions of dollars, million of groupies around the world and that’s who you get at….

  38. Yo BIG Yuh Dead Wrong

    No real dude would let a female defecate on him.

  39. This is not something you should be proud of , so unladylike 🙄

  40. Black folks, I am here to say, why do we give fuel to culture vultures? These plastic-fantastic humanoids get far too many calories off blk folks!

  41. ALL 3 LOOK 👀 like STR8 CACA 💩

  42. What the fuckery 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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