Tamar Braxton’s Nigerian fiancé filed a restraining order after she assaults him

Tamar’s fiancé files restraining order/TMZ.com

Tamar’s BF seeks police protection.

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LOS ANGELES — Tamar Braxton allegedly beat the sh*t out of her Nigerian fiancé, David Adefeso, while he was driving his Rolls-Royce. Now she’s required to stay 100 yards away. That’s because David filed a restraining order in Los Angeles on Tuesday, claiming the R&B singer punched him in his countenance while they were cruising. Tamar, however, told investigators David threatened to kill her and himself during the quarrel. He reportedly said they’re “going to end up in a murder-suicide” if she don’t shut the f*ck up!

Of course, there’s three sides to the story: Hers, his and the truth. But, the bottom line is they need to effectuate a cessation ASAP and go their separate ways before somebody gets killed. If you recall, a fatality almost transpired in July. That’s when David called 911 saying Tamar tried to kill herself.

The reality TV star was found unresponsive in her hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton after ingesting a bottle of prescription drug pills. She was also drunk as a skunk. Tamar, 43, was expedited to the hospital for emergency treatment. Prior to the overdose, Tamar tweeted a suicide missive to her family.

“I am a slave. I do not own my life,” Tamar wrote. “My stories. My pictures. My thoughts or beliefs. I’ve asked my massa to free me. I’m threatened and punished for it. The only way I see out is death. I will choose that before I continue to love like this. Please help me.”

At the time, we thought Tamar was referring to her employer. Turns out, David is her massa. A close source confirmed it, saying Tamar has been melancholic ever since they got together; not to mention David is impecunious, domineering and he’s always stickin’ his nose in her motherf*ckin’ business.

Damn, it appears Tamar has gone from one barbaric relationship to another.

Does she have terrible taste in men?

Do you think she’s better off solo?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Wow… this is the 3rd abusive relationship that she has been in. Tamar picks the wrong mennfornher. I think she is motivated by the money and statis, but she is not doing well with the stress and anger. Hopefully she can get the help that she needs.

  2. I knew this ugly, dirty african was no good for her. Her money ran out. I swear I can’t stand african men.

  3. Lifestyle with Abby

    @meteemmarie: It’s not everyone else, it’s Tamar. She’s the common denominator, so she must be the problem. 😂

  4. I’m not surprised❗️❗️ She’s CRAY 😜 CRAY❗️❗️

  5. Third Eye Divination

    I think Tamar should have taken the time to heal just a little bit more from Vince

  6. sometimes u gotta slap a bitch

  7. This Corona is tearing up people’s relationships

  8. Jp Luxurybrand


  9. Tamar is toxic! She stays falling in and out with her sisters and friends. Every guy she seems to date, stays putting hands on her. Dudes need to stay away from her until she gets the psychological help she needs.

  10. LostWilderness

    First, it was her first husband was abusive, then when Vince owed that money to Sony and went broke then Vince was all of a sudden was abusive NOW the new guy is abusive. Let Tamar tell it, it’s NEVER her. This broad is dizzy. Tamar constantly plays the victim and her family excuses it by saying that she’s spoiled. Tamar damn near 50! She hasn’t been spoiled in 4 fkn decades. Give me a break!

  11. Tamar treated this man like dog shit on the last season of braxton family values. Emasculated him completely disrespectful toward him in front of her family. I believe him. Tamar is a horrible person, look how she treated her sisters

  12. she’s always been a HOT MESS, has nothing to do with dude. People keep making excuses for this crazy bitch, when it’s obvious who the problem is

  13. Tamar need to disconnect from social media and stay single until she get to a stable place.

  14. I don’t believe her.

  15. I believe she is wigging out because she’s realizing he doesn’t want to put a 💍 on it. I also feel like this is Davids move to actually Move On. She fell for the Okie-Doke. Sad.😔


  17. Iknowsomethangs

    Laaaawd, What is it with her now????!

  18. Therealtruth-coulter

    Tamar has serious problems that did not start with this man or Vince, she is really going through something right now. She’s always been a spoiled brat and all we can do is pray for her.

  19. im not taking sides. but tamars attitude and behavior has always been troubling and sometimes her downfall even her sisters and mother know that. I meditate for her for healing and self improvement. But she has to change her surroundings for a happier life. I believe both of them are controlling and two heavily controlling people create toxicity. and if yall have communication issues as tamar does i can totally see where things can get out of hand.

  20. Beckett Murphy

    Some men just have enough and figure that maybe if I slap the shit out of her, she’ll learn this time. Some women don’t want or care to learn. And I am starting to believe that most DV is initiated by women

  21. I hope they both go their separate ways.

  22. Rafer Singleton

    T-mar is crae crae and anyone that dates her is crae.

  23. I actually can’t believe he has the nerve to file a restraining order on her after the ish she’s been through VERY recently. He knows this would REALLY hurt her, putting this out in the public.

  24. The bitch crazy. If he beat her ass he would be wrong, but since the Man is smart enough to file and get away from her crazy ass he wrong. Just shut up. You sound stupid. Smh

  25. This woman/child has been acting out and displaying behaviors that are inappropriate for some time now. She does not need to be in any relationship until she receives the help she needs. Her son needs a happy healthy parent to assist in his upbringing.

  26. I believe him. Tamar is aggressive and crazy af. SMH


    SMH something about him I never liked. Even prior to Tahiry he just never did it for me. His arrogance and his ego is nauseating I do believe he beat these women

  28. An Observation

    This sure déjà vu AF. Tamar also claimed that Vince was beating on her and trying to hurt her. So either she is lying or selecting the same type of man. No matter the situation Tamar really does seem to need some intensive emotional and mental therapeutic counseling . Vince went from being her Teddy Bear to the devil and this David went from her African Prince the killer something is off. Either way they are destroying one another.

  29. Tamar always ends up in abusive relationships. All I know is you are what you attract so they both abusive and until she changes herself she will be in those relationships no matter who the man is.

  30. Tamar we love you 😍😍😍

  31. Tamar will never get peace until she fix her attitude.

  32. He’s a snake. The type that gets everyone’s trust while quietly ruining his woman’s life. For all we know he was watching Tamar from a far. Made sure she divorced Vince and swooped in as the savior just to ruin her. Some people get off on things like this to appear the victim and get people’s empathy and sympathy.


  34. Keoka Gonzalez

    Well I believe Tamar I know one thing she always speaks her mind and this is straight FACTS. He is a Male GOLDDIGGER ,THIEF, these days you need a body Kam to scam these men to see what type agenda they have first now.

  35. Jennifer Haynes

    I wish Tamar and David well,I don’t blame David for Tamar’s depression,she’s troubled and needs healing.

  36. Tamar is getting her karma for what she’s done to her sisters and friends! She’s not a victim.

  37. His next girlfriend will be a Becky 😂😂😂

  38. He better run away from her as fast as he can. Take his shoes off if he has too, and don’t look back.

  39. Any black broad sporting a blonde wig is going to be trouble.

  40. Praying for Tamar and Logan. David is a snake. Tamar lean on God this too shall pass🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️

  41. Sign O the Times

    Them African brothers gonna learn lol.

  42. Tamar is too much for any man

  43. Denise Bradford

    Nobody knew David until Tamar made him relevant. He was chasing fame and publicity.

  44. Willis Robinson

    All of the Braxtons are just fake ass people not to be trusted

  45. Cha'von Mathis

    Tamar is the problem not David remember she said the same thing about Vince🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️💯

  46. joshua gonzales

    tamar needs help.

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