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Liberty Action Coalition: Utah residents ‘demanding’ freedom won’t wear masks

Utah residents demand freedom/Getty Images

Utah protesters fight for freedom.

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ST. GEORGE — There’s a big “anti-mask” protest going on in St. George, Utah and it’s been going on for several weeks. Hundreds of pissed-off conservatives known as the “Liberty Action Coalition” are in the streets clamoring a return to normalcy; even if not wearing a mask leads to contracting the novel coronavirus. One protester said “safety is not as important as our freedom and liberty.” Another added, “Forcing masks on our children is child abuse.” One of the demonstrators drew parallels between the anti-mask movement and George Floyd’s demise. “George Floyd was saying ‘I can’t breathe’ and then he died,” said resident Shauna Kinville. “Now we’re wearing a mask, and we say ‘I can’t breathe,’ but we’re forced to wear it anyway.”

Another resident, Betty Jake, said she hates masks because “most child molesters love them.” Washington County School District Director of Communications Steve Dunham said protesters are being “so dang selfish” for eschewing face coverings while exposing others to the deadly disease.

The Liberty Action Coalition views the handling of the coronavirus pandemic as an embodiment of socialism. Members are also against involuntary inoculations of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Do you agree with their sentiment?

Are we headed towards socialism?

Watch the anti-mask demonstration.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Dumbass people say they want their lives to go back to normal, yet they actively reject a device with the power to…wait for it…bring their lives back to normal.

  2. These people have the intelligence of a house plant. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. There were morons protesting like this back in 1918 as well. Stupidity never ends.

  4. masks provide zero safety against airborne viruses. coronaviruses and similiar flus are nothing new.
    there are already tens of thousands of tiny bacteria and viruses living in your body, and your immune system will develop antibodies against them.
    take 2 minutes and do some research; and stop believing everything the media says.

  5. When there is a cure for corona let’s not give it to them😜✌️✌️😋and when they are dying from corona let them die it was their choice not to wear masks and social distance😱🚨🚨

  6. @Friday_YT: You really are stupid arent you. I will try one more time to help you understand. The mask isnt to protect you, its to protect others. It cant stop a virus but it does stop water droplets from a sneeze, cough or even if you are ranting or shouting.
    There is a reason why Americans have the highest rate of anti-maskers and also the biggest virus problem. If you are too stupid to realize that then the Darwin effect is 100% correct.

  7. People woke to the truth over US medical professionals fake and false assumption of masks. Covid is and always was airborne like all winter flus . Masks even the n95 do NOT filter out c19. Lies to make population feel better after assinine death forecasts and fake positives to get the numbers up. The false narrative put out by US medical is going to kill millions if and when the real thing arrives by these mask believers think shoving a shirt in their mouth will save them. This is nothing but martial law disguised as medical.

  8. I love this!!! Masks do NOT help! We need to take a lead from the Scandinavian countries where only 5-10% of people wear muzzles and they have the lowest cases in the world.

  9. If u idiots don’t want to wear a mask then stay your asses home. Just because some of us want to try and prevent the spread/possibly catching it doesn’t mean we gotta stop wearing it.

  10. Anyone who is anti-mask is literally saying “my life, my family’s life, and the life of every stranger I walk past is worth less than a 3 by 4″ piece of cloth”. So I guess American lives are valueless?

  11. I knew they were white. They’re so stupid. I hope they all catch it and there are no ventilators left and watch them choke

  12. All you fools who trust the government, I expect you first in line for their vaccine, too 😂

  13. I posit that if the risk from COVID were turning gay (instead of dying) The ultra conservative Liberty Action Coalition of St. George would be at the forefront demanding mask wearing of everyone – for fear of getting the gay.

  14. This gives “I can’t breathe” a whole new meaning. As loved ones become infected, perhaps their aversion to wearing a tyrannical mask will lessen and they’ll discover that the mask is more comfortable than a ventilator. It’s no wonder that the world is laughing at us. This small gesture of wearing a mask to protect others is less inconvenient than holding open a door for a senior with a walker. I’m so ashamed of these people.

  15. Hopefully COVID does the country a favor and takes these morons off the board.

  16. Only in America could you find people so stupid AND selfish.
    The world is watching them kill-off their own people with a deadly virus made by Communists in China.
    COVID 19 Death Toll: 198,000 dead and still counting (9/18/20).
    Hiroshima Death Toll: 90,000 – 146,000 deaths
    Reap what you sow… fools.

  17. Covid is nonsense. Masks are to see who complies and who doesn’t. Stanford University and the Hoover Institute, not idiots, say masks have no effectiveness and the Covid numbers are 99% inflated and Covid “deaths” are all named so when people die, but who also had and one or more of these: heart disease, various cancers, and pre-existing lung infections. This is called Co-Morbidity.

    It’s truly saddening the under-educated of American, that just blindly follow the poor misinformation from the main stream media. If your mask works, then you don’t need me to wear one. it’s your right to wear one, not your right to attempt to force me to wear a mask, or more generally, restrict my movement as a healthy person. Remember – quarantine restricts the movement of a sick person, Tyranny restricts the movements of healthy people.

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